Thursday, March 15, 2018

March 12, 2018

Well another week down and in the books. Hard to say that the time just flies by... I have no idea how it does but man it just doesn't stop ticking. So this week had its ups and downs. The downs were only 5 out of 7 days of work... And Saturday there was an activity in the church so really only 4 days of hard work. It really messed up our week... It started on Wensday when we had to go to another área to work. We were in the capitol working. I had the chance to work with Elder Roundy in his área. It was nice to see him again but sad at the same time. There has been Little to zero progression in his spanish. He has almost 8 months in the misión.. I am getting worried for him... He is really lost all the time... But Thursday we went to the capitol to listen to 2 70's. One was the 1st counseler in the área presidency, Elder Zeballos, and the other was Elder Gong. One of the Presidents of the quorum of the 70. All the talks were mainly centered on the spirit. It was an awesome experience to listen to their talks and inspiration that they had recieved for us. Haha a funny part was that there were only 2 missions there. The West and the East. The West showed up late hardly anyone was in a suit, and almost all of us were in suits. It is just kinda disappointing that those missionaries were not as well behaved as our misión. But what ever. I shouldn't judge but it's hard not to. Anyways, we had a very good lesson with the mom of familia Lopez. She told us that her companion doesn't want to recieve us anymore and all sorts of stuff. She decided to leave him. Now she has been looking for a job to move out with her kids. We talked to her about  trials and it was a very spiritual lesson. She really has so much faith. it is incredible. We are struggling with finding people to go to church. Well new people. We always have like the same 5 come but it's time for new people so we can keep baptizing. We found some families that are really good. We will just have to keep working with them. So ya that wass my week! Love you!

Monday, March 5, 2018

March 5, 2018

Well this week was a good and bad. We just worked hard I would have to say. I don't really have much to say, just that we had interchanges with the zone leaders. I worked with Giron. It was super fun to work with him again. I love the guy. I am sad that I was only with him for one change. But we found some pretty awesome people in the interchange. We found 11 investigators just in one day. It  was pretty fun. The elections for mayor were on sunday so we only had 27 people in church... Ridiculous. Then only one investigator. Rough week but this week we will work harder to get more success. Love you 

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Feb. 26, 2018

Well another week gone by. Another change has started and we stayed together!!! Elder Mateo and I will be rockin and rollin until at least April! Dope right? So this week was really slow. We found a couple pretty cool people, but it was just an alright week. We didn't have a single progressing investigator... I mean we tired. A lot read and all but they don't come to church so they can't progress. Because they need to do something new to progress. Anyways, this week we had people actually invite us  over for lunch! Wow it was cool! And a ton of people gave us dinner too. Hahaha I know sounds kinda dumb but it was nice. Last Monday we went to the beach. I think that was the coolest thing that we did this week, to be honest. I might have sent pics but I'm not sure. But yep there you go my week. Love you.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Feb. 19, 2018

Well you could say that it was a good week buy the look of the numbers. However, I didn't like this week to be honest. Well like what happened was Tuesday just normal work day. Wendesday is when the problem came. So we had an area attack. That is where the whole district comes to your area and works to help you out. So everyone came here. Then we went and split up worked hard. The plan was work hard until night time. Have a Noche de Hogar with Familia Lopez so that we could see if they were going to be baptized. And it was one of the daughter's birthdays right? So we show up with a cake and sing and just having a great time. Then the mom's companion comes in. Real pissed off he starts swearing up a storm at us and tells us to get out and never come back... The daughters were in shock and the mom was crying... He said he was gonna throw away the cake and I about lost my cool in the house... I did say a few bad words in english... But we were about to baptize them and now this happens... I left heartbroken and destroyed... We finished the day off eating pupusas. But we also all slept in my house and we threw all the matresses on the floor and had a wrestling UFC match without punches and kicks. I destroyed everyone. Hahaha The first kid a Dominican thought he was hot stuff so I ankle picked him and threw him in an arm bar and he was crying for mercy. Hahaha that was my favorite match. The first one and the shortest one. So Thrusday came around and we had a rough day. We were heartbroken for what had happened and we just couldn't find anyone. Then we went to give english classes and Familia Lopez was waiting for us and we are always there early!!! Wow I was really happen to see them. They felt bad for what happened and they just said that they were going to come to church and even were going to come to the baptism we had on Saturday. So Saturday rolls around. We are filling up this worthless piece of crap you have to put together baptismal font that someone lost the plastic so there is a freaking tarp that you put in it... Like ya really bad... Water was going out everywhere. We baptized Victor but Familia Lopez didn't come. They weren't even home to answer the phone or anything. So Sunday comes by real fast and they show up, Familia Lopez, and tell us that they couldn't make it to the baptism because they were taking the mom's companion out of jail... The neighbors called the cops when they heard him yelling at us but he kept going even after we left... So ya they didn't get baptized... And I had to translate a conference that was Area wide. Like all the central american countries heard it today. There were 2 talks that weren't translated so they made me get up to translate them. The first one I butchered the heck out of it, but the 2nd one I did pretty dang good. Everyone said I did good. So I either did good or they were brown nosing pretty hard on me. But there are changes this week. So we will see what happens. I would love to stay with Elder Mateo one more change. But if not it is okay. Well that was my week. Love you!!!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Feb. 12, 2018 Happy Valentine's Day

A picture of a door 

Hey!!! So this week we had fun again! But we didn't get the 2 baptisms that we wanted... However, on the bright side we are going to baptize a kid this week. He is a little crazy. But we are going to baptize him. We have a chance to baptize the familia Lopez this week too. That would be a miracle that we really are waiting for. Anyways, we keep finding baptisms with less active members, it is awesome. We found 2 more this week. A miracle this week that we had is that Humberto, the son of the recent convert, quit his job and is going to work for another member hahaha. He is going to learn how to weld and he is going to weld with the Branch President. Awesome right? We totally set that up. English classes were pretty fun this week. We got a less active who is super cool to come. He wants to go on a mission, but he is going to finish in the university. Good thing he is finishing this year! He is a super good guy. He even invited us over and gave us dinner one night. So when we thought that we were doing good with the attendance in the branch with 2 weeks above 50 I figured that we were going to have 60 this week.... I was wrong. We had 35... UH.. The lowest attendance that I have had in my entire mission. But that means there is a lot of work to do this week!!! Haha just a shout out to the sis-in-law with the birthday that went past and also shout out to mommy because in 3 years you are half a century old hahaha happy birthday mommy yesterday! I love you!!! Well have a great week!
Sorry the pics wont load.... Next week

Side note from Mom-- Really-- What a jackwang!!  Apparently we didn't teach Jackson any manners about talking about a woman's age ???? What the Heck!!??

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Feb. 5, 2018

Well here we are again with another P-day. This week was another good week!!! I would have to say that we are just killing it in the supposedly bad area. Well better put the WORST area in the mission. Like ya. Hahaha I feel like we are making it one of the best areas in the mission. This week we were able to invite Johana to be baptized in interchanges and she accepted. Also we did interviews with Familia Lopez and it went well. It is just that they don't feel all that ready so they are going to do the interviews again this week to see if they are going to be baptized. I sure do hope that they will make the choice to be baptized... So we also had interviews this week. Hahaha mine was great!!! We started talking about witches and wizards and demons. Hahaha he told me he was going to send me a letter with a ton of info about all this to read and to give to the branch president. Then he was super happy because we are working the way that he asked and we are doing the plan that he told us and it is bringing success. He was happy for us. And happy with our work. So that was nice. We didn't have 8 investigators in church but we aren't always on top of the world right? So this week was just a blast to be honest. Oh and there were emergency changes again. So the new zone leader in Elder Giron!!!! Hahaha the two of them were my comps! Super cool. Love the heck out of them. Well ya that was my week... Not much to say just working hard to bring souls unto Christ. Love you!!!

January 29, 2018

Soo what up guys!!!!! Another week gone by and another set of stories to go along with it. So like Monday was gay as AIDS we like never do anything. Then Tuesday rolled around and we were supposed to have a Branch Family Home Evening and only like 8 people were there.. It is honestly embarrassing. Then the members told us that we should say this and plan that. So yes frustrating. Then Weds. we had district meeting and it was lame. Also this week I was sooooo SICK!!! I couldn't talk half the week.. It was so difficult to find new investigators and to even teach. However, we did put a few baptismal dates this week. Anyways we get to Thursday bought medicine and just tried to work but struggled. We tried to have English classes but no one showed up and it is frustrating that no one comes when we try so hard. Also the crazy part of Thursday was that we showed up to an investigator that we have a baptismal date with. She is like 22 and she showed up to the door in a towel and we were like uhhhh... She was come on in my boyfriend is here. We were like uh and he couldn't answer the door??? And then she just stood there talking to us in a towel for like 5 minutes and my comp said hey go change and she was like oh ya hahahha.... She said she was moving and so we lost her... Crap... Then Friday came and we were a little bit better and I don't remember anything but we made pupusas with a member so that was pretty cool. Then Saturday, Saturday and Sunday were amazing but Saturday we went out early to commit everyone and their dogs to go to church. We started with Fam. Lopez. They were talking to us and we asked them some pre-interview questions. And some other questions. One of them was what is the Priesthood and they didn't know. So we explained to them and we told them that we had the Priesthood and then we explained that you have to have the Priesthood to baptize. And the mom asked if we could baptize. We were like Ya we sure can! Then she said to her daughter he is going to baptize you and he is going to baptize you. They just smiled and we were like what just happened did they just say that they wanted to be baptized??? So we set up the baptismal interview for this Tuesday. We will see how it goes. Then we visited a ton of other people and committed them to go to church. We got Victor committed and Johana. Sunday rolled around and we got 8 investigators in church!!!! A new record here!!!! It was so cool!!!! We are so happy like no one has any idea! We also had 11 less actives in church it was great!!! Wow we had a great Sunday. But ya that was pretty much my week! Hope you guys had a good week too! Love you!!!