Monday, February 27, 2017

Feb 27, 2017

Another month gone. It is amazing how quick the time passes.   This letter writing thing comes around pretty quickly.
We were reading scriptures tonight and it was interesting. I got a BOM study so we started over and are readying some of the D&C at the same time. We aren't going very fast through the BOM. But it's different than we normally do. Anyway we are in 1 Nephi 2:15. My father dwelt in a tent. We were talking about it and I asked Carson why that scripture was even in the book?  Is it important?  His answer was that yes it is important. It shows us how much Lehi was willing to leave behind to listen to the lord and do hard things. They were rich and he left his nice bed and lived in a tent. I don't think I would be willing to do that. I HATE camping!!
It shows his faith and trust in the Lord.
That was pretty much all we got through as far as scripture reading. Somehow we got off track and talked about when the Muslim religion started with Abraham's wife Hagar and son Ishmael. And how old was Noah and Methuselah. And the 3 Nephites and Carson's question- how do they get around? Teleporting?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I don't know, but he's a dufus!  We did not, however, get so far off track that he was quoting Nacho Libre for an hour before we could say prayer. 😬
Taylor sang in sacrament meeting for me today. Kayla played the piano for him. He did great!  He sang I stand all amazed.
The talks were good too. The couple that moved into the cooks house spoke and Abby smith and Tyler Cordner (I don't think I told you, but Todd and Jana adopted Tyler and Gracie officially in January- it's pretty awesome-  they are great kids.).
Well this week has been pretty uneventful. Just more rain and snow. The river is flooded and the Normans field below the office is about 3' deep with water. It's up over the road that goes around the fields not quit over the banks of the ditch that separates us from the field. But the ditch is full so if it comes over we will have the water too. We've hauled in about 3' of rock to build up the yard so it keeps the water out but I don't know if it will be enough. There's a lot of water.
I took Taylor and Kayla to breakfast out at the golden spike for Taylor's birthday while dad and Carson went out to Locomotive springs with Leonard's church group to go rabbit hunting. It was muddy and cold, but Carson said it was fun. They had AR 15's and other big guns. Dad said when the apocalypse comes he wants to be with them. Lots of fire power. They didn't see much for rabbits but Carson said he wasn't leaving Til he killed something. So he and dad each shot a tweety bird. They shot the other guns. Carson said he mostly shot the .22 pistol of dads to get some practice with it. We did carne asada for Taylor's birthday dinner on Saturday. I made the marinade for the meat and everything since dad wasn't home. We did homemade chips, dad made his black bean and corn salsa and Kayla made molten lava cakes. It all turned out really good. At least I thought so.
I still need to finish painting the base boards in the living room but can't seem to get motivated. I need to clean my car too but it's just too cold to go out in the garage to do it. I am way past done with winter.  I really just want to stay in bed all day and do nothing but read. But I have stuff to do so I do it. Mostly anyway 😳. We were thinking about going to a spring training game but it's just not going to happen with Carson's new baseball team. We are headed to St George for March Madness and then again April 1st. Then the regular season starts on the 15th. I think it's going to be good. He likes the kids and the coaches.
So how was your week?  Did your baptisms happen?
Is the weather rainy still or just hot?
How were the falls last week?  Who went with you?   What are they called?
How big is your area?
Well, work hard, be open to the promptings of the spirit. Be kind to those you come in contact with.
Love you

So this week was a pretty successful week. We found a few new good people to teach. We didn't have our baptisms and I was a little sad. But this week we really are going  to baptize them. So we went to a cascada and it was super chivo. But we had two comp exchanges this week and I learned a ton from other missionaries. But we had a really good week. I am proud of our work and we are going to continue to work hard. Super happy that I am a missionary. I don't think I said this but I learned how much a soul was worth. In D&C 18 it says that the worth of souls is great. But how great I found that it is something really really great. In Matthew 26:28 says That the blood of Jesus Christ is the worth that he paid. So the worth of souls is the blood of Jesus Christ. I found that and wanted to share with you. I love you!!! Have a great week!

Mom:  Well, that's a bummer that your baptisms didn't happen, but if they aren't ready then it's probably for the best.  Keep working at it and good things will happen.  Who went with to the water fall?

Jackson:  Just the 4 elders in Quezalte and Alejandro

Mom:  So what fun things did you do today?

Jackson:  Played a game and I dicked up my ribs again...

Mom:  You Need to be more careful you know.  We don't need you going to the hospital down there.  We do have new health insurance.  Let me know if you need me to send you the info.

There is honey in the bottle-- The person's house they are in has bees and make their own hone.

Our Water  ( I sent pictures of the water level by our office)

Jackson:  Wow... Make sure my stuff doesn't get wet...

Mom:  So far we are ok. Kristal and Ben's septic system is full of ground water and they have been pumping for 3 weeks. But we haven't had anything up to our house. 

Jackson:  Better not!!!!

Mom:  Tremonton and Garland have declared a state of emergency and the national guard has been in helping fill sandbags and cleaning up people's homes. It's a pretty big mess and there is still 12' of snow in the mountains to melt and come down as spring run off. This pretty much is just the first wave of water. When it finally decides to warm up we will have a ton more water. 

Jackson:  Wow keep my stuff dry :)

Mom:  That shouldn't be a problem.  Carson has been wearing all your stuff so most of it is upstairs.
I guess you are out of time.  Have a great week!! Don't get too discouraged about the baptisms, just keep being their friend and supportive and show them not just tell what the gospel can bring into their lives.  Being a member of the church is hard, but being without it is harder.  For me it really isn't an option. I can see the Lord's hand in my life even when I probably don't deserve it and I can't imagine a life without the guidance that the gospel offers.
Love you!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Feb. 20, 2017

Well, the weekend didn't go as planned. It was raining the whole time. Carson got to play 2 games on Friday at 5 and 7. It was freezing!  Probably how the whole baseball season is going to go. Global warming my butt!!
We stayed in cedar city because we couldn't find a hotel in St George.
Any way we spent the whole time in he hotel room. They ended up cancelling the rest of the tournament so we came home at noon yesterday and were able to go watch Macey open her mission call. She is going to Madrid Spain on June 13th.


(I didn't get my letter finished or sent before he wrote today :(   He wasn't very happy.  In my defense, he has been writing about 330 every Monday for 7 months and today- the one day I didn't get my letter done, he writes 3 hours early.)  I guess that's my lesson-- don't put off what you can do today til tomorrow.  It might come back to bite you.  

Jackson:  Why haven't you written me this week....?  MOMMY!!!! TALK TO ME!!!!  So... I really wanted to talk to you but I guess you guys are busy... I love you and got your package thank you for the glasses. And all the candy. You guys are the best and my favorites. Love you lots!!

Mom:  I was writing my letter and you are emailing 3 hours early. So I haven't been checking it.

Jackson:  Always check it.... I only have freaking like 10 minutes left..  That's it...?

Mom:  sorry--  You know we love you!!  I did send part of my letter.  Why are you emailing so early today?

Jackson:  To go to a cascada to take cool pictures

Mom:  I told you I was in the middle of writing to you.  This letter writing is hard sometimes.  It feels like you hear the same things from me over and over.
That's awesome-- I've been searching to find cool things you might be able to go see there, but I haven't come up with anything.  I figured that Alejandro would know ALL the fun places.  He seems like a pretty fun guy.  did you get your package for Valentine's day?
Jackson:  And me to you. It doesn't matter. This week you cant be mad because I did a voice recording

Mom:  I'm never mad.  I just love to hear from you. 

Jackson:  Sure.. You were mad last week. I have the thing to my comp. And am using one of my new glasses :)

Mom:  Take A picture with each pair of the glasses and send them to me so I can tell you if you look like a big nerd or not.

Jackson:  I Will.

Mom:  Macey was pretty excited about her mission call.  She said she wanted to go to South America so she wasn't cold.  But was pretty excited about Spain.  I think Alan is in Madrid Spain also. 

Jackson:   Alan is in Barca. Not Madrid. And Macey would die in South America mom.
Mom:  What is with the sweater in the pictures?  You keep telling us you are dying of heat but then all the pictures you send you are in a sweater.  

Jackson:  One it looks cool and that day it was honestly cold... only 75 degrees

Mom: Cold?? Seriously-- you are turning in to a wimp.  You won't be able to handle the Cedar City weather. LOL  It was like 40 Plus wind for Carson's games on Saturday.  I was freezing with my gloves, a hat, sweatshirt and coat.  IN ST GEORGE!!!
Jackson:  I'll be fine when I get home dont worry. I shower with a bucket every morning. We are lucky to have running water. We are tough here. I love you and I have to go!!! Until next week MOMMY :) 

Mom:  Sorry we missed most of your time. :(  I will do better with my letter next week.  Work Hard.  Take lots of pictures!!  Have fun! 
Love you

Boyd told him he needed to polish his shoes, but he said they have worn through  and he just needs to take the time to get a new pair.  -- It's great to know he is working hard and wearing out those shoes in the service of the Lord.  

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

I mean made up fake holiday!πŸ˜‚ this week seemed to go by quite fast. Monday Carson had his first baseball practice with his new team. It went well.  He was crushing the ball but had a good time with the other kids. Tues. we worked on his eagle project for a couple hours and then I went to fizz with a bunch of the moms of kids your age. Jeanie Bunderson, Steph, Latisha, Becky Bown, Monica Bunderson, and Nicole Jensen. It's fun to catch up and see how everyone is doing since we don't get to see each other at stuff like we used to. Everyone is doing well, Chance is a zone leader, Alan didn't get his Christmas package 😩, Briar and Lexie broke up, Cameron is doing well, Ethan is home but working and happy, Kort is at Utah State and doing well.
Wed. I stayed home and started re-painting the baseboards I go most of the way done. I'll have to finish them this week sometime. Hen I took Carson and Sean in to town to do baptisms for the dead with the YM. They went to peach city after for dinner and shakes. Just the boys.
Thursday Carson and I did some more painting on his goose boxes Til we ran out of paint and then I took Carson to church ball at 5. I went to the grocery store and to shopko to get Kayla a birthday present. Taylor and Kayla stopped by after work to pick up her gift and say hi.
Friday Carson had practice at 230 in Logan. I guess the kids over there get out of school early on Friday. So he missed 40 minutes of class to go to practice. This practice was with a few different kids. Because they are mixing the blue and green teams together for some of the tournaments so everyone doesn't have to commit to all of them.  They are playing at the Presidents' Day tournament this weekend, then the March madness the 16th, and spring break  the 30th. Then the regular season play will start. So I think it's going to start to get busy with practices etc if the weather changes and we can see grass. Right now everything is flooding. So it will be a little while yet before that all happens. There was so much water at Jolene and Kevin's that they had to get a pump with a 2" pipe and they have been pumping since Thursday. It's kind of a mess. It did finally quit raining on Saturday so we are having a bit of a reprieve. But it is supposed to start raining again on Friday through the weekend.
The bear River is full and they are letting double the amount of water out of cutler dam because they are afraid the dam is going to break with the amount of water it is holding back right now. So we are watching the water level of the river flooding up to the office and grandma and grandpas and Kristal and Ben's house. We might have to dig some new dikes to keep the water away. The closest the water has been since we've lived here  was about 10 ft from the basement door at grandmas. Hopefully it doesn't get that close.
Sat. Dad made breakfast for my birthday and smoked bacon. Then we worked on Carson's project for a couple hours. Kale Bingham and Sean Baker came and Taylor and Kayla. We got all 10 boxes put together so we just have to touch up paint and Carson needs to weld the base and the post and attach it to the box. So a few more hours and it will finally be complete. Then I think he has to go out to the refuge and put the boxes out. I think they said by the first of March. We are hoping to get it done before we head to St George this weekend.
We all went to lunch at the Co-op and then dad and I came back and went to work for a bit. Dad did bacon wrapped smoked chicken for my birthday dinner but was yummy and Kayla brought a lemon meringue pie for dessert.
Today we had sacrament meeting and the new couple that moved in to Wayne Johnson's house spoke. They did a great job. Addi and Zach Coleman also spoke. They did good too. Then Ryan ended up talking for a bit at the end because there was still 10 minutes left. Ryan talked about love and the way we should treat a spouse or really anyone.
I was listening to the talk of the week this morning by elder Stevenson. Look to the book, look to the lord. He talks about the Book of Mormon and it being the keystone - he quoted Pres. Benson "the Book of Mormon teaches us truth and bears testimony if Christ ... But there is something more. There is a power in the book which will begin to flow into your lives the moment you begin a serious study of the book. You will find greater power to resist temptation. .. You will find the power to stay on the strait and narrow path. " it's true. If we continue to read and study the Book of Mormon it will keep us looking to the lord and helping us make decisions that will bring us closer to him.
What was your week like?  What fun things did you do?  How was church?  Are the members feeding you and helping the missionaries in general?  How are the people?  I know you like Alejandro but how about everyone else?  Have you had conferences or anything that takes you to the capital?  Did you get your package?
Have a great week!

???7 Meses???
Today is the day that I have 7 months in the mission. Crazy how the time flies. Anyways, This week my companion and I have struggled to find new investigators. But have made some great plans for this week to find new ones. We are still working with Sabrina but in church yesterday she was asked by someone if she was a member. But she said this " No pero tengo una fecha para bautizarme el 25 de febrero y voy a bautizarme." Which means I have a date to be baptized the 25th of Feb. and I am going to be baptized. So when we heard this we were super happy. I was jumping for joy. Now we just have to work on Alex and find new people to teach. But this week we had changes and this was the old zone and my new scripture cases!!! They are leather pretty sweet. Anyways, this week I was looking through old Liahona's and found a picture that is a Mormon ad. I really liked it. It has a picture of Jesus saying Es bueno para ser importante. Pero es mas importante para ser bueno. It means its good to be important but its more important to be good. I was like wow.. Because I heard that a lot of the people that came with me got changed to district leader trainers and Zone leaders and stuff like that but I'm just sitting here as JR. Comp. I was frustrated honestly. Then I read this and I was like wow, I can be important or I can be good. Right now I'm just going to do what the Lord has called me to do. Teach repentance unto all people to be baptized in his name. I love this gospel. I love the mission. I am going to keep working hard and never quit. Love you thank you for your support. 

Mom:  What are you up to today?

Jackson:  Nothing much. Just played soccer and basketball.

Mom:  Are you still running in the mornings?  How much did your schedule change with the new rules?

Jackson:  Still haven't changed... And the office said it has my package... But Alejandro is going to get one tomorrow. So maybe they will have it.

Mom:  Maybe they got it and it hasn't been updated on the US postal website.  Hopefully-- I guess if the glasses don't work for you could donate them.  Someone could use the frames.  Or you could use the frames and just get some new lenses put in them.

Jackson:  I'm sure they will work mom. Don't worry.  Hey did you see the video Alejandro sent you?

Mom:  Just read your letter--That's kind of funny, I was thinking about the Zone leader, District leader thing this morning.  You are capable of doing any of those things, but you don't need to be in those leadership positions to be a great missionary, and ultimately that is what you are there for.  To be a missionary, you have been in leadership positions already, and maybe that isn't a responsibility that you need at this point in your mission.  Maybe you are too bossy and mean to be a district leader or Zone Leader ;).  Seriously though- you don't need to worry about it just like you said.  And really, it doesn't make you more important or better if you get those added responsibilities. 

 Mom:  yes- I watched it yesterday and sent him back a Thank you.  That was nice that you remembered my birthday.  Carson didn't - the little turd.  We were eating breakfast on Saturday morning and dad said something and he was all-- "oh is it your birthday today?"  Wow!  But at least he didn't tell me I was OLD!  Super rude!  No recording this week?

Jackson:  Oh my if there was a recording I would have sent one

Mom:  I figured-- That is the highlight of the week you know.  Actually hearing your voice.  And your letters aren't too descriptive so it gives us a little more insight into how things are going. 

Jackson:   Oh my... Sometimes we don't get all the things we want huh?

Mom:  Wow-- you haven't been humbled at all have you ;)  Brat!  Well if you aren't going to talk to us, then get spilling some more details of what you're doing.  I write you a pretty good letter and I get a paragraph about a whole week- really? 

Jackson:  What do you want me to say? I ate rice, chicken, beans, tortillas, and eggs this week. I taught Sabrina Alex and someone others too what else do you want to know. I got yelled at and called a ugly skinny white bitch. Anything else?

Mom:  What do you want me to say? I ate rice, chicken, beans, tortillas, and eggs this week. I taught Sabrina Alex and someone others too what else do you want to know. I got yelled at and called a ugly skinny white bitch. Anything else?

Jackson:  Ya? What did you want me to do? Yell back your mom? and get a beer bottle thrown at me?

Mom:  No, I was just wondering how you handle that kind of crap.  Were you just walking down the street minding your own business?

Jackson:  Mom I don't say anything mean. I am just going to get things yelled at me. 


 New Scripture Covers

Feb. 6, 2017

Fast and testimony meeting today. Bishop shared his testimony and talked a little bit about how blessed we are to be members of the church at this time and that today all around the world 16 million people are sharing testimonies and fasting and praying for help for others or themselves. It's a pretty awesome thing to think about.
We started Carson's eagle project yesterday. They got most of the boards cut and painted. So we just need to put them together and get some plate steel and get it cut and welded to the pipe that is the pedestal for the nest. So hopefully we will be able to get them completed in time.
Carson is supposed to play in a president's day tournament so we only really have next Sat. to work on them.
We had a few people come out to help so it didn't take very long to get done what we did. Wayne and Brandon Bailey, Kale Bingham, Kelsey, the missionaries, Elder Clifford from Colorado and Elder il? From Tonga. It was pretty fun. The missionaries jumped in and got right to it. Dad asked the Elder from Tonga how he was liking his mission so far. And he said he wasn't. 😳. I said way to be honest πŸ˜‚. He's been out 13 months. I think he is freezing to death and they get to be out in it every day. They are supposed to be doing service from 10-2 everyday. So I'm guessing that they have shoveled a ton of snow in the last 6 weeks.
We went to watch the super bowl at the bakers. It was really nice to just go. We didn't cook a ton of stuff or have to clean or have to put away tables and chairs. It was awesome. We took queso and black bean and avacado salsa and chips. So not bad at all. We came home from church and relaxed for 3 hours and then went to their house. Good food, good company, not a great game and the commercials kind of stunk. But still a good time. Right now 4th qtr 10 min left Falcons 28 patriots 12. The patriots must have gone on a bender last night. They are playing like crap.
Ryan said that he watched the Super Bowl when he was on his mission. Did you get to?
Alejandro posted a picture of you and him and looked like another set of missionaries yesterday.
It looked like you were all trying to look cool. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. We noticed there is another white boy missionary there. I'm assuming it was your district.
So how was your week?  Are you getting transferred or staying? New comp?  You know, it's hard to believe that you have been out 6 months. But at the same time it seems like the time is dragging. I know it doesn't make any sense. But it is what it is.
Anything fun and exciting happen this week?  Did your baptisms happen?
Let us know what's going on with you.

Jackson:  Hey i'm going to write a letter to you but just to let you know that I-m on

Mom:  I keep wondering if you actually read our letters.  Do you print them out and read them later or do read them during your hour? 

Jackson:  I read them first! 

So this week was great. We found a bunch of new people and we even baptized Elmer. He is the same age as Carson. He is the brother of Sabrina. We were teaching her and Alejandro said why dont you invite him to the lessons. So we did and it turns out that he was the first one to be baptized! He came to church every Sunday and has a ton of friends. I'm really proud of him because in 2 weeks he is going to get the Priesthood. Next I've just been doing the normal. I am staying in Quezaltepeque and with Elder De Los Santos another change. I'm having a killer time here in El Salvador. I hope everything is good in Utah and the States. Go TRUMP I love you!
Elder Lancaster
Mom:  so what fun plans do you have for p-day today?

Jackson:  Mom P-day ends at 6. (It's 5:45pm- I guess I should know that. ??)

Mom:  OK- so what fun things did you do for p-day today?

Jackson:  We bought scripture cases that are sweet but I don't have a picture of them. Next week and bought food and nothing else. We haven't had any changes. I think we are going to have them tomorrow though.

Mom:  But you aren't being transferred? or you don't know yet?  
I sent the tracking info for your package if that helps you to let Alejandro go pick it up.  It is addressed to you at the Mission address though.

Jackson:  I am staying here with Elder De Los Santos. Thank you mommy :) and an elder wants chums for his glasses can you send me some when you send another package?

Mom:  (Talking about his package I sent a few weeks ago)  I don't know what all that means.  But I think it means it's still got to clear customs.

Jackson:  Okay just talk to Alejandro

Mom:  Dude- I don't speak Spanish, and I'm afraid he won't understand what I'm talking about.  don't you see him every day?

Jackson:  Yes and he is mad that you don't talk to him

Mom: I don't know what to say to him.  What would I talk to him about?

Jackson:  Just talk to him how am I everything like that or if you want to know something.

Mom:  Yeah, that's super easy because I totally can talk to some random person about whatever :/
(I totally can-- Just not in Spanish :))
Jackson:  Mom just say Alejandro como estas? Como esta mi hijo? El es obediente o no? Si no le pegas por favor.

Mom:  I don't know what the last sentence says
Jackson:  If not hit him.

Mom:  Yeah that would be a great thing to say.  Then he would think I am mean or something.  So is your comp being transferred?

Jackson:  No mom we are staying together .

Mom:  I guess you are out of time.  Have a great week!  Remember we love you.  Work hard!!

Jackson:  Love you mommy!!!!

Voice recording: Well, esta semana, haha--this week was really good.  We found some nuevo -new investigators. We really had a fun week.  It was kind of slow because it was the last week of the change and we're anxious to see who has changes.  We're gonna find out tonight, it's pretty cool to find out tonight, but little scared, little scared.  
We baptized Elmer finally. I put a date with Sabrina this week also.  Put a date that she's gonna be baptized Feb. 25th 2017 when Taylor's 22.  That'd be really cool.  That'll be my 6th baptism.  I'll be so happy when she gets baptized because she's just a pain.  No, She's not a pain, but she's super difficult because she's " I don't know, I don't know, I don't know.  What do you know?  You know?  I get a little upset with these people because we're telling you the truth, we know it's true.  It's so hard for me because they're not understanding and I get mad when they don't understand me.  Well, they understand my Spanish, but I get made when they don't understand the principle that we're talking about or something like that.  It's just difficult, but you know- we're all good.  I hope we have changes.  I can't stand my companion, Like I can, but some days I just want to punch him in the face. He's like oh, you remind me of this and I was like why - oh don't worry about it.  And I'm like Oh- ok Thanks.  He'll just do something super stupid and it will bug the freak out of me.  I hope he leave and it will be better, well maybe.  Or I'll just be more pissed because some idiot came.  but I like changes.  I like a new companion every change. It's the best because you one have 6 weeks with an idiot.  6 weeks somebody.  but like if you get a companion that you really like. Like Elder Perez and me- well
Elder Perez from Belize because the other one sucked.  But him I could've stayed 2-3 changes with him.  He was super good.  OH- I'm a good tie trader.  I traded 1 good tie for 3.  So, that's how I do it. 
Yeah-- I'm just killing it here in El Salvador.   It's pretty sweet.  I'm dying of heat still.  I'm like when is it going to be cold, but it never gets cold, it just gets hotter.  It's horrible.
But yeah, it's cool. Well, Love you guys.  That was my week and I'll see you later.  Love you!

It's is great to hear him and know that he is happy, even though he says he wanted a change he's still happy and really no matter how much you like someone they still do stuff that will bug you or make you mad, so I'm not too worried about it.  He is loving the area he is in and the members seem to be very supportive and helpful to the missionaries.  Alejandro is definitely a great friend to Jackson as a ward mission leader, I am really glad that he has been able to be there to take care of Jackson for us.  

 Elmer's baptism day

Monday, February 13, 2017

January 30, 2017

Today is stake conference. So far we've listened to the choir (holy cow -- they were terrible 😳), president ferry,-- he talked about how the Lord knows each of us personally and can call us by name just as he did when he came to Joseph smith. Emily Vincent, one of the crane boys and a Jones girl they each share their testimonies. Emily shared her testimony of her service as a temple ordinance worker for the last 3 months. She is leaving on her mission in 1 1/2 weeks. Not sure where she is going.
The Logan mission president and his wife also shared their testimonies. The president shared a comment he had heard from a young woman that had some struggles in her life and as he interviewed and shared the gospel message with her she asked thro go her tears- "why didn't anyone tell me about this gospel before?  I'm sure there were people in my high school that were members of the church, why didn't they share this sweet message with me?"  I'm so proud of you that you are out there sharing the gospel message make sure to seek out those that are prepared, but also share with those that might not be ready yet but just a taste today could spark something later in their lives and bring them in.
The temple president Stuart and his wife also spoke. She spoke about attending the temple and how important it is in all our lives.
Resolve to do something
The 70 representative spoke also. He spoke about sustaining our leaders. He said that the church isn't perfect because the decisions that are made by our leaders are perfect. It is the sustaining vote of the members that the lord makes the decisions the rest get decisions.
Different ways to know God.
Head knowledge-- we need it but it is not enough
Heart knowledge goes beyond information it is more feelings. It is not less real. It is more real.
Ok if I ever get back to the office and get your package out to the post office I will send it today. I was going to send it to Alejandro but if you get transferred next week you may not get it. So I'm just sending it to he mission office. It has some Valentine treats and a journal and your glasses and picture for Alejandro. I still haven't gotten the bigger one so if it ever comes I'll send it directly to him.
The weeks am have been pretty tiring with the weather but spring is coming someday right?  It just seems like problem after problem. Nothing really major just enough to keep us discouraged And exhausted. Thursday night we got in bed early-like 945- I was asleep pretty quick and my Phone  rang at 1015. Then I just got back to sleep and it rang again with more problems. I got the last call at 1245 and by that time I was wound up and couldn't go back to sleep for over an hour and was exhausted at work on Friday. It's awesome!!
Carson had 2 late start days last week because of he weather which makes 4 snow days this year. It's crazy. They closed sardine canyon on Monday it was so bad. Dad and Carson were trying to get to Logan for Carson's baseball practice and it was coming down like no other.
They made it to the summit and turned around and came home. Come to find out that the canyon was actually closed. Carson asked if they were the only ones out on the road. And they were but they weren't supposed to be.
Carson had wrestling practice and state on Saturday. He wrestled tough and had a couple close matches. He lost the first one 2-1 and won the 2nd match the lost the 3 one in overtime. So he was pretty upset about that. He said he isn't wrestling anymore because he sucks. So I guess we'll see what next year brings. He really has wrestled well this year. But he's really been done since the first of the year. The Christmas break kills him. And he's been battling a nasty flu for 2 weeks that hasn't helped him at all.
He is excited to start Baseball though. Hopefully this year will be a good experience for him.
What have you been up to this week?  Any new contacts or fun experiences that you have had his week?
I was thinking the other day about the quote something like 'see the hand of God in your life'. You should use that as a journal entry each day of what you did that day and how the hand of the Lord was part of your day. Just a suggestion that was made in a talk by Pres. Eyeing a couple years ago.
Hope you have a great week.
Love you.
Well mas que nada we didn't have a lot of lesson and we didn't find a lot of people but we really worked super hard. We had a lesson well learned a great lesson of diligence. I am super grateful for our hard work and for the blessings that we have received for being diligent. We had many times that we could have just said ya we don't want to work but then we worked even harder. Like I said we are blessed. Blessings come from obedience. We defiantly were this week and we were blessed because with our few lessons and few new investigators we brought 4 to church and 2 are going to be baptized this week. We talked about all their fears and we really helped them out. Something sad happened today... The person in the photo in the middle left for Canada today. I'm super happy for him. He is from El Salvador and was in my District and is super chivo. I got glasses because the sun and dirt is making me blind and ya that is it!!! I love you muchisimo!!!!
Elder Lancaster

Mom:  I just dropped your package at the Post office.  I don't know if she got it out in today's mail or if it will go out in the morning, but it's sent and since you got some glasses already it isn't a rush.  You just need it by Valentine's day.  I sent a bag for your companion in there and the Brigham temple picture for Alejandro.  The bigger one that I ordered hasn't come yet so I will just send it separate straight to him if it ever comes.

Jackson:  It is true. But if I stay send the code to Alejandro so he can go get it. Hey can I clean my glasses with windex or do I need to buy special spray from the optica

Mom:  I sent it to the Mission address because I didn't want you to get transferred before it comes and then you not have your package.  and tranfers will be next week.

Jackson: People can go pick up our stuff if they know them and they know him. Send him the code and I have the cloth that came with the glasses. So I can use windex?

Mom:  Why is he going to Canada?

Jackson:  That is his mission. He was waiting for a visa

Mom:  oh-- that's cool, what mission is he going to?

Jackson:  Edmonton

Mom:  yes you can use windex.  How is your companion?  Are you getting along?

Jackson:  We are fine but I want changes not because he is bad just I want someone else now...

Mom:  A little fickle are you?  So how long has he been out?  I'm guessing you want to stay in the area though, right.

Jackson:  He was in the MTC with me. What is fickle? and ya I don't want to move ever...

Mom:  Well- I'm guessing that you will stay in that area at least one more transfer, but I'm sure you won't get the wish of not moving ever.  Fickle: likely to change, especially due to  irresolution, or instability; casually changeable

Jackson:  We all are like that. We freaking change something every 6 weeks

Mom:  True-- so how long has your companion been out?   It's good to hear that you are working hard.  Just remember that your success isn't measured by the number of baptisms you have (even though they are telling you that now).  Your job is to bring the gospel to the world.  That can be by teaching and baptizing; but it can also be by the example you set as you walk down the street with your suit and missionary badge with a smile on your face showing people that the gospel makes you happy- without ever uttering a word.  You touch more people's lives each day than you will ever realize - it could be good or it could be bad. :)

Jackson: Almost 6 months. We know we discussed this as a companionship

Mom:  Looks like you are almost out of time.  Work hard.  Listen to the promptings of the Spirit.
Love you

January 23, 2017

I accidentally pushed send on the start of my letter yesterday, but never got back to finish it.  Anyway-- it was a good meeting.  Bishop talked about all of us being able to do hard things and some of the things he has learned.  Our ward goal is to go to the Lord in Prayer more often and to make our prayers more meaningful and heartfelt and as we do we draw closer to him.
I went home after sacrament meeting to make sure Carson wasn't dying.  He has a nasty flu bug that makes your stomach hurt super bad.  He was sick Thurs and Fri and felt better Saturday so he went to the wrestling tournament, but by about 1 he was looking pretty green again. 
It has snowed again all week.  I have shoveled more snow this year than I think in my whole life.  You told dad you missed the snow.  -- You wouldn't be saying that if you were here!!  It snowed again last night and they moved school start time back 2 hours.  What a bunch of pansies!  But better than taking another snow day.  It's crazy.
Dad's aunt Annie passed away last week and her funeral was Saturday in Grantsville.  I didn't get to go because I was with Carson at wrestling.  But dad said it was a nice service.  The weather was snowy and crappy on Saturday too, so a bunch of people weren't able to make it to the funeral.  Kind of a bad deal.
I got your glasses on Saturday and will try to get it sent off by tomorrow.  I am waiting for Alejandro's temple picture to come.  They don't have any for sale at the distribution or at Deseret book or Seagull book so I had to order it through the distribution.  I did get him a print of a Chad Hawkins sketch to send.  You can give it to him from us for his Birthday.  I might even wrap it.  :) 
The guy finally came today and fixed the washer.  It's been broken since Christmas.  I have been dragging our laundry to Grandma's.  The good thing about that is she does it all for me.  She folds and everything. Even when I tell her she doesn't need to- that I'll be back to get it. 
What have you been up to this week? Did your baptisms happen?  Are you teaching anyone new?  Have you been doing any service projects? How big is the city you are in?  Do you still ride the bus for everything or do you do more walking?  
Sorry. This week has been pretty boring so not much to talk about.
Hopefully things are going good and you are working hard and happy. 
Love you
Love mom

Alright so this week we didn't do much just taught and worked normal. We baptized one of the people. She was super ready I know that for sure. Her name is Milena. She is 18 and her cousins are converts, recent converts. She lives in the same house as them and we started to teach her. We baptized her and she started to cry afterwards... The spirit was strong. We sang I feel my saviors love. The children's hymn as missionaries and I sang a solo in English. Anyways we had a great time with her. The only bad part is that our bishop sucks. He is a recent convert and young so he knows nothing about the church. So we called him and said hey we need you at the baptism and he said I'll send a counselor... He even messed up when he confirmed her... He didn't say receive the holy ghost... Man.. But whatever. The other 2 people said they weren't ready and don't know if Joseph Smith was a prophet but we are going to fix that her e pretty soon. Well that was our week!!!! Well my week ;) Love YOU!!!

Jackson:  Hey so like I bought glasses... And got an exam.. but my glasses wont be ready until Friday morning... So its all good right. I thought it was pretty cheap less than $100 for all of it. Send all of the stuff when you can.

Mom:  I told you it would be.  now I'm kind of pissed that I ordered 2 pairs of glasses that you probably won't ever use. 

Jackson:  You bought 2??? Why... Just send one and then keep one when I come home it will be fine. I love you mommy :)
I love you mommy :) so when are you going to send the package? 

Mom:  Hopefully Tomorrow.
I've got to go.  Taking Carson to Logan to Baseball Practice in the blizzard. 
Love you!  Have a great Week!!

Jackson:  Love you mommy!!! Give Alejandro the code and send cases for the glasses!!!

Mom:  So are you doing anything fun for p-day today?  Do you really not like your companion or are you just kidding?

Jackson:  Sometimes yes sometimes no... No we aren't going to do anything fun... It sucks...

Voice Recording--Alright, well, this week was just a normal week.  Didn't do much, we just taught lessons, found people to teach and did the norm you know.  The highlights of this week were Saturday and Sunday. Honestly that's all we did.  Saturday we got ready for our baptism and we got ready for our baptism of Milena.  It was so good that she actually started to cry after it was all done. So Yeah, yeah it was pretty good I'll have to say.  We did a musical special because my companion likes music but none of us do.  He made me sing in English, Solo.  I was kind of pissed.  He hates me and I Hate him too.  (In the background his companion is yelling Love you Dude!)  Anyway, Sunday wasn't too big of a highlight for me.  I was kind of sick in the stomach all day and wanted to throw up.  I'm still feeling the effects of it right now.  My companion got his Patriarchal Blessing, so he was pretty happy.  That was our week.  Sorry this is so short. But, we really don't do anything during the week, I can't really talk about much.  Anyway-- Adios!

January 16, 2017

How was your week?  Hopefully good things are happening and you are working hard.  I was laughing yesterday. Alejandro posted a picture on Facebook. - it looks like you have been giving him lessons on your uncle Rico poseπŸ˜‚.  So any new prospects this week?  Were you able to teach some good lessons?  Did you do or see anything fun on Pday last week?  How is the running going?
Are you doing any of the workouts I sent you?
I was reading through the thoughts from president Monsen this week, and all of them seem so fitting. At least I think so.
Jan 9 our responsibility to choose (2 Nephi 10:12). We have a right to choose; likewise we have the responsibility to choose. We cannot be neutral. There is no middle ground. The lord knows this; Lucifer knows this. So the Lord has prepared His road signs for our guidance. They read: Fear God, and keep his commandments. (Eccl. 12:13). Another ; Whatsoever Ye so, that shall Ye also reap. D&C 6:33.
Jan 10. Courage. Be strong and of good courage. Josh. 1:6
Courage is the word we need to hear and hold best our hearts-- courage to turn our backs on temptation, courage to lift up our voices in testimony to all whom we meet, remembering that everyone must have an opportunity to hear the message. It is not an easy thing for most to do this. But we can come to believe in the words of Paul to Timothy: For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and if a sound mind. Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord. 2 Timothy 1:7-8.
Jan. 12 doing our best.
Do not run faster or labor more than you have strength .. .  But be diligent unto the end. D&C 10:4
May we be persistent in those things which are good and noble. May we ever stay safely on the Lord's side of the line. May we be considerate, studious, responsive, to the whispering a of the Holy Spirit. May we be dedicated to the gospel of Jesus Christ. May we love one another and always look for the best in people. May we do our best in all that we do.
Jan 14. Lives that reflect gospel teachings. And Ye become followers of us, and of the lord, having received the word in much affliction, with joy of the Holy Ghost: so that Ye were ensamples to all that believe. 1 Thess. 1:6-7.
Most of those who embrace the message of the missionary I have had other exposures to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints--perhaps hearing the magnificent Tabernacle Choir perform, or just knowing another person who is a member and for whine respect exists. We, as members, should be at our best. Our lives should reflect the teachings of the gospel, and our hearts and voices ever be ready to share the truth.
Those were the best ones! (I thought, anyway).   Definitely things to think about and apply in our lives.
Our week was pretty much the normal, nothing too exciting-- The weather was horrible- so much snow and rain that it built up and got so heavy on the shop that when it slid off the roof it took the power pole attached to the shop down and the live wire was laying in the road the inside and outside power boxes started on fire. Thankfully they didn't catch the whole building on fire. So the shop was without power from about 10am Tuesday Til about 11am Wed. We hooked up the generator wed. Morning so the guys could work. We are definitely thankful for good friends that help us. Jay came out on his lunch Tuesday to see what parts he needed and came back after work to fix it. Jay, dad, and grandpa were out in the freezing cold and rain from 5 Til 1030. Getting the boxes back in working order. Then Wednesday we had to get a building inspector from the county to come and inspect the work since it was all new stuff and then the power guy had to come hook up the power lines.
We are definitely blessed by our Heavenly Father. The situation could have been much much worse.
Even though sometimes when we get completely stressed out about things that aren't going how we would like, and maybe start to wonder if we aren't being watched over it just takes a second to step back and realize that the things that have happened are minimal and maybe a little stressful but all manageable.
The weather makes our jobs and the drivers jobs really stressful and I swear this is the worst winter weather we have had in over 25 years. There is always a day or a week or 2 that stink, but this weather started the first of December and is still hanging on. We have had about 4 days without snow and rain and icy roads. It has been like heaven. But I think it's supposed to start back up on wed. This week. We are happy for the reprieve.
Carson went to mesquite with Kevin and Jolene for baseball camp on Friday and will be back tonight sometime. The camp was Sat, Sun, Mon. Dad and I went to the cabin for the weekend and holy crap there was a lot of snow. When we got there Friday night and started taking our stuff down. Dads first step he sunk to his butt. I wasn't super excited to walk down😟. He went down and got shovels and we shoveled a spot so we could park off the road. Then we proceeded to drag our stuff down the driveway. When we sunk, our feet weren't down to the pavement. That's how much snow there is. Probably more that 4 feet just in the driveway. It's crazy. We shoveled for hours on Saturday. Shoveled off the deck (there was at least 2 feet of snow all the way around and about 4 feet back), shoveled out the fire hydrant and the snow markers so the snow plow guy makes us a parking spot for next time, lots of snow. My back was hurting when we got done.  It was good exercise for sure.
We came home last night. Dad and Ben and Taylor gave grandpa a blessing and this morning he is down at LDS hospital having his shoulder replaced. He was telling us about how it's supposed to work. It's gross. They basically cut off his arm, put a new shoulder joint in and see his arm back on. Awesome that they can do that, but totally gross.
Well, I'll send you some pictures of the snow.
Have a great week!
So this week wasn't the most successful week that I have had. I didn't teach as many lessons and find as many new people as usual because we were a little more focused on out investigators that are going to be baptized this week. So we worked really hard but didn't see too much success but I read a scripture in D&C that said something like don't run more than you are able to but be diligent to the end. So I was like okay. We are trying to run more that we can and teach more than we can but if we are diligent we will be okay. Then we did that and many people rejected us but in PMG says that no effort is lost. I was like wow I am just finding everything that I need to hear this week. But hey also I've been out for 6 months!!! Can you believe it? Where did the time go? I guess because the weather doesn't change here I didn't feel the time. But that is the experiences of this week that I am sharing with you! I love you mommy and hurry up with the glasses please...

Mom:  They should ship out by tomorrow.  so I should have them by the end of the week.  I will let Alejandro know when I send it. 
So who are you teaching?  What are your baptismal dates?

Jackson:  We have 2 girls Sabrina and Milena and the brother of Sabrina is Elmer. They are amazing. Well, Milena doesn't like to talk to us but really likes the church. Why are they taking so long.... Anyways I'm going blind and I hate this company that you bought them from. Hahah 
We teach them and some other families which aren't too positive but we are trying.

Mom:  You have obviously never gotten glasses. The last 2 times I got mine -different companies- they took 4 weeks to come. So you are just going to have to chill out. If it's that bad maybe you need to make an appointment. At the optometrist down there and get your eyes checked. 

Jackson:  That costs money ... I don't want to spend money... I can wait.. Love you mommy!!! :) and the photo of the temple did you get one? Oh how much was the journal? My comp wants to buy it from me.

Mom:  If you need some glasses, it doesn't matter what it costs.  It's probably a lot less than it is here.  I spent almost $1000 on 2 new pairs of glasses and my eye exam.The journal was $18. I have another one I can send to you if you want. I got 2 when I ordered. And no I haven't gotten a picture yet but I will do it this week so I can send the stuff as soon as the glasses come. 

Jackson:  Alright cool I'll charge him 20 ;) Love you mommy and that is because you are blind... But hey what is the difference between Taylor and I when Taylor was on his mission?

Mom:  Do you want me to send the other journal?  Anything else you need me to send?

Jackson:  Ya send it and candy is good. Oh send a USB full of church music like children's songs and hymns please and nearer my god to thee by BYU vocal point.

Mom:  ok-- I will see what I can find.  Dad got you a new SD card for your camera too, so send the full one home.   You are probably getting close to out of time.  Have a great week! Love you!

Jackson:  Love you!!!! Feliz Semana


Well, Hello.  This week we had a few things happen.  Not too much this week but, We'll talk about it.  This week we had a multi-zone on Tues. We got instructed that companion exchanges with the district leader were going to be different. That the zone leaders with the assistants-- the zone leaders are going to go to the assistants area to see their example area and the district leaders are going to go to the zone leaders area to see the example area and then everybody is going to go to the district leaders area to see the example area.  But you're not gonna do an exchange, Everybody works in the area of the district leader or the area of the zone leader or the area of the assistants. Everybody.  But you're just with one of them normal.  ?? (Didn't really make sense to me)
It was Alejandro's birthday this week. So we threw a party kind of. The biggest party we could throw. So we ate a cake, we went out to eat.  We worked, we bought some stuff.  I bought a thing like a top.  You put a string around it and you throw it and pull back the string, but I'm not very good at it.  I've done it like 3 times out of 200 tries.  But, I'm gonna keep trying, it's pretty cool.  I got my name burnt on to it.  I also bought a turtle for my pencils.  They put my name on it. It looks pretty sweet.   
We also did interchanges with the zone leaders. It was alright, it was ok.  I was with the Zone leader that I like so it wasn't too bad.   We had fun that day.  
What else did we do this week?  We are going to baptize 3 people this week.  Well, one for sure, pretty sure 2 and maybe 3.   We didn't work a lot with Alejandro this week because we were gone, he worked with the other missionaries,  I don't know what really happened,but we didn't work with him very much this week and I was pretty sad.  It was kind of weird too.  My companion kind of pissed him off too.
We Play UNO all the time because I bought this UNO deck.  and we watched a Movie, Inside out because we can watch it in the mission.  It was pretty cool.  I never saw it and I liked it. it was pretty good.  That's about all we did.
  That was my week I guess.  We had some fun, we had some hard times, som e rough times  when we couldn't find anything to do, but we always pulled out.  We have been teaching some great people here.  We're going to baptize one of them in Feb. Alva L?  We are going to baptize Sabrina , Elmer and Melena.  Melena doesn't like to talk to us, I don't know what the deal is.  She's always like with her boyfriend or something, she's always doing something that she can't talk to us.  Elmer is going to pass with flying colors.  He goes to church by himself, we don't even have to bring him anymore because he's got so many friends there.    We've got Sabrina, she struggles with coffee, we just hope she's not going to drink coffee for the rest of this week, and if she doesn't we're going to baptize her, it's going to be awesome.  That's our people we're teaching.  We're working a couple more people, they came to church this week, but they aren't progressing a ton because they drink coffee a ton, but you know it's alright.
That was my week.  Love You Guys!! Have a great week!

Monday, February 6, 2017

January 9, 2017

We are almost officially through the first half of the first month of January. Already!!
The snow and rain weather here is insane. The kids have another snow day today. They are a little premature in calling a snow day I think. They should delay it a couple hours and in the morning if it's as bad as they think then call it off. But seriously. They could have gone to school both days with no problems. It's ridiculous. People are such whiny babies. They just have to make the days up now. And they're all going to be whining super bad when they take away their spring break or make them go to school after Memorial Day this year.
I guess it is what it is. No one is back on any kind of schedule yet. They all still think they're on Christmas vacation. It sucks. All of it. Bring on summer!!
That's pretty much what we dealt with all week here. Crappy weather. Trucks behind because of closed roads. No one is back on their normal schedule yet. I'm exhausted😩.
Carson did normal wrestling practice schedule and wrestled at Bear River on Sat. He wrestled pretty good but he needs to work on his arm strength or he is. Not going to be ready for next year.
We helped with the Richardson on Fri and Sat. Not as much as normal but we spent most of the day Sat. With Carson and came during the last of the consolation rounds just after the JV got finished. I helped finish up the championship posters and watched the finals. It was nice to not be completely stressed out about what needed cleaned up and whatever to be able to go home. Then when it was over. We took the signs down and went home. We got home around 7 instead of 10 or 11. It was nice. But next year we will be back to helping the whole time. It's all good.
That was pretty much the week. I haven't even got the Christmas stuff out away yet but I guess as long as it's done by Valentine's Day I'm good right? πŸ˜‚.
It was fast Sunday yesterday and I picked the songs to go along with that and it was a pretty good meeting. We sang 'I know that my redeemer lives' 'I stand all amazed' and ' I believe in Christ'. All of them explain my testimony and also what I want my testimony to be all the time.
So how was your week?  How's the new companion?  Are things settled back down after the holidays?  Are you working hard again?  Is this new area easier to find people to teach? More people, bigger city?
Hopefully things are going well. It sounds like your Spanish is taking over your English so that's a good thing. Keep it up.
Love you

So this week was excellent. We found a bunch of new people and we taught them and they are getting ready to be baptized. Wow! 6 people in like 3 weeks. We are killing it. This area is defiantly better than my other. There are members who like to help and the people here are so much nicer. Like in the other area they would say that they are Catholics and slam the door in our face, if they had one... But here they let us teach a lesson and then they are like hey we aren't here very often so I don't think that you can come by but come by and if we are here you can teach us. I can teach with the spirit so now  I am happy like all the time and we are just killing it in the week. We have fun all the time. Oh this week we had comp exchanges and I was with the brand new gringo. He cant speak a lick of Spanish and he didn't understand anything of what we were teaching when he was with me. So if they ever call me to train I sure hope it is a Latino. You are teaching alone with the gringo. But hey if that is what I need to do that's what I'll do. So I was studying this week and I kept reading and they walked uprightly before God and kept his commandments and prospered. So really when we keep the commandments we are blessed spiritually and physically because they prospered in the land right? They received wealth and all sorts of cool stuff. Anyways I know if we follow the commandments with exactness we will be blessed. Well that's it for this week!! I love you mommy!!!

Mom:  I am so glad you are doing well.  It's great to see and hear the change in you in the last few weeks.  I told you that testimony meeting was good yesterday.  I bore my testimony of the power of prayer and that Heavenly Father does answer our prayers.  That he answered my prayers for you.  I knew that you were struggling with your companion, but didn't know what to do for you other than pray.  I always prayed for Taylor too, but I didn't worry about him the same as I worry about you.
Jackson:  What makes you say that?

Mom:  Just different.  I just prayed that you would be able to be happy and doing the work you were sent out and that you would be able to get along with your companion and have the spirit with you always.

Jackson:  Hey I have the address of Alejandro. To send the glasses and then give send him the tracking code to go pick it up.

Mom:  If he has an email address- I can send him the tracking # when I send them.  I don't have them yet. 

Jackson:  Alejandro and I don't know how to spell his last name. But I don't have his email. Just send it in a message of Facebook and also he wants a poster of the Brigham Temple to put in his house. Can you send it with the glasses. One more thing, When you talk to him on Facebook can you try your best to talk in Spanish. Like copy and paste google translate...

Mom: I will have Taylor help me.  So yes we can do that.  Dad said instead of Spanish he'll try out his Norwegian on him.  He probably won't be able to tell the difference between the 2 languages if he doesn't speak English right? ;)

Jackson:  Ha hah funny. This guy is my best friend...

Mom;  I just checked on the glasses.  They haven't shipped yet, but I anticipate this week sometime. 

Jackson:  Man I need them suckers

Mom: I'm guessing you are about out of time.  So I was reading an email that I got from  and thought it was a great goal for the year. 
As you think about personal goals this new year, set your sights on the two great commandments—to love God and to love one another. When you focus first on love, all other good things will fall into place
It's true that when we do the things that we have been asked and obey the commandments everything else falls into place.  It doesn't mean we won't have any problems or trials, but the important things will be taken care of, like our family, our happiness in the place we are in and just experiencing joy before, during and after our trials, whatever they may be. 
Love you.  Have another AWESOME week.  Remember we love you and think about you all the time.

My Twin 
Mom:  is that a real crab?
Jackson:  Hahah no but in Spanish lobster is langosta so people make fun of me and say it is my twin.

Me and Elder DeLosSantos from The Dominican Republic

 Amazing Selfies with a regular camera
 Me and Alejandro (best friend in the mission)

Voice Recording:
Hello- here we are with week #3 with the "worthless Domincan Companion"  (both of them laughing as he's talking)  Elder De Los Santos.  He's laughing at me right now!!
This week we did a few different things.  Started to run in the mornings.  We had interchanges 2 times. 1st time with elder Balls brand new in the mission.  Spanish can't speak it at all,but you know, now I know how people felt about me when I was in the lessons, just looking good.  The next time was with Elder Rutia, we worked pretty hard and put another baptismal date on the board don't know if he'll be any good, but he looked pretty good in the first lesson.  Elder Balls was pretty fun to have with, he didn't understand what I was talking about with Alejandro- not my fault.  Me and Chafo are really bad--something happened and it was  Sabrina drank coffee again.  She goes like 5 days and doesn't drink it and then on the 6th day, then goes 7 days drinks it on the 8th day -- it sucks really bad because we really want to baptize her but  she is going to stop drinking coffee for the rest of her life now so its alright.    We got it.  Wow, I'm tired-- (Huge yawn) I'm tired of this Dominican  (laughing again) -- in the back ground his comp yells in broken English-- You Love Me dude!!!-- Yeah it's true.  I Love Him.  This week- Alejandro got mad at us because we were sad.  Don't know why he said that, but it's a lie.  We have some people ready to be baptized.  We just have to teach them a few more things. That's it for today