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August 29, 2016

On Sun, Aug 28, 2016 at 10:43 PM, Sharon Lancaster <slancaster@kellerits.com> wrote:
Well, how was your first week in the mission field?  Your companion sent us a letter. He must have used google translate to send it because some of the stuff didn't really make sense. Tell him if he is going to write us he can just do it in Spanish and I can have Taylor read it to me. It was really nice that he wrote and I wrote back to him so maybe you'll need to translate for him😊.
So, tell us all about your week. Where are you living? how is your apartment? Are you in a house with a family? You mentioned that you were. Do they cook and do laundry for you?  What are the people's names? Are they nice?  Are you in a branch or ward?  How many members?  How was your first Sunday in the mission?  I want to know all the details.
This week was good. We spend most of it working on the deck. It's really weird that we don't have things to rush off to every night after work, but hopefully we will be able to get all the projects done before the snow flies. Which with as much as the temperatures have dropped in the last couple weeks probably won't be long. Dad and I went to the cabin yesterday after Carson's football game for our 24th anniversary and the leaves are already changing up there. It's gone from mid to high 90's to low to mid 80's in a week.
School starts tomorrow so we will be back to a routine which I am excited about, but not the early mornings. I have really struggled getting up early this summer. (More than usual). I suppose it will be a good excuse to get back to a more regular exercise routine and maybe I'll get more things done. I have noticed that I only have to do laundry once a week and the house stays pretty clean for the most part and I really only cook once or twice a week and the rest is leftovers. It's amazing how much time I seem to have on my hands with only one child to chase. I will have to admit, I'm quite enjoying the slower pace. Not that there still isn't a million things to do, but most of them don't have to be done immediately. We can pretty much do them at whatever pace we feel like. Which hasn't been very fast. 😂
We were talking about all the time we seem to have and I said I guess I need to take up triathlons again but then I was like eh maybe not. That sounds like a lot of work to get in good enough shape to do that again. 😳. I'm not sure I'm up for it. I guess we will see. But first the fall projects have to get done. Finish the deck and window wells and salsa are the most important at this point.
I think we are going to try to go to the cabin this weekend for Labor Day after Carson's football game but we can't go unless the deck is finished.  So that's the goal for this week. It's taking FOREVER.
I've had a few teary moments this week as I was getting your package sent off. I don't know what's wrong with me, I'm ridiculous. But it's all good. I know you are where you are supposed to be and doing what the Lord has asked you to do. You will be an awesome missionary!
You said you have baptisms scheduled. Did that happen yet?  I am super excited for you. Always listen to the spirit. Don't let things get you down. Study your language super hard and it will come and don't be afraid to talk and get something wrong. It won't be the end of the world.
I sent Kyle's email address to you and I think I forwarded Bro fullers email address. Mrs. Adams email is stephanie.adams@ccsdut.org in case you wanted hers too. If you want me to get anyone else's, let me know or I can send your letters to whomever you would like. I did start a blog and I have shared the link on my Facebook page. Send us some pictures.
Have a great week!  Work hard, love the people and have fun!!
My favorite quote this week--"without hard work, nothing grows but weeds" President Hinckley.
Hank Smith -When I was a kid my dad would burst into my room at 5:30 am each Saturday singing, "Rise and shout the cougars are out..."  He would then tell me about the great day of work we had in store for us.  He was so happy and so excited to move, to sweat, to build, and to create.  For years I just thought he was crazy.  Not just a little, but institutionally cray cray.

Somewhere along the line, it clicked for me. He finally got it through to me that work is the key to a happy life. Hard, exhausting, push-you-to-your-limits work is the one and only path to dreams becoming realities.  Work is a remedy that fights off discouragement and depression.  Set goals my friends, incredible and outrageous goals.  Identify the work that will get you started on the path, roll up your sleeves, put on your favorite music, and get moving.

I truly believe that!  I always like to be busy doing something worthwhile.
Hopefully we have taught you the value of hard work.
We love you and think or you and pray for you everyday.

Well okay.  My compañero is good. He is teaching me some good Spanish. I had to speak in sacrament ha not really just bear my testimony. It was crazy. I'm in a ward which is nice. We live by ourselves and the Gongoras only feed us and cook for us. My apartment is okay. It could be a lot worse. We have filtered water so that is really good. We teach a family whose mom is supposed to get baptized this week. Ha her daughter is my snake it is hilarious I had no idea she was into me but it makes sense. I don't have a lot to say but I teach a lot of lessons and practice my Spanish a lot. I haven't got your package but i'm sure it will come soon. I'm going to the temple tomorrow which is super chivo. I'm gonna buy some shoes because my shoes get wet because it pours and umbrellas don't help. So they probably cost $40 and I'm getting a backpack too because the shoulder bag blows. Sorry but not sorry. I also passed the sacrament this Sunday it was a lot different. I love you to death mommy keep it real back home :) The first pic is from Guatemala the 2nd is by my house. The 3rd is service with machetes and the 4th is with the rabbit I'm eating tonight!!! Oh by the way I ate dog already. 
Elder Lancaster

OK- A couple things that are making me laugh now that I finally got to see the pictures because I couldn't get them to download. grr  Where the heck did he get that Ronald Reagan Shirt?  That rabbit is still alive in that bag!!!!! GROSS! and Jackson finally got the Machete that he and Taylor have been asking for for years!  LOL!

Mom: So what do you mean she is your snake?  I don't get it.
Jackson: Snake is a girl who only likes me because I have a name tag and I'm a gringo. 

Mom:  That's kind of what I figured but I just wasn't sure.  Is she cute? Jk. How are the lessons going so far. Have you taught very many? 
Are the people more welcoming are they pretty offish about the gospel?
What did you do for PDAY today since you didn't have to do laundry?

Jackson:  Funeral.  They love it. Hey gotta go have family home evening with my snake ;) love you mommy :)

So how far away from the temple are you? I didn't think that you'd get to go while you were out in the field.

Replies to Jackson and his companions letters from August 24, 2016

My Reply back to Jackson's companion.  I have no Idea if he could understand any of it. :)

From: Sharon Lancaster <slancaster@kellerits.com>
Date: August 26, 2016 at 12:08:39 PM MDT
To: Kevin Rene Villatoro Figueroa <kevin.villatoro.figueroa@myldsmail.net>
Subject: Re: Hi....!
Thank you for taking the time to write to us. We are so excited for Jackson to be there serving the Lord and the people of El Salvador. He is a hard worker and has a super fun personality. You might not see it to start off because he doesn't know Spanish quite yet- but he LOVES to talk. He always kept things exciting at home so good luck. The experience will be unforgettable for both of you. 😉. He loves the lord and is ready and willing to share his testimony of he gospel with those who will listen. We love him and know he is there with you for a purpose because no one in our life crosses our path by chance. The Lord has a purpose for everything. 
Work hard and learn stuff 😊
Sharon Lancaster 

 My reply back to Jackson's email from August 24, 2016

Sorry. I emailed the mission home this morning because we hadn't heard from you and they told me that you had gotten there but you wouldn't email Til next week. So I quit looking for an email and We were out working on the deck. We finally got all the extra boards put in so we could start on the actual decking. I'll send you a picture. 


Friday, August 26, 2016

August 24, 2016

Well, it is Wednesday morning and we still haven't heard from Jackson this week.  I'm not really worried, just bugged, that no one has let us know if he made it the mission home and where he is going to be serving for his first area.  He was supposed to be on a bus from Guatemala City on Monday but who knows for sure.  Jackson didn't know any details when he wrote last Tues.

So- I decided to email the Mission home and find out what's up and I did get a response.

From: Sharon Lancaster [mailto:slancaster@kellerits.com]
Sent: miércoles, 24 de agosto de 2016 10:58 a.m.
To: El Salvador San Salvador East Mission <1985949@ldschurch.org>
Subject: Elder Jackson Lancaster

Good Morning.  I am writing to find out if my missionary made it to El Salvador.  He said they would be leaving Guatemala City on Monday, Aug. 22 on a 5 hour bus ride, but I haven't heard anything new from him since his Pday on the 16th.

If you could please just let me know that he has made it to the mission safely that would be greatly appreciated.

Boyd & Sharon Lancaster

From the Mission Home
Dear Boyd and Sharon Lancaster,

Your son has safely arrived to our mission hear in El Salvador. He is doing well and today is on his way to his new area! He will have time to write the next preparation day. Preparation days here in the mission are Mondays. Thank you for your concern!

         Elder Neifert
         -Secretario General-

Misión El Salvador San Salvador Este

OK-- so I got this Monday afternoon about 1pm and was a little ticked that we wouldn't get a letter this week, but stopped diligently checking my email waiting for a letter.  And we went about our work day etc. and came home and started working on our deck about 5:15ish.  
When we came back in when it got dark around 9pm I checked my email out of habit and CRAP!  Jackson emailed at 5:25pm!  I was ticked and felt really bad that we didn't get to email back and forth for a little bit, Had the dang guy at the mission office not said they wouldn't be emailing, I would have kept checking my email til 10pm like I had on Monday and Tues. waiting to hear something from him.  I could tell Jackson was disappointed.

But here are the letters for this week.

On Sun, Aug 21, 2016 at 10:50 PM, Sharon Lancaster <slancaster@kellerits.com> wrote:
This week has been pretty chill. Nothing super stressing. We worked a little more on the deck but have been pretty lazy about it. We need to put new drip edge on and then we can get to putting the decking on. It really shouldn't take too long once we get going. The hardest part will be putting the railing back on and redoing the stairs. We're thinking we might make them wider and put them more in the middle instead of on the edge by the house and add hand rail on both sides. If we do that we will pour a cement piece from the house out to where the stairs end. But first we need to just get the deck done. We also got the steps to the basement sanded, cleaned off and retreated so I can re-stain them too. I just need to get some motivation to get it done.
I did get the house cleaned and almost have Carson's room upstairs cleaned up. He is such a hoarder😬. I have quite a few things I'm taking to the DI BEFORE he sees them and decides he just can't live without the junk.
Carson's birthday was yesterday. He got a new outfielders mitt and a Brandon Crawford jersey. It's pretty nice. He had some friends over and they played softball for a while and had pizza and then we set up the wii to the projector and they did Mario kart races. It was pretty fun. Today he is being ordained a teacher.
Dad went out to Jace Tilley's farewell at 11 and Carson and I stayed at our ward so he could be sustained and then dad picked me up and we came out to Bryant's farewell. We have to leave right after he talks so we can get back to get Carson ordained a teacher and then everyone is coming for dinner to our house after. We were going to do our home teaching dinner today too but all the home teaching families except the Bakers are out of town today. So I guess that will be a bust for the month of August because next Sunday is my and dad's anniversary and the day before school starts and I don't want to add one more thing to that day. I guess dad and Carson will have to get out and go visit their families this month 😊. Not quite as fun but still good.
This last week I decided to start working on some personal goals and I figured that a perfect place to go to find a place to start would be the young women personal progress book. I worked on some of the goals while I was young women president and would take the challenges given each week with our lessons and work on those goals but since I've been released and no longer in Young Women's, I have found my life lacking the guidance that I had. The focus each week of preparing lessons and reading and studying conference talks and different passages of scripture isn't there and I am feeling the difference and I don't like the lack of the guidance of the spirit. Anyway, the first goal I chose was to work on is the first goal in the book in Faith. Personal prayer morning and night. I do that, but I decided to make my prayers more thoughtful and heartfelt. Which with everything going on with weddings and missionaries, it wasn't really hard to do that. I find myself taking time to be still and listen and even if I don't necessarily hear an answer I am filled with peace which gives me what I need to tackle whatever comes my way during the day. It's amazing how little effort we actually have to make to get a huge dividend from the Lord.
I hope that as I continue with a new goal each month that I will be able to be a better person-- mom,wife. Etc 😊
So, how was your week?  Any cool or scary experiences to share?  Are you ready for your ride on the chicken bus?😂😂. I really am not going to believe that you are on a tour bus until I see an actual picture.
I'm super excited for you to get to work. You are going to be such a good missionary. Have fun while you meet people. Talk about the gospel and remember what you love about it. Get to know the people. Love them with all your great big heart and you will be more successful than you can imagine.
Love you so much


On Wed, Aug 24, 2016 at 5:25 PM, Jackson B Lancaster <jackson.lancaster@myldsmail.net> wrote:
Alright I'm sorry. I got my comp today and we didn`t do any thing. I've rode plenty of buses and stuff sorry about not emailing. MY companion is the DL and his name is Elder Villatoro. He is from Guatemala and doesn't speak a bit of English. The apartment last night was completely nasty. There were lizards in the closet and it was crazy gross. My apartment is pretty nice I'm in San Vincente? pero no sè. I'm sorry about the email thing. I ate my first papusa? it was good but I don't know much. I'm walking around and the family that feeds us and washes our clothes has a welder!!!! Put I can't understand them. So alright this is gonna be rough and I'm gonna have to learn fast. Tell Carson Happy Birthday and tell him that I wanted to be there to ordain him but I couldn't. I love him to death. I love you guys and I promise I'll work super hard. I think we have two baptisms next week so we are starting of good right :) 
Love you mommy
Elder Lancaster

On Wed, Aug 24, 2016 at 5:43 PM, Jackson B Lancaster <jackson.lancaster@myldsmail.net> wrote:
Mommy...? ;)
On Wed, Aug 24, 2016 at 5:57 PM, Jackson B Lancaster <jackson.lancaster@myldsmail.net> wrote:
Alright whatever you obviously hate me. Just kidding. Can you get me Fuller's email, the seminary teacher and Kyle Gomm's email? That would be awesome.

We also got a letter from Jackson's companion-- I'm pretty sure that he used google translate to translate from Spanish to English-- I left it exactly how it was sent.  It's kind of entertaining:)

Hi sister Lancaster, is good to say hello , my name is Elder Villatoro , I'm from Guatemala and I will be the coach Elder Lancaster here in El Salvador San Salvador This mission will be my pleasure to be next to her son and to support you to develop their full potential as a child of God, since it is a wonderful missionary and leaneth faithfully to come to magnify the potential that Heavenly Father given , it is that this work really us refining and helps us to be getting better see, I only took four months in the mission but can testify him to the wonders and miracles that are here, we actually change life is certainly your child is a great missionary and I really feel very honored and grateful to be your partner. know that I am here to serve and always cuidare and leaned to Elder Lancaster to becomes the Missionary God wants it . Have a great week . we are in contact.
Elder Villatoro FigueroaMisionero de Tiempo completoLa Iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos de los Últimos Días

 Not the best picture, but we will take it!  He looks Happy!!  We think his companion is the one he is standing by, but they didn't tell us.

Til next week!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

August 16, 2016
It is Cameron's farewell today. He gave a good talk. Dad recorded it for you. Kourtney, Ashtyn and Halle sang a song. Dad recorded it too. They did a great job. When I picked the song for them, I didn't think about how much it was going to make me cry, so that was a bad idea. 😩
How was your week?  One more there and you're off to the big bad world. It's gonna be great!  Just know that it will be hard but that's a big part of what will make it great. Hopefully you are making the most of your study time to be as prepared as you can be once you get out there to teach.

Work has been rough the past couple weeks. It seems like if it wasn't for bad luck we wouldn't have any. But some how everything works itself out in the end. Even if it wasn't how we planned. Which usually it isn't. I guess that's one thing that we have learned over the years is to roll with whatever happens to come our way because in trucking everyday presents a new challenge. Even though you think you have a pretty normal 'schedule' of things. Finding people that want to work is a huge part of the stress and I don't know that it will ever get easier. We are down 2 drivers again. The grass is always greener somewhere else, and maybe it is. I don't know. It just seems like the harder you try and the more you offer and do the harder it is to keep guys happy. It's just the big cycle and it sucks!
On a better note. Football is going good for Carson. He likes the new team and seems like he is doing well. He said he got to run the ball in practice yesterday and that was pretty awesome.  I think he said he was playing nose guard and left tackle. But I don't know for sure. None of that means much to me😉. Their first game is on Saturday. Carson's birthday.

We went on a drive on Sunday up through Ogden canyon and over to Henefer and did the pioneer trail through emigration canyon down to this is the place monument. It was a perfect day. Kayla got stung by 2 hornets and dad used his scouting first aid skills to keep them from swelling. He was all sorts of proud of himself.
We are still working on the deck, but it is ready to out the new decking and railing on. So hopefully by the end of the week we will have that done.
Well I still haven't gotten a package together, but hopefully this week. Dad is working on a photo album but it's not done either. If there is anything else you can think of besides what we've already talked about to put in the package let me know.
We love you. Work hard. Listen to the promptings of the spirit and let the lord lead you. Always stand as a witness.

Mom: So how's the week?  How's the Spanish? How is the laundry going?  When you get to San Salvador do you get a maid or are you on your own?

August 16, 2016
So this week was long due to the fact that I am only here for one more week!!! Can you believe it? I don't even know what to tell you guys. All I can think about is that I love this gospel and how people can change. I've changed so much and I know that this is a crazy ride but I think that i'm killing it here. I'm just excited to get to the real work even though i can`t speak Spanish. I'm understanding more and more which is really good. Hopefully I can get it. I talked to a missionary at the temple who had one week left and he said you understand and and communicate by three months but in 6 months you've got it down. So hopefully that's how it goes! I need a laundry bag for sure and something to scrub the collars of my shirts

Elder Lancaster

Mom: That's great!  I'm glad things feel like they are coming together. You'll probably have a native companion when you get there too which will probably speed up the language learning process; out of necessity for you because we all know how much you like to talk!  
I will get things together and send a package by the end of the week.  Hopefully you will be able to get most of what you need there. Sorry about the laundry bag. I thought about it a few times but never actually put it on my shopping list so it didn't get done. 
We got your letter on wed. Or Thursday last week so it took almost 3 weeks to get to us. 

Jackson:  It probably sat at customs forever. But make sure if Azalea wants to send something you ask please
Did you like my letter or what?

Mom:  If I tell you yes will you be able to get your head the through the door?

Jackson:  NAH come on mom you know me it ALWAYS fits ;) 

Mom:  So do you get to see Briar or Parker ever?  If you do, get a picture with all of you. I can't remember if I told you but Parker's mom found a picture of the incoming missionaries that someone had posted when you got to the MTC and shared it. Your hair looks great!

Jackson:  I have a picture with each of them separate but I'll get one with both of them together today. I see Parker a lot but Briar not so much he is in another branch.

Mom:  So did you go to the temple this morning?  I'm trying to figure out your schedule since its been different every week

Jackson:  Yes I go to the temple in the morning on Pdays .  What else do you want to know about this place? 

Mom:   Everything.

Jackson:  Sports, language study, devotional and district meeting not much today is pretty relaxed. But you need to email me on Sunday if you don't normally because we might email on Monday next week.

Mom: What kind of sports do you play?  Just soccer or other stuff. 
We are planning on emailing Sunday this week. I think dad already does. I always start but don't get it finished Til almost before I think you are going to email 😬. It's the procrastinator in me. AND you know I work better under pressure. 😂

Jackson:  Haha its okay. And no we can't play soccer it basketball volleyball or work out.

Mom:  So what do you do since I know how much you LOVE basketball?  You said you were going to workout and stay in shape. How's that working out or are you already adding to your belly that you were working on when you left?

Jackson:  I've lost ten pounds so whatever. Love you gotta go next week see ya. 

Mom:  Not liking the food much😟. 
Love you have a great week. And the next time we chat you'll probably be in El Salvdor!


As much as Jackson loves to hear himself talk he isn't sharing a whole lot, but hopefully that's because he isn't out being the social person that he is.  And hopefully that will change starting next week when he leaves the MTC on Monday.  I guess we will see.  He isn't very good about answering my questions either :(.   Til next week! 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday July 11, 2016  Jackson and I went to clean the temple on a suggestion from Sister Bonnie Robinson that it was something that he should try to do before he left.  It was a great learning experience for both of us.  He was trying to get as many experiences in the temple as he could before he left. He was set apart on Monday evening so he said goodbye to his friends just before and it was awesome to see the love and support from all of them.  We will miss having them all in our home while Jackson is away, but hope to be able to support those that are staying and those that are also heading out to serve the Lord.  What a great support system these young people are to each other.

Tuesday July 12, 2016- Jackson's Last day at home.  We finished packing in the morning.  He went to the temple with Cameron Jensen to take out his Endowments, which was an awesome experience for him. And he was very grateful to Cameron for asking him to be part of his special day.
He came home and we completely REPACKED his suitcase, he said goodbye to some cousins, and aunts and Grandma and Grandpa (they came to dinner with us).  I was a bit teary.
Jackson with some of his Cousins - Kaela Small, Landen Golmon, Lily Small, Easton Golmon, Kourtney Small, and he is holding Hudson Small (had to have a picture of how big they are now compared to what they will be when he comes home)  Carson left for scout camp the day before so they said their goodbyes at 530am Monday morning- Carson was super sweet- he wrote Jackson a letter and it said not to read it until he got on the plane- but of course Jackson didn't wait and he left the letter in his room with some other things so Carson KNEW he didn't wait to read it. ;)

Jackson with Grandma and Grandpa Atwood

Jackson and Aunt Kristal 

Dinner at Texas Roadhouse on the way to the Airport "The Last Supper"  LOL

At the airport before I started crying like a baby.  Just so everyone knows- I was pretty good until he hugged me and that's when I couldn't stop myself.  I thought I was pretty tough given the situation. 
That's Jackson just going around the corner past the security and on his way for a new adventure!
Sorry this is all out of order, but I am so not computer/ blog savy.  :)
August 9, 2016
How was your week?  What is your schedule each day?  How is listening to the temple session in Spanish?  Do you understand any of it?  Did you get to see Briar?  Do you actually spend any time with him or Parker?
 Are you pretty much learning the church Spanish and hoping the rest of it comes when you get out in the field?
 Our week was good. Carson had football conditioning everyday. He went to lagoon one day last week with Kourtney and Kaela. He spent the night at Taylor's on Friday and then all day Saturday. He was supposed to come to the bees game with us with Kevin and Jolene but decided he didn't want to go so we went without him.
 Funny story at church on Sunday. I get there at 1030 with Carson and put the numbers for the songs up. And go to get a drink and go to the bathroom. I stopped in the hall to talk to Ben's brother and sister-in-law from Japan and we are just talking about our missionaries. I lost track of time and didn't realize that I was late until the organ started playing the opening hymn that I was supposed to be leading
😳. Crap!!  June Nelson stepped up and did it for me but that was embarrassing!!
 We got the old deck all tore off and got the wood all sanded down. I started putting some wood treatment on last night Til my back couldn't take it any more. So hopefully I can finish it today.
 Azalea texted me about their first soccer game at home today. So I think Carson and I are going to go for a little while at least.
 That was pretty much the excitement for the week.

 Work hard. Be happy.


This week was a pretty good week. I saw Briar but he is in a different branch so I only see him on Sundays. Which bummed me out. However this week was really spiritual. I learned that it is more important not to shrink than survive. Sometimes I find myself surviving and that's not how I should be living. I need to be worried about staying on my spiritual high even through the tough times. I`m being as good as I can be. I'm working super hard, Spanish is not easy but it is coming just like D&C 98:12-13 says and everyone here says poco un poco. Little by little.  You are always on my mind when its tough and I see you thinking and talking about me and praying for me. Then I get back to work. I only have two more weeks in this prison!!!! We are so excited. Presidente Morris told us we were going home June 26, 2018 and we only have a short time to preach the word. So get to it! This last fast Sunday I fasted for the people in my mission and it felt so good while I was fasting. I absolutely am grateful for wrestling because everyone was whining but me. Also Presidente Morris said endure to the end and endure it well. I hope everyone's summer is full of peeling sunburns and sticky popsicles

Love Elder Lancaster 

Mom:  So far no one has been sunburned too bad and you know we don't do much for popsicles.  On Sunday our lesson in Relief Society was on a talk by Sheri Dew.  The title was "Are you willing to engage in the wrestle?"  and talked a little bit about how it's not always the strongest wrestler that wins, but the ones that know how to use the strength that they have to obtain the leverage they need to win.  Spiritual Wrestlers are seekers.  Some of the thoughts from the talk that I wrote down --Questions are good.  Seek for answers through the scriptures. 
Nephi asked his brothers, "Have ye inquired of the Lord".  Answers from God don't just magically appear.  If you ask, the Lord will answer and give revelation and greater faith.  Sin makes you stupid. (I think that's my favorite)  Questions lead to knowledge and greater faith.  Some things we just can't learn by reading a book.  We have to have faith.  In order to receive a witness-- bear witness and stand as a witness
It was a really good talk- If I can find it I will email it to you.

Jackson:  You should. Haha I know you dont do pòpsicles I just thought it would be funny -oh by the way STAY OUT OF MY CLOTHES!!!!!

I was putting some of Jackson's things away and found his SF Giants shirt we bought on our trip this year.  I decided that I liked it and should wear it, so I did.  Boyd took a picture and sent it to Jackson along with one of Boyd wearing a pair of his shoes.  It's kind of an inside joke because he has been wearing ALL of our stuff for quite a while now and freaking out if we even think about wearing his stuff.  Paybacks.....

Mom:  WHAT???!!!  I make that shirt look good ;)  We are-- That shirt just happened to be on the top of the pile I have in my bedroom waiting to go in a bag :) 

Jackson:  Ouch... Haha so my Latino friend emailed me and did it in English and said his favorite English word. Nigga it made me laugh so hard.  

Mom:  Which Latino friend?  and that isn't even a word :(  especially one that you should be using- EVER. 

Jackson:  Haha my best friend that I met when I got here. They are only here for three weeks so he had left but his name is Elder Reyes. He said that he wanted to come to the USA and study and asked if I could shoot a few emails for him around to help him get in.

Mom:  I find it odd that they are already telling you what date you will be going home.  I wouldn't get that set in stone in your mind because it is definitely subject to change over the course of 2 years.  When are you leaving the MTC?

Jackson:  I don't really care about the date but I leave the prison the 22nd and take a 5 hour bus ride.

Mom:  Wow- that's a long bus ride to go 144 miles.  you must have lots of stops or the roads are terrible or both.  I guess it will be a new experience to tell about.

Jackson:  Ya I'm pretty stoked. NOT!!! Sike I get to take a nap

Mom:  Seriously- they do siestas there?  You should be excited!  Maybe not for the bus ride but to get out and experience the joys of rejection and success.   

Jackson:  Ha no siestas against the rules... I just say really long prayers sometimes.

Mom: LAME!  You need to follow the rules with exactness not laziness.

Jackson:  I do follow the rules! It's not my fault they freaking make us live next to the great and spacious building that parties all night till about 3 am so freak I try my best!!!!

Mom:  Chill dude! I'm just joking-- what building is next door to you?
Jackson:  A club that goes wild.  Talk to you next week!!  Love you mommy! 
Don't forget about the Photos :)

Mom:  Love you too!  Have a Great week!

August 2, 2016
Hard to believe that 3 weeks have already passed. Briar has your watch and a pair of garments that I found in your laundry. He is taking pretty much the same flight as you did, so he will be there tomorrow morning. Hopefully you will get to see him for a little bit.
How's your companion?  Any better than last week?  What part of Wyoming is he from?
Chance is leaving the MTC and headed for Nova Scotia around 11 today. Latisha said he joined the MTC choir and loves it. He got to sing with the Nashville Tribute Band last week. I guess there are a couple missionaries that are doing a blog post that are there now and going to the same mission that said that Elder Hardy is the comedian and he loves to talk about his trucks and farming.
Is there anyone there posting a blog about your mission or the MTC experience that we could read?  I guess I'm not up on all that kind of stuff like I should be.
Hope your week has been good and that the language is coming along. As long as you keep studying hard and working at it it will come. It's going to be frustrating for a while but when it comes it will be awesome.
I'm curious as to what your travel plans out of Guatemala are going to be. It's about 145 miles from there to San Salvador so I'm guessing train or bus. I suppose if there aren't that many of you going they could just bring a car to get you.
Are you having fun and getting along with those in your district and zone?  Is there anyone else there you know besides Parker?
You haven't been giving many details about how it's going.
We did a few things last week. Carson went to lagoon twice. I ordered the decking to fix the deck and it got delivered yesterday so there's a project to get done and we still need to replace the window wells before winter hits. Carson started football practice yesterday  and said he rolled his ankle already so I don't know how it's going to go. Dad isn't coaching this year so that will be weird.
We had the ward pool party on Thurs. and visited with a few people. And we took Carson to Central Intelligence on Monday. Jolene and I went to the movie on Friday when Carson had friends over. Dad stayed and hung out with them. And Saturday we went to Lava to tube the river with Kevin and Jolene. There were soo many people there. It was fun though. The power was out at our house when we left around 9. So we figured it was a good plan. Then we got pizza for the kids and we went to dinner with Kevin and Jolene when we got home.
We got up Sunday morning to the power being off again at 730am so that was awesome to try and get ready for church. It didn't come back on Til 830pm. We went to Briar's farewell. Dad recorded his talk for you. We came home and grilled chicken and steaks and then went for a jeep ride because it was getting hot and nothing to do.
I went to lunch with Nicole, Jenny, Marianne, and Latisha yesterday. Kendra moved to St George over the weekend so Marianne was having a hard time. It was good.
Hope everything is going good for you. Remember we love you. Work hard, be obedient, have fun, love what you're doing and it will be great. Attitude is everything!
Love you

Jackson has been emailing around 10am so this email is later than normal- I left the time sent on here.

Jackson:  Sent: 8/2/2016 3:31:31 PM
Subject: week 3
 On for an hour

Mom:  So what did you do today? 

Jackson:  Sent: 8/2/2016 3:52:17 PM
Well first I just wanted to tell you that I got hit by a car this week.

Mom: (in not complete panic mode yet-- but already a bit worried since his email was late)
 Aug 2, 2016 at 3:53 PM, 
So how bad are you hurt?

Aug 2, 2016 at 3:54 PM, 
Are you ok?   When did it happen?

-ok- I know it was only 4 minutes from the first email to the next one, but I swear it was like 10 or more.  It seemed like forever!!

Jackson:  Wed, Aug 3, 2016 at 3:56 PM
Ha the mirror hit me in the chest. So I was walking back from a store they took us to. Then I just had this feeling that I needed to move over and right as I moved closer to the sidewalk I saw the car speed up and I lifted my arm to dodge it and the mirror hit me in the chest. So I´m okay but like grandpa said always listen to the holy ghost.
It was last week. But today I placed two Books of Mormon in the town. Did you know that people sit with a garbage sack full of raw chicken and sell it?? It is a lot different here. Oh ps I don´t have to eat the food at the members houses they just told us that in a workshop because a lot of people get sick. But this country is insanely different but I freaking love it. 
Oh I wrote you a hand written letter. So I guess not. I sent it last week. Every thing here is so cheap. It is honestly stealing from these people I feel like. When I was placing one of the BOMs the guy asked how much for it as he pulled out his wallet. And I was like no we don't want your money. So the culture is a lot different here. But when I was placing that same BOM I didn't really know what I was saying all I knew is that I told him my testimony and he wanted the book. Some one over heard too and said can I have one of those books too so it was a pretty neat experience. 

I lost some of the correspondence on this day - he didn't reply to each of my emails and I cleared out my sent box before I thought of doing this :( Oh, well.

Did you notice he never told me how bad he was hurt? He told his friends that the people there don't like American's and he was pretty sure it wasn't and accident.  That always gives you a warm fuzzy.  But really nothing that is a surprise.  There is always someone out there that isn't going to like you for some reason they've made up in their head without getting to know you.

Mom:  That's pretty awesome!  When you leave the Books is there contact information in them somewhere?  That's pretty cool.  I'm guessing that the referral goes to the missionaries that are assigned to Guatemala City? 

Jackson:  The one guy wrote his name and said we could always find him in the park and he wasn´t interested as much as the other. He gave his number.

Wait wet? (How Latinos say what)
Oh last night was a really sad night... All my Latino friends left. I mean there is going to be more but it won´t be the same as these guys. Haha This one called me his nigga because he heard it in a song. It was so funny

Mom:  So how's your companion?
Jackson:  He´s good. He knows a lot of spanish and I think since my district likes to joke we are getting him to be a little more loose.

Mom:  That's good he knows a lot of Spanish -- you can probably learn a lot from him.  Is he going to the same mission as you?  I'm not sure how it all works.

Jackson:  No not him. But most of my district is going to the same mission. You know that kid playing football at Wyoming. Ya he´s in my room. One of the coolest guys in the MTC. But anyways I'm excited to see Briar. I´m gonna be so excited to leave this place. 

Mom:  So are you riding the Chicken bus to El Salvador?  ;)

Jackson: No not a chicken bus. A tour bus. Gotta go LOVE YOU MOMMY!!!! I pray for you guys every prayer which is a lot. LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! Until next week.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

On Tue, Jul 26, 2016 at 8:37 AM, Sharon Lancaster <slancaster@kellerits.com> wrote:

Well, I hope you had a great week and that the language is coming along.  How's being in a threesome instead of just a companionship? 
Send us some pictures.
It's kind of weird adjusting without you here.  We can go to bed before midnight, I'm not up wondering where you are and what you are doing and we aren't always tired at work :).  We finally had a night that we were home for dinner last Thurs. and it was strange.  I even set the table for you :(. 
We had our home teaching dinner yesterday and everyone asked about you and said that it was a little bit weird without you there.  Wayne was chuckling about you wishing you were still home running chan fir.  But they are all proud of you and excited for you to get out to the mission field and share the gospel like we know you can.  Brandon turned 16 and has his driver's license and blessed the sacrament for the first time yesterday too.  Pretty cool.  I still don't like to lead the music, but it is what it is.
Carson had his last baseball tournament Fri and Sat. in South Jordan.  Holy crap it was HOT!!  it was 104 when we pulled into the parking lot.  The boys played really well.  They lost 10-7, 6-5, 3-2 and 8-5.  If they got rid of their errors they win every game, but something to work on for sure.  Carson pitched awesome.  He was on both days.  It was great to see.

Taylor and Kayla went to the family reunion and they said not too many  people were there, but that was to be expected since everyone had just been there for Vernon's funeral a month ago and then Kreg's funeral the Saturday before.  I'm sure they were Star Valley'd out.
I got a text from Azalea yesterday.  I told her she could come and hang out when we watch a movie next and asked about her soccer tournament that she played in over the weekend.  We missed Ali's reception because we didn't get home from Carson's tournament early enough, but it looks like she's happy in the pictures that have been posted. 

How was your week?  Who are your companions? Where are they from?  Is the language coming along?  Having fun? (or at least as much fun as you can have in PRISON) ;)

Did you think of anything else besides that watch that you want me to send?  I've got the sunscreen and mosquito spray and your pair of garments that somehow got missed.  I guess if it doesn't weight too much to send I can send the toiletry stuff that we didn't put in your bags.  I just checked to see how much it is going to cost to send a package.  Holy Crap!! $72 for the medium size box and $94 for the large flatrate box.  You might want to just buy whatever you can get there.  I'll put the money in your account.  Just let me know what you spend on your card. 
Let me know.

What stuff can you get at the MTC?

Be happy, Work hard, love who you are working with and HAVE FUN!!


on for an hour

So how's your week?

My week has been good. I got a new companion from Wyoming and he is a complete stiff. The language is hard but it's coming. I can´t get much here but I did get some pretty sweet scripture cases that are leather. That's cool that you miss me. I miss you guys a ton. The templo here is pretty sweet even though it is pretty small. I'm so lost on what to tell you because we do the same things every day. I can only just say that the sacrament is probably my favorite thing besides the temple in the world. I feel the spirit so strong when I take it. I hope you feel the same way.

So you got to go to the temple?

I go every week before I write. It is pretty neat. I can´t send pictures until I´m out in the field. It is a dumb rule but exact obedience right?

That's kind of a weird rule but it's all good. That's awesome that you get to go to the temple every week. Taylor only got to go once while he was in the MTC. 

Yep every week. I might have to use my card because I don´t want to exchange money you know?

That's fine. I figured you would need to. What stuff do you need?

Mosquito spray. I´m terrified.. they have this one thing that you can get that makes your bones feel like they snap... so I don´t want that...
Hey send me the jake the rancher poem
And tell dad to send me my mustache picture

I'm not going to send a package to the MTC but I will get stuff together to send to the mission home and hopefully it will get there about the same time as you.  I was looking at the postal service website yesterday to see how long it takes for a package to get to El Salvador and it said 3-4 days, but I don't know if I believe that.

You can´t send one to the MTC anyways. Next week I'm going to the city center to place a BOM

Sweet.  No worries.  They don't know who you are so it's all good right.  I think that's part of what makes being a missionary away a little easier because you don't have the people that you have lived with your whole life judging you and the things you say and do.  You can go share the message of the gospel with strangers.  It's kind of sad but true.  And if the seed of the gospel has already been planted by a friend or member it just lets them know that there are other people that believe and do the same things around the globe. 

Thanks mom! I love you guys. Oh and I'm shooting a letter your way today.

A real letter? snail mail?

i think 3 weeks is when it will get there but we´ll see.

It's Briar's farewell on Sunday and he will be there by Wed. next week.  We are planning on going to listen to him so we'll let you know how it goes.

Give him my watch!!

That's a good idea.

Haha I know. 

You are probably out of time.  So Have a great week!!  Work hard and don't worry. 
So Cameron is wondering how the food is?

Love you


Good! sometimes its gross though
I have two minutes so anything else? Oh my scripture cases are custom leather.

Sorry all.  There is probably a better way to do this, but I haven't figured it out yet. :)  Hopefully this will work until I get better at it.
It might be lame to do the correspondence back and forth between us, but he doesn't really share much in his short letters.

1st Temple Day

July 2, 2016  
Jackson after going through the temple to receive his endowments.  What a great day!

July 17, 2016
So how was your week?  Who is your companion? Did you get to go to the temple? How are you liking the early mornings  ?  What's it like there? What's your schedule?
My week was pretty tame. Wed  I went to work and dad left for scout camp after lunch. Thurs work fri work. Dad came home around 6 from scout camp and we had dinner with Taylor and Kayla. We went to afton to dads cousin kregs funeral. He was the one that had cerebral palsy and was the painter. He was 62 years old. Carson came home from scout camp on sat. And stayed with Taylor and Kayla because dad and I decided T the last minute to stay at the cabin. We just came home this afternoon. It was nice to just relax and not worry about anything for a day.
Sorry this is a short letter. Not much happening  around here this week.
Hope things are going well and you are settling in and learning Spanish and how to teach and having some fun in the process.
Let me know if there's stuff you need me to send. I am thinking about sending a package to be there when you get to El Salvador. Maybe I'll send the sunscreen and mosquito spray that we didn't get in your suitcase. Let me know if there is other stuff you might need that I can send.


On Tue, Jul 19, 2016 at 10:13 AM, Jackson B Lancaster
I'm on for an hour...

Well it has been really crazy lately. The first day was so long and I was so overwhelmed. Then next day I woke up and went to clase and we can’t speak in English anymore. I want to quit about every day. But I know that I can’t because I’m not going to let you guys down. Ever. I love you guys and I’ve never felt the spirit so strong here at the CCM. I’m so glad you were always on my butt about Azalea. My companion went home today because of worthiness issues. It honestly was devastating. I felt so bad for him because I knew how he felt and I wanted to go home for him because he was so much better than me at being a missionary and speaking Spanish. But before he left I said a prayer for our district and I felt the love of the Savior so strong in the room and I won’t let you guys or Him down. Thank you for loving me so much and I’m sorry I was mean and rude because I miss you mom, I don’t think that I had ever told you this but Mother’s day was my favorite holiday because it was about you. I love you mom and sorry I don’t have your skills to type fast.

So How is the Spanish coming?  Do you at least understand a little?

Ya here is my testimonio. Yo sé que la iglesia es verdad. Yo sé que la Expiación es verdad. Yo sé que podemos vivir nuestro Padre Celestial otra vez I know that the church is true. I know that the Atonement is true. I know that we can live with our Heavenly Father again.

Not bad.  Too bad I can't hear you say it in your gringo Spanish ;)

I know huh. Oh im sorry if I ever was a bad son. I love you and I hope you know that
Oh they freaking shaved me bald pretty much!!!!

Seriously?  You didn't have much hair to begin with.
Tell me about it. I don’t have to do my hair anymore though

Love you mom. Forever and always. and you are always in my prayers

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tue, Jul 12, 2016
How was the flight?  Looked like there were a ton of missionaries heading to Guatemala. We never saw the Stewart's. Was Parker already there or did he come later?  I need to get you the pin# for your credit card so you can get cash if you need to. I'll try and send it first thing in the morning so we don't miss you in the email transition. If you need to call just call my cell.
Sorry I was sad. I'm not worried about you. I'm just going to miss you. Even though you drive me crazy.
You will be an awesome missionary with your dynamic personality and how easily you make friends. Have fun but obey the rules. Go do some work!!

Love you.

July 13, 2016      First "letter"
Made it here. It was a long flight. I sat next to an embassey worker on the flight. He told me it wasn´t too bad. It's kinda wild with all the men with guns at the gas station. Well they are screaming at me in Spanish to be done so Love you
I thought it might be fun to follow Jackson's mission on a blog :).  I guess we will see how well I do.
I'm not sure how much he will want to share with the world, but I asked him if I could do it and he said I could but that he didn't have much to say because they do the same things everyday.  Hopefully that will change here in a few weeks when he gets out in the mission field.
It is probably going to take me a little while to get things figured out and set up, so be patient, I will do it as quickly as I can.