Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Happy New Year!! January 2, 2017

Well, I just saw a picture of you with your new companion, Alejandro and some other people. You look like you are having a great time. It was posted on Facebook by Okely Hernandez. I am now Facebook friends with Alejandro so I guess at least while you are there you can have them share pictures with me. I'm kind of excited to be able to see some of the people you are working with there in El Salvador.
Since we wrote on Monday we haven't really done much. I didn't work really the last 2 weeks. I kept up with my email and a couple hours here and there but didn't go in to work really. I did work most of the day Friday to get our end of year licensing and health insurance stuff finalized but that was it. This next week I have an insurance audit and our Life insurance guy is coming for a meeting to evaluate our policies and I have to get w9 forms from everyone we paid over $600 to this year to our accountant for taxes. So it will be a busy week because on top of all that, freight is going to suck.
Dad and I went to dinner with Jay and Sharee on Friday to Texas Roadhouse. We got pizza and Carson stayed and hung out with Chance and the girls. Saturday was Sabrina's baptism at 10am. I gave the talk on the Holy Ghost. I was pretty nervous but I think it went ok. You never know because everyone tells you that you did a good job whether you did or not. I have been thinking about what I was going to say since Sept. when Sabrina asked me to talk.  I asked Carson what he thought the Holy Ghost was and he just had the blank look. We talked about it for a while and we came up with that he is part of the godhead,  comforter, still small voice, warns, he can speak to all of at the same time because he is a spirit and doesn't have a body. He doesn't scream at us, just whispers. Dad remembered an analogy from his mission about the HOly Ghost the he is like the Sun and can warm everyone at the same time. -We went to their lunch after and dad took a bunch of family pictures for Vickie. It was the first time Her dad's whole family (brothers/sisters and spouses) had been together in 20 years. I think he had fun trying out his new camera lens he got for Christmas for portraits. He hasn't looked and then yet though. Since we came home and packed and left for the cabin. We played Book of Mormon gold fish and old maid and Harry Potter scene it and watched Wolverine (Carson fell asleep about 5 minutes into it). Then welcomed in the new year and went to bed.
Carson built a fort and sledged on Saturday morning and we headed home around 3.
Carson didn't really do anything this last week either. He slept in. He did have practice Tues., Wed. , and Thurs. but we opted to not go to the SuperSlam tournament. He Stayed one night at Kevin and Jolene's. We went to the cabin on Saturday and came home today because there was a storm supposed to be starting at 5pm through to Tuesday. And Carson wants to go skiing tomorrow. He is signed up for a lesson for tomorrow morning at 930 at the Cherry Peak ski hill. Hopefully he has fun.
So we are up and going this morning -already -630 on our last day to sleep in ☹. Leaving at 730. To get Carson over to the ski hill. It snowed 3 or 4 inches last night too so hopefully the roads aren't terrible. The snow plow just plowed our road so hopefully all the main roads are plowed and sanded.
Got here safe. Carson is doing good. And having fun.
Hopefully touchable had a great week and your new companion is good.
Tell us about him. And your week of sending home a companion.
We love you


Okay the week started off with saying good bye to honestly right now my best friend. We just said good bye to a ton of people. Then I got my new comp. A Dominican that was in the MTC with me. He is the DL... Kinda frustrated about that but it will be okay. He is really a great guy. He likes to have fun just like me. We are tearing it up here in Quezalte. Anyways I learned something very important this week. So remember Joseph Smith when he went to pray? What was the first thing that happened? Satan came. Then the first vision. Alright and I have noticed that in every lesson that we share the first vision Satan always comes. Maybe a baby starts to cry or a person shows up at the door or a phone rings. But he always tries to interrupt this amazing message of hope and peace. I'm so glad to help all these people find this peace and hope. I know I don't have much to say this week but next week I'll do a recording. I love you so much Mommy and I was the one who said the things about my glasses and I'll ask Alejandro if it would be faster to send them directly to his house. I love you!!!

Mom:  Well suck it up buttercup. Life is full of responsibilities and things you might not like to do but it all works out and teaches you skills you will need in your life to communicate with people. Especially if you go into marketing. Lots and lots of telephone communication. 

So we were just sitting here thinking about your companion elder Perez from Belize. You need to stay in contact with him. Maybe we will plan a trip to Belize for right after you get home from your mission before you start school ? What do you think?  The bishop said the water there is beautiful.
Jackson:  Um sure :) I'm fine with that! We can also come back to my mission too huh? ;)

Mom:  I don't know about that😕. I'm kind of a baby but will take me 2 years to get geared up to go to Belize. Bishop also said it is really poor there. 

Jackson:  It is super nice I saw some sweet photos and here is super safe. Just we cant go to some places...

Mom:  So you say. We will think about it. Taylor will be all offended if we go back to your mission when we didn't go back to his. 

Jackson:  Who cares. We'll go there another time.

Mom:  I'm guessing you are out of time. Have a great week!  Love you. 
Be happy and have fun. Teach lots, make friends and be an example of Jesus Christ in all you do so that those that don't know him will want to know him after knowing you!!

Just took some photos oh didn't have light in our house for 2 days... And  this is what was in front of our house after the 31st... A lot of fireworks

What the H is up with the freaking sweater?  Isn't it like a bazillion degrees there?

Merry Christmas!! Dec. 26, 2016

It was fun to talk to you yesterday. A little chaotic but still fun. You look good and just a week and a half's time you're back to normal. It's good to see that.
You only get 2 years that you get to be 100% dedicated to the lord and scripture study and service. Use it to its full potential.
Do you know if you're moving again or if you get to stay in the new area?  It kind of sucks you have to get a new companion so quick but it's all good since you got a super fun companion at least for a little bit before he goes home.
Did you get your suit today?  Take a picture and send it to us.
Have a great day. Love you!

 I am totally on the lord mom.

Mom:  So how was your day so far today?? Did you get to go get the suit?  Have you done anything fun for Elder Perez's last pday?

Jackson:  We ate papa johns... Because there is another guy in our zone dying we did comp exchanges so they could go together so I didn't get to go... I might just have someone take my measurements and give them to the place so its whatever right?

Mom:  Who is dying?  So your comp went with someone else today?  Who was your comp for the day?

Jackson:  Worthless ex assistant. But now I'm with my chero. So glasses? Like I'm dying of headaches mommy...

Mom:  Are you talking prescription glasses?  Because I can't get prescription glasses without having a prescription. But I will see what we can do. 

Jackson:  I just need .5 that's it...

Mom:  I'm looking right now. I don't know what I can get. What are you doing for the rest of the day?

Jackson:  Going to buy milk and sleep and say goodbye

Mom:  You have a fridge at your apartment?  That's nice. Where are you actually at now?  

Jackson:  I said Quezaltepeque..  All of the houses have fridges?

Mom:  I didn't think you had one in your other area.  You probably did tell us but you talked your fast Spanish and I didn't catch the name of the place. Do you need the glasses for seeing far away or reading?

Jackson:  Seeing Far away.

So I sent him some pictures of some glasses that I thought looked like his sunglasses.  -- I can't load the pictures here, but these are some of his comments--

I'm not an old man.
Look for ones like my sunglasses.
Yep those are good maybe the first ones. but I like these better.

I seriously was dying laughing and imagining the faces he was making and the real comments he was making with his companion.  ;)

Pictures of Jackson when we Skyped on Christmas Day.  He was just a Cheesy goof ball and Lily and Easton were down in the corner-- just excited to be able to talk to Jackson for a minute.