Monday, July 9, 2018

June 25, 2018 The Last Testament of Jackson Lancaster

Well this was my last week in the mission field so I wrote for every day that went by. Because you can't forget your last week in the field. 

Monday. So we had PDay. We were supposed to go to San Vicente and play marshmallow war with the zone but my comp woke up and his stomach hurt really bad so we stayed in Ilobasco. To get rid of my comps stomach problem I gave him some pepto and a sprite. Haha in like 30 minutes. What it is tho. We played soccer and wrote. That is all we did during the PDay. We finished PDay looking for new investigators because the noche de hogar fell throw. We didn't find anyone. So we went to eat dinner in a pupuseria that is really good. The make pupusas with chicken and they are the best pupusas with chicken that I have ever had. We came back to the house and slept. 

Tuesday. We woke up and studied and then we went out to work. We worked hard and found 5 new investigator which was awesome!!! Then we went to the Welcome party of a missionary that the ward was having. He got back that same day from Mexico. He seems like  a good guy because the other one who got back from the states is a complete clown. Like he falls so bad with me. But then a member invited us to go drink some corn coffee. It isn't that good. It is burnt corn grounded up and made into a drink. But we weren't going to say no right? So we went and had a good time with them. Taught a lesson there too. To help them out a little bit. So that was Tuesday.

Wednesday. So today we had our district  meeting. My last district meeting that I was going to give and have in the mission. I talked about our studies and how and why we put fechas bautismales. It was great we played a game and had fun. We also learned a lot. The zone leaders and the APs showed up too... I was like uh... But whatever I did good. So like the last scripture that I shared was in Moroni 10, the 34th verse. Read it and I'll think you'll get a laugh out of it. But then we went and ate tortas. They are just a type of sandwich and the way that they prepare it. By  accident we saw the Spain Iran game... Spain won 1 to 0... Uh.. Hahaha Afterwards we started looking for new people to teach and we didn't find anyone that wanted to let us in. But The young men invited us to an activity so we went and found 3 new investigators there. It was fun. The activity was like a sports thing. All they did was play soccer and a little bit of basketball but not much. Soccer is way better than basketball. Then we had a Noche de Hogar with familia Pocasangre. They were wild today... The two sisters were fighting worse than Carson and I. Oh... Hahaha but overall it was a good lesson and I hope they learned at least a little bit. So that was my day.

Thursday. We started with some really good studies, then we went out to work. We were waiting for Sensunte to do interchanges but they were in San Salvador. They were messing around there after their meeting that they had so they didn't get here until 4 o'clock. So I went to Sensunte and visited my tia Cecilia and my tio Mario. After that I went to talk to my mami Isidora. They were all like if you don't write me back in Facebook, I will block you. Hahaha so Iguess I will have to use Facebook... We tried to visit Rafa but he wasn't home so he told us tomorrow. So yep that was my day!

June 18, 2018

Well this week was good and bad. We worked hard but we had bad numbers to be honest... Wow I was like wow this week was awesome my comp said the same and then we looked at the numbers.... Hahaha ya so like I don't feel bad because we busted our backs for our investigators this week. They just didn't progress. But the members helped us out a ton too. So like I ain't really sure but we talked to Margarito and they couldn't go to church this week... They didn't read either. But we read the Book of Mormon with them and they loved it. They said that they are going to read it now. We didn't have to convince them if the Book of Mormon was true because they believe so. Just we need them to go to church and have the desire to be baptized and we get them in the water... It'll be sad because I won't be able to see it.... Well last week here I come!!!!! Crazy right??? I love you guys!!!

June 11, 2018

Well this week was alright. I guess we worked hard. We didn't have much success with the investigators but with the members we had a great time! They helped us out and it was just awesome. We visited a ton with them. It was just fun. We taught Margarito and his wife with a member. It was the restoration and the Book of Mormon. Wow what a spiritual lesson. They want to learn more and they want to go to church so that they can get to know the church and the doctrine more. But I really don't know what more to say... I had a happy week! Oh we had an activity about the Book of Mormon and I was with a new kid contacting and he did nothing... I was furious.. Like bro I'm going home this activity is for you!!! But whatever right. And I  had the best interview with an investigator. WOW I taught him in Sensunte. He got baptized this week and I really wanted to go but I couldn't.... But I had a great week. Yep so that's it love you!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

June 4, 2018

Hey!!! This week was just full of greatness. So I could actually walk this week and that was just awesome. Like you don't understand ow much you love a toe until it is always throbbing and you can't do anything... But we got out to work and did the best that we could do to try and baptize this month. We found a couple around their 45's. They were just great!!! They let us in talked with us and said maybe to going to church. Said no to baptism.. I left the house a little bit disappointed in that I thought they were just going to say yes and we were going to have a baptism and everything but no... Then Saturday comes around and we are just lost... Everything fell through... We were conntacting and no one received us... Somehow we found our way by their house. We said that we weren't going to go in we were just going to invite them to come to church. We knocked they saw us and ran to open the door and before wew could say anything they were telling us to come in with giant smiles on their faces! We talk the Sabbath day and invited them to church. They said it was possible that they would show up but normally when someone tells you htat it means no... We get to church on Sunday and the meeting starts. No one there... Sad and heart broken we are about to sing the opening hymn and they show up. Margarito (man) and Blancasina (woman) Wow so happy!!! It was a great testimony meeting. I hope they felt the spirit and if they did I think we will be able to baptize them this month. Welll we also had interviews with President! My last one... Uh... ANd my last fast and testimony meeting in the mission and couple lasts right.... But its all okay. SIster Duran talked about not asking Why. We don't need to ask why for many things. Like why do we have this rule. Why is there is commandment why did God let this happen to me? A lot of reasonable questions but she said that dumb question ruins our faith. We ask why and why when we should just obey. Nephi didn't ask why he had to go back and get the plates or Ismael's family. Abraham didn't ask why he had to sacrifice his only son. They just did it because the Lord said so and we should be that way too. Well That was my week. Love you!!!!

May 28, 2018

Well if you want me to be honest this week was terrible. We were stuck in the house all week. I wanted to hang myself.... I got my toenail taken out and he told me not to walk for 5 to 7 days. I started walking at day 2 and I think that messed me up more... Now I'm suffering the consequences for being dumb. But I have learned a lot this week from the scriptures and books that we have. So like study and you will find a lot of cool things out. Like did you know that the bible says be careful with dogs? The Book of Mormon talks about elephants and horses! What the heck!!! Hahahaha so like yep that was my week. Do nothing.... Wow it sucks.... But Love you guys!!! Have a great week

Friday, May 25, 2018

May 21, 2018

Lots of Pictures

Well I would have to say we had a great week!!! Wow I was very content with the week that I had. It was a great week to be a missionary in Ilobasco. So like the week was kinda slow because I had to take days of rest for my toe. We were only able to do Noches de hogar... But then Thrusday rolls around and I have to do interviews for an area. But it was a fiasco. In the morning I had a leaders meeting in San Vicente. But the zone leaders wanted sone clothes for a baptism. But the thing was is that I didn't have the clothes. Sensunte had the clothes. So we had to do interchanges with Sensunte and early in the morning start and the next day end them. So we went to the meeting and I was a little disappointed. The whole time they just talked about numbers. Wow I don't konw why all they care about are freaking numbers... But we work hard so I'm not worried about numbers. Then we get back from San Vicente and have to go to Cojute to do interviews. So I go and they show up late... Wow I was pissed.. They always show up late.. I go do one interview and he passed all but one thing. Coffee. So he has to wait. I have to go verify that he isn't drinking or hasn't drank coffee this week and he can be baptized. Then I did an interview of a teenager. He says he isn't sure about the Joe Smith thing so I told him to pray and ask the Lord about it. So we'll see what happens there. We get back to Ilobasco finally but it is 7:45 so we went and ate. Wow the whole day traveling and not working in the area... Friday we had a baptism. Well it wasn't my baptism it's just that the Sister had asked me to perform the baptism. So that was a neat experience. I had only talked to her that day when she asked me to do the ordiance. So when we got back from the baptism we were set and working really hard because during the week we couldn't do anything. So we went to town. Found 3 new investigators in one house. It is a familia. They were very nice and want to go to church. We're going to see if they were really positive or just a lie. We were then working and no one seemed to be opening the door to us. We just kept looking. I found an open door and it was my comps turn. He knocked and a pretty buff guy walks out he looked like he was about 27 and he is tatted up and had a mean looking beard. So I was a little worried for my comp. He kinda froze up too... Haha but wow what a nice guy. Like incredible!!!! He said come on in. What....? He started to tell us his story. We was a race car driver. He lived in Illinos and the sister missionaries visited him and he like it. We gave a lesson and he loved it. He told us that he loved how we taught and how we don't walk around talking bad about other religions and that kind of sort. We only teach what we know and feel. Wow he is awesome. His name is Andres. Saturday we were in an activity and found 5 news that way. Then Sunday 2 girls showed up to church and they want to be baptized. Wow what a miracle. And today I got operated on. Just on my toenail... Hahaha he cut both sides of the  nail and ripped a  bunch out. But I didn't feel a thing. Ha hard core drugs. So just a great week. I love you guys. Have a greek week!!!

Mother's Day May 14, 2018

We had a great time talking with Jackson on Mother's day.  Its hard to believe 2 years is almost over.  He is doing well and still working hard, but I think he is ready to come home too.  

Hey guys!!! What up? Well this week was a little bit rough but we made it through. It was the last week of the changes. So like that is always one of the best weeks or one of the hardest. I would have to say that it is one of the hardest of this change. But this week we had a couple of family home evenings that were awesome! Like we try to get the members to invite people but they don't like to very often, but we have some pretty spiritual lessons with them and we have fun with playing a few games. I had to do unplanned interchanges with one area because they needed a baptismal interview done. I show up and the person never showed up for the interview, in 2 days... I waited for 2 days.... Anyways, I did one interview there at least and it was with a lady called Flor del Carmen. Really nice lady, loves the gospel, and is ready to be baptized. I asked her who she would like to baptize her. She asked who could. I explained to her the possibilities, the missionaries, bishop, ward members, and so on. She asks can you baptize me? Uh... Well like it is better that someone here baptizes you because they are closer and all that jazz, but she was like no I want you to do it. So I was like alright. I'll do it. I just got to know her and she wants me to do well weird but cool. I was a little frustrated this week with my investigators. I wasn't able to talk to them because I was gone 2 days, but no one came to church. I was very upset. I thought like 6 were going to come. Nope zip. Frustrating. So like I don't know if you guys watched the viral video with the missionaries in Guatemala getting attacked by a evangelico. It is pretty sad that he attacks the Doctrine of Christ and says we are in the wrong when in the same bible that he uses it says there are no exception of people for God. I don't know I would have lost my mind. I am proud of the Gringo who took everything very well and tried to control the conversation the best he could. But the kid from Guate was dumb. He shouldn't have talked to be honest. But anyways, My week was awesome because I talked to my mommy Sharon!!! I hope everyone had a great Mother's day! Well like I just had my monthly birthday... 22 months old...  Last change here I come... Love you guys!!!!