Thursday, March 23, 2017

Match 19, 2017

Awesome Bird!! 


Wow! What a week!
Carson had practice on Monday and Tuesday. Both late. Monday was a scrimmage that went Til 845 and Tuesday they hit from 8-10😳. Wed. He had YM so that wasn't too late. But we were trying to get ready to leave early Thursday morning to be to St George by noon so it was a little crazy with trying to get as much of the week taken care of at work as we could and get the house cleaned and pack for the weekend.
It all worked out.
We got up at 5am and left about 630 on Thursday. We stopped for gas and a pit stop in Santaquin and then in cedar city to grab some lunch at the Maverick. We got to the park in Hurricane at 1158. (Good thing we didn't stop for very long anywhere).
The played 2 games Thurs. and 2 Friday. They are definitely a work in progress but I think with practice they will turn out to be some decent ball players. Carson played well. He had a couple errors but nothing that can't be corrected. They only practiced outside once and that was on Monday, so they did pretty good I think.
Friday they had 2 games in Mesquite. They were supposed to start at 5pm and 7pm. But the games before them ran long so they didn't start their first game Til 7pm.
We got to the park at 1pm to watch Michael Wyatt play his game thinking we would only have to wait an hour between games for Carson To need to be there to warm up but that didn't work out as planned. It was a pretty warm day and long hanging at the park from 1pm to 11pm when we finished up. Carson hit an in the park homerun!  It was pretty sweet. It was legit. No errors. He didn't get another hit that game because they didn't pitch to him again. But it's all good. They kept the score respectable within a run or 2 the whole game Til the very last and they pulled ahead by 3 or 4 runs. But it was a decent game. Their last game, they kind of crumbled. I think they were exhausted between the heat that they aren't used to and the lateness they struggled. But they had fun. I went over between innings for a minute and one of the kids had the bat weight on his bat using the bucket for a tripod and was shooting is like a shotgun😂.
Friday we got up and went to Zion's NP and just did the scenic drive and then to Bryce NP. We did the sunset to sunrise point hike. Holy crap. Straight up the mountain side!!  It was very pretty. When we we too tired to hike anymore we stopped at the viewpoints and took pictures. We ate dinner in Escalante on our way to Capitol Reef NP.
It was pretty but as far as the national parks we've been to it would be on the bottom of the list. Arches and Canyonlands definitely kick its butt.
We got some good pictures and had fun. Yesterday we went to most of the sights in the north end of the park. We hiked to some petroglyphs and down a trail that was used from 1862 to 1920's I think. There were names on the wall with the years they had traveled through. They also have  big circular holes formed in the rocks. They said that the polygamists used them to hide their families when the government was searching for them in the early 1900's.
All in all a great trip. We got home last night at 945pm. And we were tired but ready to start a new week.
I hope you had an awesome week!!

Love you

So this week wasn't too great. I don't have much to say or write about... Sorry. This week was tough. Sabrina and Jefferson were not baptized. Also  Jefferson said he just wanted to stick with the catholic baptism that  he had. I am really sad because I thought we did a better job at teaching him and all but I guess he wasn't ready. Also Sabrina is still doubting. Anyways we got stuck in a trio. With Elder Socop. So his comp was just waiting to go to mexico he was waiting for a visa. Then He left Tuesday so we got stuck with him and we have to work in his area as well as ours because I mean he cant just leave his investigators  so we had a bad week. We made some sweet contacts. I mean we found a sweet dude with a bird of prey. That is pretty cool. And I am staying in the Same area for 6 more weeks and I will be receivng a new companion. Wow!!! My week sucked!!! Haha but it is all good. I love you have a great week this week!!!


Mom:  Are you getting transferred? or staying there with a new comp? 

Jackson:  Staying with a new comp. I said it in my letter.. Sorry
Don't be mad I didn't have a voice recording. I was busy all day and all last night.

Mom:  No worries. I don't get mad I just love to hear your voice. Are you glad you're staying in The area?  Do you know who your companion is going to be?  Don't worry about having a little bit of a Down week. It's bound to happen. You just need to stay positive in all you do. People have to be able to make their own choices and it doesn't matter how well or bad YOU teach them. It is ultimately up to them  to make the decision to change. But you need to remember also that their families are the devil's advocate and in their ears telling them that they are making the wrong decision. I don't think that's an easy change for them to make.  Just imagine the lengths we would go to to make sure that you stay active in the church. And think about it in those terms for them. 

Jackson:  Yeah that's right.

Mom:  No worries.  Life is awesome and things happen just exactly how Heavenly Father wants them to.  Even if things are hard, that's how we get strong enough to weather whatever storms come our way.  

Jackson:  It is true. Hey so send me new pants and shirts. my arm pits are getting really gross... sorry... And I want Pilot G2 pens but .5 and black.

Mom:  What size color and how many?  Short sleeve?  New garments too?  Size 

Jackson:  I want one long sleeve. I only want size 16 in short sleeve and 34 pants no garments no. Maybe some new shoes...  Like church shoes...
Ya all  16. Well sorry I have to go. Love you a bunch take care.

Monday, March 20, 2017

March 13, 2017 8 Months Down.

 It's 710pm and I'm tired already.😂. I think the 2nd day of daylight savings is worse than the first. But hey we are on the same time as you now. So we won't have any confusion when you get to call on Mother's Day.
We had a good sacrament meeting today. The Mariano's talked. It was their welcome to the ward and goodbye also since they're moving to their new house in Ogden this week. They both did a great job. Kelly talked about how they met and being prepared. And different levels of being prepared or I guess perceptions of what being prepared is.   Scott talked about history and what I took from it was that we really need to focus on what the gospel is about and not the fluff. I'm not super big on the fluff so I guess that won't be one of my issues.
We had our home teaching dinner today. They Baileys couldn't come, but Burt's, Baker's, and Greene's came. It's always a great time. Dad made corned beef and cabbage. It was ok. Not something I would do again I don't think. The meat was really tender but it had a Different flavor. It's always good to try something new. Doesn't mean you have to like it.
We got to talking about some of the dumb things that members of the church say to people. Brian and Kim were telling us about some of the things people said to them when hey started coming back to church and it really is totally amazing that anyone ever joins the church or keep coming. I know they say that we choose to be offended, but seriously. Some people are so rude with the things they say. I don't know if they are just that stupid or what but holy cow!!  I was reading part of Al Fox's blog a while ago and I can't remember what she was talking about, but she said that there have been members of the church that have told her she should just kill herself. SERIOUSLY!!  She has tattoos!  SO WHAT!!  its not something that I would do and don't want my kids to do, but does it seriously make her a bad person?  I don't know her life story or what things she did before she became a member of the church and honestly I don't care because it doesn't matter. If we are truly members of the church and have a testimony of it and what that means we know that there is repentance through the Atonement. Doesn't that mean that if we have asked for forgiveness and gone through the process to truly repent that our sins are forgiven?  So it doesn't matter what we did before and we shouldn't be judged because of those things. That doesn't mean that the consequences for our choices go away, but it does mean that when we go to church that there shouldn't be judgement passed by the members. We should be welcoming and kind no matter what situation the person may be coming from. I'm not saying that I haven't ever been judgmental toward someone unfairly, but as I get older and hopefully wiser, it breaks my heart to see people not coming to church and taking part in the blessings and joy that the gospel provides because of something unkind that was said or done to them. I hope that as a missionary those prejudices have been forgotten and that you can see the person that they can be with the gospel and not who they are today. And just be their friend regardless of whether they decide to be baptized or not. There needs to be good examples set. Forget about the numbers and focus on the people and how they will remember the missionaries and by associated the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for years to come if they are treated with respect and like they matter even if they aren't interested in taking the lessons right now.  People are good regardless of their religion and we need to respect their right to choose for themselves no matter how much you want them to embrace the gospel.
I was reading in Alma 38ish where Alma's talking to his sons before he dies. When he talks to Corianton about the sins he was committing and he flat out tells him he knows better and then in 39:6 he talked about denying the holy ghost which is the unpardonable sin and then he says "whosoever murdereth against the light and knowledge of God, it is not easy for him to obtain forgiveness."  I really found this interesting. So many times people think they can't be forgiven for the wrong things they have done but right here it tells us that even those who fight against the gospel can be forgiven. It won't be easy, but it can happen. So there is almost nothing, that if we choose to do the work, that we can be forgiven for. Obviously life is easier if we choose good but things don't always work out that way. Anyway, I know that we can use the power of the Atonement to be forgiven and we should use that gift every day. And allow others that same opportunity without our unrighteous judgments. (Easier said than done most of the time, but we should really make it a priority. )
Alright, this week was really more of the same. Carson had baseball practice on Monday, Tuesday after work Carson and dad went to the Colling's to hit in the cage and throw, wed. They went to the Colling's again and then Carson went to young men's to Hardy's to work on the go-kart. Thursday Carson threw with Kourtney for a while and then they were going to Colling's to hit but they were painting so they didn't get to. Friday Carson went to Bro. Mortensen's for game night with the teachers. They had fun. Dad and I went grocery shopping and got stuff for Sunday dinner. Saturday we got up, went for a walk, took Carson to help clean the church came home and had breakfast. Did some laundry, dad started working on the grass to put up the batting cage. Carson invited Charlie over and they hung out and played basketball and whatever. Then we all helped get the cage up and dad went to work.  So a pretty uneventful week. I did finally finish painting the baseboards so that was my accomplishment for the week.
So how was your week?  Anything fun and exciting happen?  Any cool stories to tell?  Is it transfers this week?  Hopefully you are working hard and getting along with your companion and things are going well.
We love you


So Wow this week we did something super super cool!!! We did the good old normal missionary work. Haha you probably are bored of hearing the same old things every week... I'm sorry. I am just doing the same things. We do have good experiences its just that when it gets time to write that I forget them... I am very forgetful. So anyways Sabrina got her answer. We prayed on our knees and we felt the spirit and asked her after so how did you feel? Kinda weird. Well that's it Sabrina You cant explain it with words can you? No... Well, yep that's the spirit. We also talked this week in sacrament meeting. Wow did my comp and I tear open these members that don't even give us purified water if we go to their house. Super cheapskates. But after sacrament they were like hey great talks wow you guys are going to be 70's and all that garbage. Then some even invited us to their house. Woah what Pharisees. It is ridiculous. But anyways we went to ward council. WOAH. The people there are just looking to rip us open but we ripped them and then they started to rip on each other... I am like this is insane. I don't want to be here.. Haha anyways that is my week. I love you!!!
Elder Lancaster

Mom:  Sounds like you need to chill out. They aren't going to help you if your a jerk.

Jackson:  We were nice about it. We didn't tell them that they suck or anything. We just said hey every member can be a missionary and they always attack us in ward council.  

Mom:  It's just normal for people to play the blame game. No one wants to be responsible for stuff .

Jackson:  I know it is ridiculous but hey it's all good. But I bought Ray Bans don't tell me they aren't cool.  

Mom:  I thought you couldn't have sunglasses. Isn't that why I sent you glasses and you bought a pair there?

Jackson:  My glasses that I bought to see are Ray Bans....I bought mine first.

Mom:  No you didn't. You might have gotten them first but I bought the other ones long before you got those. And just because they might be ray bans doesn't mean they are cool. A name doesn't mean crap. 

Jackson:  Okay are we going to fight or love? You know you only get to talk to me once a week ;) They are cool I like them and that's all that matters.

Mom:  That's true. We just like to give you a hard time about it. Mom:  Isn't it all the same😉. So what do you have to talk about today?  Is it transfers this week?

Jackson:  This is the last week of the change.

Mom:  So do you need me to send you anything in particular?  Anything you miss having?  I'm going to send you a package. Probably next week sometime since we are headed to St George early Thurs. I'm not going to have time to get it done this week. 

Jackson:  Candy and deodorant. Maybe shaving cream. that'll be cool and ask Azalea if she wants to send anything. Oh can you send the scripture stickers. An elder wants to buy some.

Mom:  Which scripture stickers?? Bible, BOM, D&C??  

Jackson:  BOM

Mom:  Dads not writing because he is driving. Carson has a scrimmage at 6 in providence. And then tomorrow they have hitting practice from 830-10. It's going to be a long night. Good thing Wednesday is late start. 

Jackson:  Are you with dad too?

Mom:  Yes we are going together tonight.  Work Hard!  Love you.

Jackson:  Love you mommy have a good week :) 

Voice Recording:  So this week we had a pretty good week.  We were working hard.  We didn't get alot alot alot accomplished, but this week we got Sabrina her answer.  She still probably doesn't think it's her answer and everything, but I mean, we prayed on our knees and we all felt the spirit.. We asked her, "So How'd you feel?"  And she was like, "oh yeah, well, I felt something weird, something different, and we were like, "yeah, that's your answer."   So we are going to teach her today and tell her that's her answer and everything and it will all be good.
We had some interchanges this week, 2 times.  We did ok, it's alright. oh, some dude asked us if we knew what the gangs were where we were going and if we were scared because he was from one of them.  He was like, "hey are you guys scared?"  We were like, "no, it's normal for us."  But whatever you know, who cares.  
Today we went to San Salvador to look for a new phone because ours doesn't work.  Got a new one, it sucks, but whatever, who cares.
Jefferson went to church alone yesterday,  We also gave talks that straight ripped open the members,  We ripped them open,  And then right after, they all started being our friends.  Ok- farisaos, Pharisees,  Because they're all like, Hey elders when are you going to come to our house. Elders, great Talks, Elders We're going to help you out.  And they're never going to help us is the thing.  Whatever right?!  Que farisaos.  What Pharisees.   Honestly- that was my week.  We didn't do a ton because it's about the end of the change so you can't really do that much so we're just working normal trying to find people and working hard to get it all done and everything.    
That's it.\
Love you guys!  Bye.

Monday, March 6, 2017

March 6, 2017

Another week gone, it seems to go by faster each week. I think it's because I LOVE writing letters so much. I guess it's not that I don't like writing, it just doesn't seem like I have much to write about.
This morning as I was getting ready for church I was listening to a talk given by Sis. Neil Marriot. First off I love listening to her southern accent and she's pretty funny too. But I've listened to this particular talk quite a few times while preparing lessons for young women's and just because I really like it. My favorite part of the talk is her family motto "It will all work out". Through whatever life throws at us, it does all work out. Maybe not how we plan it or what we think we want, but it all works out. I was thinking about how she said she asked if there was anything else she needed to work on  and her prayer was answered. Not necessarily how she wanted and letting go of basically prideful feelings wasn't easy but it was what she asked for and needed. Definitely something I need to work on. Asking what heavenly needs me to do or how I can be of service each day. I don't really think things that way.
This week was another pretty uneventful week. Carson had practice Monday. It snowed. Don't remember what we did Tuesday- oh we went to Carson's orchestra concert and got pizza after . It snowed. Wednesday dad and Carson took his goose boxes out to the DWR office in Penrose (30 miles past the end of the road😕). And he went to YM to work on their go kart. Thursday dad and Carson threw for a while and then went to the Colling's to hit in their cage. Dad said the building is way nice and that Ben's warthog I s huge. Friday dad and I went to the Jazz game. They played the nets. They actually won, but I don't think the nets are very good. Carson didn't have school so he and Kelsey went skating and then he went with them to take grandma to dinner for her birthday. And then he went to Kelsey's and hung out and watched movies and played games Til Taylor and Kayla got off work and he spent the night at their house. He spent the day with them and dad and I slept in and had a completely lazy day and binge watched some Netflix. We did have to go to work in the afternoon for a while, but it was nice to just do nothing for a day. There's were lots of things we probably should have been doing but there's always another day I guess.
All in a a pretty laid back week. It's supposed to snow more tonight and then again at the end of the week. I think I might come visit for a couple months Til the weather turns to summer here. I'm super tired of the crappy weather. I noticed that it's supposed to be in the 90's there all this week. I think our high is like 50.
So how was your week?  Any new contacts? Baptisms? Did Sabrina and the other guy decide to get baptized this week?  How about the truck driver? Have you been able to visit him again?
I'm starting to put together a package for you for Easter. Do you need anything?
Have a great week. Work hard.

Hola mis queridos!!!! How are all of you? I have just been burning it up here in Quezalte... We are dying of heat stroke... Hahha when it is 85+ every day that is just our life. So this week wasn't too bad. We struggled in finding a lot of new investigators. But we had some really good lessons with our 3 really good investigators. So the first one was with Sabrina. We just taught about faith and doubts. How she needs to doubt her doubts before her faith. Then the next time we brought the bishop. She didn't read the Book of Mormon so we read with her. Then the bishop shared his testimony about reading. Then she had a question about baptisms for the dead. We said we'll talk about it the next time we come. So we studied and studied for this. We showed them in the bible because that's where you find the doctrine (; We showed them how there was temples before and what they had. Then we showed them what we have in our temples. They were like okay I get it. Then we explained how everyone would have the opportunity to receive the gospel and that we have baptisms for the dead and stuff like that. Then the mom who never talks started to ask us questions if her dad who died can be baptized and if she died without being baptized if she could be. We were really surprised but prepared. We helped them understand all of their questions and we are pretty sure we put something in her heart because it felt so different when we had that lesson. We also did a service. I built my first fence and if you notice all the Latinos are on one side and I'm on the other. Trump come hire me (; the other was a ward baptism and this kid I explained in my voice recording. Well that was my week have a great week!!! Love you!!!!

Mom:  And you're early again so we are just having lunch. What have you got going on today that you're early?

Jackson:  We have the whole district with us and they wanted to write.

Mom:  So where are all the elders in your district from?  Are there any sister missionaries there?  I know you don't have any in your district but in your zone or mission?

Jackson: Yes there are sisters here. In the zone. One from Logan, one from Blanding, 2 from Guatemala, one from DR, one from El Salvador

Mom:  How many times do your investigators have to come to church before you can baptize them?  Just wondering what they have to do to pass the interview?

Jackson:  3

Mom:  What else do they have to do?  Just wondering-- we have a girl that's being baptized this weekend

Jackson:  Have 3 weeks not breaking the law of chastity and word of wisdom and pass an interview

Mom:  Yeah- I guess it's really not that hard to do if you're a kid.  I just always worry that these grandparents push to get theses kids baptized and then they never see the inside of the church again.
Jackson:    Haha the grandparents never go..

Mom:  nope they don't-- just long enough to get permission to be able to baptize her.  It's really kind of sad. Hopefully  maybe that is what will motivate them to get active.  But it doesn't usually work that way.  
I don't know how much time you have left, but you look good and it's great to see you smiling!  Keep working hard, it will pay off BIG!  (maybe not necessarily in ways you can quantify, but big nonetheless.)  We Love you!
BTW-- I like the new glasses I sent you MUCH better than the black ones.  They look really good on you.-- not like an old man either. ;)

Why aren't you using your gloves we sent you?  And why are you building a fence in the dark?

 Service Project- Fence Building
 8 year old member baptism.
Voice Recording:
Well, This week, we had a good week.  We were contacting and trying to find people- we didn't find that many this week, but we had a good week.  Highlight of the week, we baptized a nino, doesn't count for us because he's only 8 years old and his mom's a member.  So, kind of stinks for that, but it's alright.  His name is Justin.  He's kind of a mean kid, when he get's mad, wow- it's insane.  He gets mad a lot too.  We also talked to Sabrina about temples and baptism for the dead.  Which was a really good lesson.  Even her mom was interested and started asking questions. And we were like WOW, I think we found what she was looking for or something like that.  It was really cool to see that.  We also- wow, I don't even remember what we did- I think I separated my ribs, but eh it's alright-- hard to breathe, hurts, but we're all good- not like we can do anything.  This week I have to give a talk in church about missionary work.  Kinda sucks because I couldn't use my excuse that I don't know Spanish because the bishop came with us to a lesson and he knows that I can speak Spanish now so I can't say that anymore.  It kinda stinks.  What else did we do this week?  We . . . . went to a popa a few times- kinda sucks going to a popa. (I don't know what that is or means, I even looked it up on google translate)  We had a good district meeting I guess. I don't remember what it was even about, I don't pay attention half the time.  
Jefferson, our investigator, turned 16 yesterday and today we are going to do something for him.  After I write and everything.  It's going to be pretty cool.  We're going to buy him a cake and something like that.  Visit with him, have a lesson with him, have a good time.  
Well, that was our week.  We had fun we did work.  That's how we roll.
Jackson Out!