Thursday, May 3, 2018

April 30, 2018 Only 8 weeks left.

Well this week was just a normal week until  the last couple days. So like we found A bunch of really cool people this week wow like they are escogidos! Well they seemed like it, because they didn't come to church but they are super positive. One got out of jail the day before and they say its a sign that he needs to get closer to God. And another one was in a house of a friend and she told her friend that she was going to listen to us but her friend didn't. Now for the crazy part of the week. So we had a baptism. His name is Ivan. He is 12 years old. We get to the church to fill up the baptismal font and there isn't water (this is a frequent problem in this country). Well we start looking for solutions. One there was a tank full of water at the church, this tank is supposed to go into the church and fill the sinks bathrooms and everything. But it wasn't working. I pulled out a hose to try and siphon the water it wasn't working. Ivan's family gets to the church and the Bishop comes to help us. We decided to grab buckets and fill the pila. Wow all of us were already baptized!!! We were so wet. But whatever right? So in the baptismal service we sang hymns and everything and Ivan's mom was tearing up, then we sang Nearer My God to Thee and the water gates couldn't hold up. She let loose. But wow what a spirit in the room. And soo Sunday rolls around and the whole city didn't have electricity so we only had sacrament meeting this week.  Well like that was my week!!!! Hope yours was great! Love you!!!! 

I cant send pics because the computer wont read my card next week

April 23, 2018

Well this week was a fun week I would have to say. We worked hard found some good people and had a blast. So we had interchanges with the zone leaders and Elder Pilling came to  do the baptismal interview for a kid that we are going to baptize next week. His name is Ivan. He is 12. Wow great kid. We went to his house one day this week and he comes in and just asks hey can we read to Book of Mormon??? We were like of course!!! We also found 3 new investigators that came to church this week. They are good friends with recent converts. The only bad thing is that they are children. At least one of the 3 is 14... Hahaha but they like the church and I think that we will be able to baptize them this month that is coming. We also got caught in the rain... My shoe fell apart so I fell down and I ripped a little hole in my pants... I was pretty sad about that... But whatever! We put garbage sacks so our backpacks wouldn't get so wet and we cut out holes of one of the bags so one of the elders could see haha. It reminded me of the great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. Well that was my week love you!!!

Monday, April 16, 2018

April 16, 2018

Well this was a fine week of work for us. It was tough but we pushed through it and never stopped working. We had interviews with President this week and he taught me so many things which I am so grateful for. Wow. I love that man. He is just amazing and is always there it help. It was weird because in my interview he talked more about Sensunte then my new area. He even told me he left me close so I could keep an eye on it. I was like okay? But that’s cool that he has done the changes to help me grow and to help missionaries and areas grow too. I did interchanges with Elder Mateo this week too. It was fun to go back to Sensunte and work with him for a day too. I also got sick this week. That was a bummer… I had to work close to the house so I could run and go to the bathroom, because my stomach hurt like crazy. All Friday Saturday and Sunday it was hurting. Well like that’s really all that happened this week. I don’t have much to say but yep… That was my week! Love you!!!

Monday, April 9, 2018

April 9, 2018

Well changes this week right. I called around to see where I was going to go. A couple people thought that I was going to go to Usulutan or San Miguel. I was like alright sweet! Then I get the call on Tuesday night. Hey you are going to be District leader in Ilobasco. What???? I'm only going to move over one area?? So I am in the same district just a different area. I have my 5th area and 12th companion. My companion is from Guatemala and his name is Elder Herrera. He just finished his training. He is a good kid and wants to learn so this should be a good change. No one told him on the day of changes that I was his comp. So I got off the bus and he thought he was going to get on another bus but then I told him we were comps and he was like are you serious??? Wow!!! He was really excited because we are already friends and have worked together. So this week was to get to know the area a little bit and also I did a baptismal interview for a girl that was 8 years old, but this girl knows more about the gospel than a ton of adults. I was proud to get to know Esmeralda (the girl). So church this week was different seeing more than 45 people there. It is a ward here so that is nice. But wow I was pretty frustrated with the young men who are passing the sacrament phones out playing some game... Wow I hope we weren't glued to our phones like they were... But they are passing the sacrament the thing to renew conevants to repent and they don't take it even a little bit seriously.... The members here are nice. But there is like a barrier here. They won't pass being the members and us being the missionaries. We need them to know that we really are just their friends and want to help them out. So we are going to change this and we are going to baptize. We have a couple fechas lined up they just need a few more things. But they should be baptized this month. Well love you guys! Have a great week!
Pics from Sensunte

Voice Recording
Well, another week went by, we're in Ilobasco now, we're not in Sensunte.  Had some changes, I'm with my 12th companion, 7th Quatemalteco, his name is Elder Herrera.  He's brand new to the mission, well not brand new, he's already go 2 changes, so he's just finished training.  A lot to learn, but we'll help him out. 
Ilobasco is a little different than Sensunte, like the Members don't have as much as a friendship with us as Sensunte did.  I don't know, like Sensunte loved the missionaries and were down to do whatever for the missionaries, but here it's like yeah, you guys are the missionaries- yep, that's it.  Like they don't  care.  They might give us a little bit of food, but they give it to us, not because they really want to.  But, we'll just see how it goes.  It should be fun, It should be great.  I know I'll have at least 5 more weeks here.  I hope I can finish out my mission here so I don't have to move again.  
I don't really know what to say, I haven't done this for a while, but I figured I needed to do it.  
UM- not much to say.  Ilobasco is like the biggest place to buy souveniers, so if I stay here, I can come home with a lot that aren't so expensive.  
Yep, well, I don't know.. . .
Oh, yeah I got a call from the Secretaries and they go. Hey how are you?  -- Good-- Hey what airport are you going to go to? --  uh, uh --  Salt Lake Right? -- Yeah, yeah, I think so. -- Alright Thanks.  and then hung up on me.  What the freak man, I've got time still.  Why are you asking me this??  But, Whatever right.?  
Well, I'm tired, I'm always tired.  Why??
Well, I guess I'll talk to you guys next week, see ya!

Return Itinerary!!

Good afternoon,

Below is the itinerary for Elder Lancaster.
The itinerary shows more than one name, because there is a large group of missionaries returning home to the same airport.

Please revise the information for the listed on the itinerary for incorrections such as the spelling of the name or the location of the airport.

After reviewing the email, please confirm that you have reviewed this email.

Thank you,

Elder Balls
Secretario de Migracion/Registros
Mision El Salvador, San Salvador Este
La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Días

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50 East North Temple St


Jackson B LancasterFax

Agent initialEM

Wednesday 27 June 2018
Delta Air Lines
27 June 08:15 AM
San Salvador, (El Salvador Intl) (+)
27 June 12:50 PM
Los Angeles, (Los Angeles Intl) (+)
Terminal: 2
Duration05:35 (Non stop)
Distance2,319 Miles
Booking statusConfirmed
ClassEconomy (V)
Baggage allowance
Flight mealBreakfast
Wednesday 27 June 2018
Delta Air Lines
27 June 08:25 PM
Los Angeles, (Los Angeles Intl) (+)
Terminal: 3
27 June 11:15 PM
Salt Lake City, (Salt Lake City Intl) (+)
Terminal: 2 - Terminal Unit 2
Duration01:50 (Non stop)
Distance589 Miles
Booking statusConfirmed
ClassEconomy (V)
Baggage allowance
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Semana Santa April 2, 2018

Well this was Semana Santa or Holy Week. It was a disaster... Well it was just chaos for missionary work. Because it is vacation week for everyone. Everyone leaves and has their doors closed. No one wants to let you in and everyone turns catholic. Like it's not a joke. So we found a really good guy this week. His name is Josue. Wow what a blessing to find him. He says he's been interested for sometime in talking with us but he has never done it. Now he had the chance!!! We got to see the Alfombras or carpets. They are the biggest ones in the country. They are 4 blocks or 250 something meters long. They were cool. They even had a Donald Trump one but his face was well distorted to show that they think he is ugly. Hahaha. But on Friday as well as seeing the Alfombras there was a ENORMOUS Catholic procession. That was 3 BLOCKS LONG!!! What they do is they stop and pray at spots and share a story of the crucifixion of the Savior. I'm not completely sure. But they carry a giant statue of Jesus bleeding and carrying the cross. It bugs me. He isn't carrying the cross He is alive now like don't you get it??? But Like everyone in town was there.... They yelled at us for passing through and almost threw rocks at us... Hahaha we did walk against the current. But the best part was is that we saw members and they asked what we were doing? We responded with the better question is what are you doing?? Ya they wonder why the church doesn't grow. Anyways we did get to watch General Conference. But in spanish... Last GC but in spanish. It was great but it just isn't the same listening to translaters when you know how the voice is of the apostles and everyone. You don't get the same effection. But wow! High Priest groupp doesn't exsist anymore! And Home and Visiting teaching is a new level! Wow President Nelson is just full of revelation. He truly is a Prophet of God. The Holy Spirit confirmed that Saturday night in my evening prayers. When I was really wondering if he was a Prophet with the changes and what not. I remembered what the Book of Mormon says in the introduction. "Those who gain this divine witness from the Holy Spirit will also come to know by the same power that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world, that Joseph Smith is his revelator and prophet in these last days, and that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter'day Saints is the Lord's Kingdom once again established on the earth, preparatory to the second coming of the Messiah." I know that the Book of Mormon is true. Maybe I had doubts about him being the new prophet but I just stuck with the truths that the Holy Ghost has manifested to me. If the Book is true it all is true! God will never let anyone lead us astray! Great conference and wow we will have 19 temples in Utah! And every country in Central America will have a temple when they build the temple in Nicaragua!!! The Church is true! I love this everlasting gospel! I love you guys!!! Have a great week!!

March 26,2018

Well weeks just keep going  by and I don't understand where the time keeps going. Like I wake up and feel like it should be Tuesday or something like that but it is freaking Friday or Saturday... I don't get it... But we just keep pressing on. This week we have a week called the week of faith. The goal is to find a lot of new investigatores and put a lot of fechas bautismales. The new investigatores is easy but the fechas are harder. But we have put a couple. They are pretty cool. On Saturday it was funny, we woke up did the norm than went to work. We went to a new place contacting and we found a place that we hadn't been to before. So we started walking, and kept walking, and kept walking and we got to the point where we were only an hour away from Honduras... Like ya... We walked a ton.... Then we taught a lesson and had 8 news in one lesson. hahah we walked so much that my shoes blew open. Like ya that is how much we walked. But the best part is on the way back a Catholic Priest gave us the ride into town. Hahaha who would have guessed. So then on Sunday we went to church and not very many people showed up... But we had some cool people show up. President Duran and Hermana Duran! Wow it was pretty cool they talked and macheted hard. So I hope that these guys got the message and will start working with us again. Because we really need their help. But really that is all that we did this week. Just Excited for Semana Santa this week! We are going to see the biggest Alfombras in the country on Friday!!! WOW We are going to have a week full of success!! Love you!!!