Monday, October 16, 2017

Oct. 1, 2017

How was your week?  Did you enjoy conference?
I really enjoyed president eyring's talk this afternoon and elder Bednar's talk.   But they are some of my favorites anyway.
I liked the one 70 that talked about his changed vacation plans and how things in life change. He was funny and one of the other 70's, Koch I think was his name. He was a bit snarky, I liked it.
I can't remember which one talked about miracles and divine intervention, but that talk was great too.
We have been reading and discussing pmg chapter 6 but just once part at a time so we aren't done yet but we are working on it.
Our week was pretty normal Carson played football on Wednesday and Jared called and asked him to play baseball on Saturday again so that was fun other than it was raining and cold. The temperature went from 90 to 50 in a day I swear. Cold sucks!
I'm having surgery again on Wednesday to take the metal out of my shoulder so hopefully that goes well and the recovery isn't long. The Dr said I had to be in the sling again but didn't say how long. I'm not excited about that part at all.
Well, hope things are going well. Have a great week.
Love you

 So this week was ok I would have to say. I didn't have that much visible success. But I'm sure we will see it in the future if we keep working. The main highlight of the week was general conference. I'm sure that was the highlight of everyone's week ;) Anyways this week we were working so hard to get some people to go to conference. We asked them just about every single day and they still don't go. I don't know why but the people here have problems with commitments. Like they are so afraid of that word. It is so stupid. I don't understand why that word is so difficult for them. It is just do something that you say you will or sometimes a little bit more. I get really frustrated. But you know I just have to love this people as the savior loves them. Because if I can see all their potential I will understand how to help them. I just want to be a great missionary and representative of Jesus Christ. So also we had 4 people go to general conference we are almost positive that 2 will be baptized in a couple weeks. I just hope that we can meet our goals by helping God's children. I love you guys have a great week. PS 3rd GC

Mom:  Who are the people in the pictures?

Jackson:  Elder Hughes and Elder McDaniel. They came with me and we watched conference Sunday in English

Mom:  Commitment is a hard thing. It's not just the people there that have a hard time with it.  It's a generation thing I think.

Jackson:  No I don't have problems with commitments. When I say I will be at a place at a certain time I am there. And one thing I don't get is why a piece of paper saying that you are married is a big commitment when you have 3 kids? I just don't get it. I did watch it in Spanish but it isn't as good. The translators don't have the voice crack President Eyring does. The translators aren't as strong as Jeffery Holland there just are so many differences.

Mom:  I didn't mean you have commitment issues. But I agree with you on the translators just not being the same. Carson had the TV on the Spanish station when it started on Sunday morning and just that little bit was weird.

Jackson:  Yes it just isn't the same. Hahaha I got a email from a social security thing

Mom: Forward it to me. It's probably some kind of scam.

Jackson:  No it was a notification that the embassy from San Salvador will not do anything for social security. But hes fine we get along and everything. A little inpatient sometimes. But its fine. no I have not gotten the package. I should get it this week or the next

Mom:  So what else is going on?

Jackson:  Not much. We are struggling with the investigators but we'll be fine. We are working hard to keep everything good. But wow... Mommy I'm old in the mission...

Mom:  Yep. More time out than you have left. What a great feeling๐Ÿ˜Š. These last 9 months are going to go by so fast you won't know what hit you. It's gonna be awesome.

Jackson:  Love you mommy talk to you next week

Voice Recording:
Alright, well, we have another week down.  It was an alright week.  Well, it wasn't that great of a week, I'll be 100% honest.  We tried really hard, but there wasn't that much success.  At least I felt like I was trying hard.  And so What happened this week.  It was general Conference this week as you all know.  Our main focus was just to commit people to go to General Conference, because if you go to General conference, it is a high possibility that you get baptized.  So we were committing everyone.  The first day, of Conference rolls around and only 7 people for the whole zone show up.  Not 1 of our investigators.  I don't know, I kind of got really disappointed, really sad, really discouraged because I passed by their houses every single day and they said yes, yes, we're going to go, we're going to go.  Then when it comes to the day, they never show up.  Wow there some really good talks.  I liked Jeffrey R Holland's talk and Dallin H Oakes, Russell M Nelson,  Saturday they were all really good, the Priesthood session was really good too.  Wow, here it's super apostasy because there are women in their Priesthood session.  Like WHAT is going on here?? But you know, it's alright.  It's what it is.  So, we had to stay in San Miguel because it was too late to go back to our house.  There weren't buses and everything, so we stayed with some missionaries.  We stayed with the district leader, we got a call from the zone leaders that we had to go get everyone tomorrow.  It kind of bugged me some of the stuff that they said. So then Sunday Conference; we actually got to watch this one in English.  Saturday we didn't get to watch in English, because no one showed up.  No, no, I can't come right now.  It's like the stake Presidency, they can't show up to conference.  I was actually kind of upset about that, like  they can't show up to conference, alright, it's cool, but it doesn't matter.  So we watched in English.  So 4 people showed up, for our investigators, They were cool.  But, one thing that kind of still bugged me is that everyone that we invited did not come.  These were all references of members -- it was ridiculous. Let's just say that.  I'm really discouraged about that.  How the people do not do anything, like the people here, they have zero sense of commitment.  Like they don't know what commitment means, not even the members know what commitment means.  They are so scared of that word, commitment, it's ridiculous.  Like, I don't know what the deal is.
Pretty much no one here is married, So we're like why aren't you married?  NO, it's because we don't want that commitment yet, it's a big step.  so I was like, How long do you have together?  Oh, 15 years, we have 2 kids.  OH!  You don't think that's enough commitment? Like What's a little paper going to do with your name signed on it saying you're Freakin' married?  I don't know, this country is frustrating me right now!  Because they don't understand a lot of things.  But it's alright.
Then, Conference rolls around, I'm really sick, it's a cold, it's gross. 
We found a lot of people this week again.  But it was cool, I was like it's great finding people.  Our problem right now is finding people that want to learn and progress and be baptized.   Like they don't progress, they just listen.  We had to drop some people this week, they were always, yeah, yeah, we'll do that and they always say that they do stuff, but they're such liars, so we dropped them, like it's not worth my time to keep going when they don't do what they say they're going to do.   They don't want to change their lives, so we have to drop them.   That was our week pretty much, just General conference stuff all week.  We're hoping this week is going to be a lot better.  Well have a great week.  Love you guys.

Sept. 25, 2017 'isms

Well, not much happened last week. After we wrote on Monday, dad went golfing on Tuesday with quality tire and I was at the office by myself. By noon my body ached everywhere and I was SICK. I felt a little better by Saturday but still coughing like a 40 year veteran smoker.
We went to the Weber state homecoming football game on Saturday and had our home teaching dinner on Sunday. That was pretty much it for me. I spent the rest of the week sleeping and coughing. My chest and stomach hurt so bad from coughing so much. Hopefully dad and Carson don't get it because it is nasty.
So we didn't do much studying but we did start last night and went over the first section. So we don't have anything to discuss yet.
How was your week?  Are things still on track with your baptismal dates and going well with your new contacts?
How good is the retention rate of the people when they get baptized?  Just curious is there is more reactivation that goes on because of so many people that get baptized but don't continue to come to church. It seems like that's what is going on in our ward. We used to fill the chapel and the overflow plus every Sunday and now there are most Sunday's that I wonder if we even fill the chapel. It's pretty sad. We have had a few families move away, but some good ones have moved in too. I don't know, it's Weird.
Well, have a great week, work hard. Love you

So this week was awesome!!!! We had the opportunity to baptize Lionel! Wow he is such a cool guy. He learned so much in 3 weeks! We honestly found a golden investigator. He just showed up to church and we started to teach him and then 3 weeks later we dunked him!!! Hahaha he had never been to a church before in his entire life!!!! Like wow!!! But he is just a great guy. Also this week we are still finding a lot of people. And wow we have a project going and if it all goes good in 2 weeks I'll tell you all what it is. I am so happy that I am going to have my 3rd general conference... Wow.. I am getting old. But anyways I love GC and I really hope that you guys go with a question to learn from the Lord's servants. Love you have a great week.

Mom: So how was your week?

Jackson: It has been great

Mom:  Good to hear. What did you do?  Anything fun for pday this week?

Jackson:  We are going to church. and we see if investigators go and stuff like that.

Mom:  That's pretty awesome. What are you doing in the font?

Jackson:  Filling up the Font!

Mom:  With a bowl??

Mom:  So what are your plans for conference?  Do you just go watch at the church? Or do the members watch at home like we do?

Jackson:  We are going to church. and we see if investigators go and stuff like that.

Mom:  Do you get to go to All the sessions?

Jackson:  Yes I get to go to all of them. Hey where is my package?

Mom:  looks like it is there but hasn't been delivered yet because they have to pay the charges.

Jackson;  So they will go get it don't worry about it.

Mom:  I wasn't worried about it.   Your last package -- the lady here at the post office definitely didn't do it right because I sent this one on 9/13 and it was there on 9/22 .  10 days-- it will take a while before you get it still probably, but i'm guessing not 2 1/2 months more. 
did you think any more on what you might want for Christmas?  I think I'm still going to try and get it sent mid october just to make sure you get it in time.  BUT  you can't open it til Christmas if you get it early.  You are probably almost out of time.  So learn lots, be good, have fun, work hard.  Love you!!

Jackson:  Sounds good :) Love you mommy. I want some sick ties. That are SKINNY!  But you think of the other stuff.

Voice Recording:
Well, we had another good week this week.  We actually had a really good week this week!  I did interchanges 2 times this week.  The first one was with Elder Santos, the district leader.  I thought he was a really weird guy to be honest at first, but he's a pretty cool guy.  Like, he's pretty legit.  He's a pretty good friend right now. 
So, we were going to have an activity in the ward, like a ward Family Home Evening, but it was ridiculous.  It started to rain-- NO ONE CAME!   Only the freaking Bishop and his family.  It's ridiculous, because, no one else does anything.  They are like, no it's late, no it's raining, they always have excuses.  No, there's not transportation- like anyone would drop them off; like anyone.  It's so ridiculous.  But anyway's, that doesn't matter. 
This week the thing we are trying to focus on is trying to get our people to progress.  We are finding a bunch of people that are really positive and everything, but we are trying to get them to progress.  We got a bunch of people to progress this week.  It was cool.  We also got 2 new people that came to church that were references of members.  We're just going to baptize them too, so it doesn't matter.  It's pretty dope, but.  Then Saturday was
pretty sweet.  Before Fri. I did interchanges with the zone leaders, don't know why, buts it's alright.  I did interchanges with them and Elder Martinez, I think he's the oldest one here, He's going to end his mission next change, he doesn't have a clue what he's doing in the lessons I feel like.  I was like WOW dude!  You have like zero control in your lessons man.   So , you know, it's just kind of frustrating when you're just sitting there because it's not your area or anything like that and you're trying to help them out but he just doesn't have a clue what he's trying to do or anything.  But, it was actually kind of fun, the interchanges.
Then, Saturday we had our baptism.  We baptized Lionel.  That was really AWESOME!  He is so good dude!  Like He is legit.  One of the coolest Kids, well, he's actually kind of weird, but he's a great guy.  He's kind of shy, but he's a really good guy once you get talking to him and everything.
This week we are going to have a meeting with the Stake President so we can start something really cool in 2 weeks, but I can't tell you guys until it happens, because if I say it's going to happen and it doesn' guys will be like that sucks, he talks big but it doesn't happen.  so, we'll see how it goes.  Love you guys.  Have a great week!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Sept. 18, 2017

 Zone with Pres. Ochoa
 Yes, it's alive. 
He's crazy!  Love the shirts though :)

So this week was a success. We found 18 new people and put 7 baptismal dates this week. You know what it is!!! Just so you all know you all can do the same things. You just have to follow the spirit and listen to what he says. Anyways, this week I have some experiences with the spirit. First is that we were walking around in the rain and no one was home but the spirit told me that I should go see if the house that was close would let us in. He did! Then we put a baptismal date with him. Another is that when there is contention on your part or the part of an investigator the spirit will not be there. Learned that because a BLIND man was telling me that I was a blasphemer and all that jazz because I said the book of Mormon was true. I love this gospel and I hope you guys strive to learn more. Love you guys have a great week.

Holy cow!! Talk about dry council๐Ÿ˜ฉ. This is painful. It's almost as bad as "Bueller, Bueller..."  And Carson says he looks like him too. ๐Ÿ˜‚. The missionary was short which was fine because he was terrible too but this new high councilman. Wow!  I think if they can't give a half decent talk that will keep your attention at least a little bit, they should be barred from the talking part of the high council responsibilities. Hopefully he learned something from preparing his talk because I have no idea what he is supposed to be trying to teach us. . . Saving grace. President Ferry stood up to speak for a minute. He talked a little about the natural disasters and things going on in the world. He told the story of Chicken little, Foxy Loxy. Where chicken little gets hit by the acorn and is going to tell the king the sky is falling and he goes along and finds Foxy Loxy and makes a friend and they both are heading to tell the king the sky is falling. But Foxy Loxy needed to make a detour to his den and chicken little follows along trusting. And goes into foxy loxy's den and was never seen again. He used it as an example of be careful who you decide to listen to in this crazy world. Satan will take you away quietly without you realizing what he is doing by trusting the wrong people. He also talked about Peter walking on the water and how his faith faltered. It is easy to let ourselves believe the things people around us are saying am not trust in the lord. He likened our situation to being in the Eye of the hurricane where it is peaceful. But Outside the eye it's beyond windy. We feel like we might be in the eye of the hurricane, but all around us things are in turmoil.  Great message to end on. Were you affected by any of the Hurricanes or earthquakes that have been happening?  They've had over 200 earthquakes in soda springs, Id area in the month of sept already. Some people here said they felt the biggest one, but I didn't. Austin Bingham said they felt the one in Mexico City in the MTC. His companion thought Austin was shaking his bed๐Ÿ˜‚.  They were all ok though.
We had a good week. Carson played football on Wednesday against pleasant grove. They played pretty good, still have some defense issues to work through but won the game 28-6.  The varsity lost the homecoming game 22-7 against bountiful. They aren't doing so well.
Jared asked Carson to come play ball on Saturday with their fall ball team so we spent the day in hyrum. It was a nice day and fun to be at baseball games again. Carson played really well. For not touching a baseball in a month he played awesome.
We about froze on the way home. I thought it was a great idea to take dads jeep with the top off because it seemed like it was pretty warm when we left at 11. By the time we hit mantua on the way up I knew it wasn't a good idea. I was already cold. We had sweatshirts and blankets but still cold. So the ride home was waaaay colder.
Sunday was a normal day. Eastons birthday dinner at grandmas. Dad smoked bacon wrapped pork loins for dinner. It was really good. No strawberry salad though ๐Ÿ˜•.
Carson arranged his eagle board of review along with Brandon baileys and Tristan reeders. And they got that taken care of Sunday evening. Then we came home and relaxed for a 1/2 hour Til we got ready for bed.
But that monkey inside our backs and all we have left is to plan the court of honor. That shouldn't be too bad.
So, how was your week?  Anything super exciting happening?  Are you making friends with the members? Less actives? Just new people?  Do you play soccer with the kids there?  Is azalea still writing to you?  How about Andy?  Macey?  I've been writing to her but haven't gotten to her the last couple weeks. I need to do better about that.i was thinking that since our letters seem to be getting shorter that maybe we should pick a scripture or something in preach my gospel to study together each week and tell about how it helped or affected us during the week as we study, pray and act on it. I'll let you choose what we should study since you have specific things you are studying and we can do whatever. And maybe it will help dad get motivated about our new calling. He doesn't want to go visit people. I don't know that I really do either, but we said we would do the job, so I guess it's 'suck it up buttercup' ๐Ÿ˜ณ.   Anyway. Pick something for us to study together and we will start today.
Have a great week! Work hard.
Mom:  So what's up today?

Jackson:  Nothing good

Mom:  why not?  What's up?  I wrote this in my letter.  But here it is again because you tend to forget to answer my questions.
I was thinking that since our letters seem to be getting shorter that maybe we should pick a scripture or something in preach my gospel to study together each week and tell about how it helped of affected us during the week as we study, pray and act on it.  I'll let you choose what we should study since you have specific things you are studying and we can do whatever.  Any maybe it will help dad get motivated about our new calling.  

Jackson:  Like what do you mean? I don't understand what you want me to pick

Mom:  I don't care. Something you want to study together. A favorite scripture or scriptures. A talk. Whatever

Jackson:  I don't study what I want to study is the thing. I study for the people that I am going to teach...

Mom:  I know- so just something that you are working on

Jackson:  Study chapter 6 in pm 

Mom:  So what's got you down??  Companion? Members? Just everything?

Jackson:  Why do you think that I am down???  I am here taking names and kicking ass!!!!!!

Mom:  When I asked What's up? you said nothing good.  So I thought maybe you were down.  But glad to hear that you are doing good.

Jackson:  No it is that we aren't doing anything. I think we are going to play ping pong in the stake center but you know what it is

Mom:  Don't you do stuff outside?  or is it too hot?    How in the heck can you wear a sweatshirt down there?

Jackson:  It is a sick sweater... It is the CIA I use it to run in the morning to sweat more to lose more weight. And no it is too hot to play outside

Mom:  I see it has CIA on it.  you are going to get shot.  

Jackson:  No. They are my friends they always ask me if anyone gives me trouble because if they do they will give them a good beating they said

Mom: I guess that's good until they aren't your friend :/

Jackson:  Hahaha we hardly see any mom. There aren't very many here and they are in certain parts. but we don't go there at night so it is all good

Mom:  so what time do you have to go in?

Jackson: At 9 like normal

Mom: So is it dark at like 7? or earlier?
I guess you are out of time.
Have a great week!  Love you
Think about what you want us to send for Christmas because I'm going to probably send it mid October.  I'm having surgery on my shoulder on Oct 4th so hopefully will be feeling better by then.  It seems like your stuff is taking at least 2 months to get to you so I better be proactive or you won't get it in time for Christmas.
Love you

Sept. 4, 2017 Labor Day

Well, the first week of school down. Carson drove every day. He's not too bad of a driver. Kourtney rode with a couple of days. Friday he had to be to school at 630am so she didn't go with that day. I think so far he likes his classes and teachers. He said one of the teachers is a little different. But I don't remember which one.
It's nice to have somewhat of a routine again. School, practice, homework, bed. ๐Ÿ˜Š. Ym on wed. They went shooting with the miamaids. I guess only 2 of the girls showed. But they had fun.
Thursday they played at mountain crest. They played well and won. I don't remember the score. Carson played almost the entire game. Chance had some really good plays and Sean played quarterback for most of the 4th quarter. So that was good. The freshmen were the only team to get a win against them.
Friday Carson had a back to school party at the school. Then we headed for the cabin. Saturday we waited for Taylor and Kayla to get there and went out on the lake. It was a perfect day for wakeboarding. Carson and Taylor road the tube for a bit. We had lunch and then Carson was on the wakeboard. He gets up every time but is still working on actually riding it. Like I said the water was awesome and he was doing great and then the boat decided to not run ๐Ÿ˜ณ. We were clear over on the east side of the lake where we always go, and the boat just bogged out. No power. So we got Carson in the boat and headed back to the marina. We were just praying we would make it back. It backfired a few times and almost died. It's acting like it's not getting any gas. But it was full. We went maybe 5mph the whole way back. As we were getting to the wakeless area we were passing the coastguard boat and I thought. Ok if it dies here we will be ok๐Ÿ˜Š. It didn't. We got it in and back on the trailer and then I could breathe again. It was a little bit scary thinking about it dying clear across the lake where there really weren't any other boats to speak of. Even simple prayers Are answered. I could feel the answer come that everything would be ok. (I didn't know if that meant getting back to the marina and the boat on the trailer or not, but I knew we were going to be fine).
It was still a good day. We went back to the cabin and on our way up Snowberry there was a lady and a little boy that were walking. Their 4-wheeler had broke down. We stopped and picked them up. Since we had the boat we took them up to the cabin with us and Taylor gave them a ride back to their place down by the golf course in his jeep. While we got the boat backed down the driveway. They Taylor, Kayla and Carson went to the chevron to get the propane tank for the grill filled and get some drinks. We played games and relaxed and had dinner when grandma and grandpa got there after their shift at the temple.
After dinner we all went downstairs and watched a couple episodes of Scorpion.
Sunday we slept in and had brunch about 11. And just relaxed. Watched a Harry Potter movie or 2 and read. Had dinner and came home around 7.
Carson has football practice this morning at 8, so he and dad went to pick up Sean. It's kind of crappy that they ruin the last holiday of the summer with football☹.
We don't have anything planned for the day but maybe dad and I will finish the stairs for the deck. I guess we'll see. Jolene And Kevin invited Carson to go to the flow rider with them. So he has something to do today at least.
We were planning to go out in the boat but that ship sailed. On to plan ?
So how was your week?  Anything fun happen?  Anything bad?  It's amazing how fast the days seem to go by. Do we need to do anything with your stuff for school?  I'm guessing that you need to get most of your stuff in order by December like you had to before. Let us know what we need to get rolling for you. Scholarship, housing etc. it's all coming fast even though it seems far away still.
Well, I hope you have a great week!
Love you

This week was pretty chill. We had a great time. But the truth is we were traveling a ton.... I don't like traveling... It SUCKS!!!!!!!! Hahaha we had to travel so much because we were practicing in a choir. We practiced and traveled more because we had a multi zone with Elder Ochoa. The Area President. Wow those guys are so powerful... I cant believe how powerful they speak. The thing is that they don't even speak and make doctrine or the ways that we should do stuff complicated it is all so simple but as humans we mess everything up. He told us we don't have to teach the lessons point for point we just have to teach repentance. And we only should teach the people that want to repent. Anyways so we found 2 super amazing investigators this week. One is Lionel he has 3 church attendances and he hasn't ever been to a church in his life. He is a boyfriend of a member so he has been going and he is really awesome he wants to learn and know so much. The other is Jose. He read the Restoration pamphlet 4 times and had questions and he wants to come to church to know more. He asked God what church he should join and a couple days later we showed up. So he Is super positive. Also I am staying in my area but getting a new comp. My comp is going to go open a new area and train. So that is pretty cool. Love the heck out of him. Going to miss him but its all good. Well that was my week. Love you!

Mom:  I didn't realize it was transfers already. That's a bummer you are getting a new companion again. You must be hard to get along with ๐Ÿ˜‰. Did you get your package?  I'll send your backpack and keyboard tomorrow since the post office isn't open today.

Jackson:  Yes I got my package sounds good I'll be waiting for it

Voice Recording:
Well, Another week down, Another month down too.  We're in the month of September now.  Wow, a lot of time has been going by really fast when you think about it.
So, this week was a busy week, like a little bit different kind of busy.  Cuz to be honest, we did not have that many lessons, we did not do much in the field of missionary work.
 But, this week, Monday was just a normal P-day.  Then we had Tuesday, which in the morning we had to go to a choir practice because Elder Ochoa, the president of the area, the Seventy, was going to come to our zone and have like a multi zone here and all that jazz.  So Wednesday we had to that too in the morning, we had to so to San Miguel to practice in the choir and everything. and then Thurs rolls around and they said to be there at 7am to practice and we were like wow, that's way early because we were supposed to be there at 8am to practice, that's what they said.  So we get there at 7:30am and we're like we aren't going to practice and the other Elder is going to be pissed, the Zone leader, because he's the one who plays the piano and everything.  We started practicing at 7:45am and 8 rolls around and 830 rolls around and they're like we're going to have everyone come out here and Elder Ochoa, Pres. Duran and his wife are going to sit down here and take a picture of all your zone.  So you guys gotta line up and do everything like that.  So we got lined up and we stood there for like 15 min. it was like 845 almost 9am.  You know how it is, you can't just stand there and sit there and not talk to people so we started going to talk to other people and they're like hey, hey, you guys gotta get back in line and stuff like that.  We're like What?  Are you kidding me?
He showed up at like 930am, Elder Ochoa and President and then we went and sang Have I done any good in the world today?  In Spanish there's a hymn, the 7th hymn, you can sing it to the tune of 6.  We did kind of a mix between Israel, Israel god is calling and the other hymn, it was pretty cool.  Elder Ochoa talked to us and taught us that what we need to do is find more people and set more baptismal dates.  He said we need to be more direct with the people, we can't be messing around with them.  We just gotta ask them if they want to repent, because that's what we're here to do.  We are here to ask them if they want to repent and receive a remission of their sins.  I really liked that, it was really powerful to listen to them.  The wives of Pres. Ochoa and Pres. Duran those 2, it was really great.  That was Thurs.  Then Fri rolled around, we moved 300 bricks.  But these bricks, the bricks in the US are small, these bricks are like 1/2 a cinder block is what a brick here is.  We moved 300 of them.  A lady wanted us to help her  out so we were like ya cool.  and we did it.  It was pretty cool to learn how they do it, and we learned it and we did it.  But what happened was too, he threw one and he was like, these bricks aren't like bricks in the states. They break really easy, and one was already broken, but he didn't see it and he threw it and I went to catch it and a piece fell off and smashed my nuts.  Like I was on the ground for 10 minutes.  Almost crying it hurt so bad.
Then Saturday we had to go into Ilopongo, we had to go into the Centro because my Companion is going to train, it's pretty cool.   It's pretty funny because he's going to go open and area, I'm staying here.  But that's how it is, so we had to go there.  We went there with Elder Hughes and everybody like that with the people who are already training.  It was fun, it was good, it wasn't bad. Yesterday my companion was saying good bye to a lot of people because he's out of here.  Today we'll see if I'm leaving too.

Sept 11, 2017

I'm not sure if this is upside down on purpose or if they just don't know how to use their camera?  :/

Well this week I got a new comp. He is Elder Hernandez from Mexico... To be honest Mexicans are hard to get along with... They think they are better than every other latin out here. But whatever. We are working really hard. We have a teenager that should be getting baptized in a few weeks he is super cool. He hasn't been to a single church in his life. But we are working with him so he can be baptized. Then we are also trying to have cool activities and everything but not many people want to show up. We will have to see how this change goes. The pic was on the bus with an Elder that was in my 1st district.

Peach days weekend. What a joke!  I came to town in Friday morning about 10 to get gas to go to Ogden and pick up grandma at Kenworth and there were people already going to the booths in the center of town. The post office was all sequestered off on Wednesday. It's nuts!  There were people putting out blankets and chairs on Thursday morning when Carson went to school at 730am. How do people have time to sit there all day watching their stuff?  It can't be left unattended until 3pm. I just don't get the draw to it all.
Last week was pretty uneventful for the most part. Carson played in Pocatello on Thursday they won 49-6. It was kind of a sad game. Our kids looked like superstars but they didn't necessarily play that great. ๐Ÿ˜•
Friday I went to help sell programs at the first home game. A bunch of the freshman boys came too and they sold quite a few. Even though it was out of their comfort zone. I figure they should have some ownership in their fundraising. It's not the parents responsibility to do everything.
Saturday we made salsa and went to Justin Adams wedding reception.
Sunday was just the normal.
Hopefully things are going well. Let us know what's new.
Love you
Voice recording:
Well, this week this week we had changes, I got a new companion, he's from Mexico his name is Elder Hernandez.  He's pretty cool.  He's alright, he's got a year working hard.  We're getting it done here.  I'm finally senior companion, but it doesn't matter.  Last week, it was really cool because we found 23 new people to teach and that's always been a difficulty with me here.  We're doing good.  Like I really don't have much to say, this really doesn't have much battery left.  I gotta get some new ones, but we are working hard trying to get some people to get ready to get baptized.  That's pretty much what we did this week,  We just had changes and I was just showing him the area, visiting a few people, looking for new people.  So there you go.  That was our week.  Love you.

Mom: Peach days weekend. What a joke!  I came to town in Friday morning about 10 to get gas to go to Ogden and pick up grandma at Kenworth and there were people already going to the booths in the center of town. The post office was all sequestered off on Wednesday. It's nuts!  There were people putting out blankets and chairs on Thursday morning when Carson went to school at 730am. How do people have time to sit there all day watching their stuff?  It can't be left unattended until 3pm. I just don't get the draw to it all.

Monday, August 28, 2017

August 28, 2017

So this week was a lot better than the last one. We didn't find a lot of people of anything like that. But we had fun and we have things planned for the week and everything. I am so happy right now. we brought 8 people to church and  they are all good. I thought we were lost but now we are found. Hahaha we are just working hard here in Moncagua. So this week on Thursday Elder Ochoa is going to come here to give a multi zone and I am in the choir (not by choice) Hahha well we'll see how that goes. We are just busting jokes taking pics with pigs and studying about charity. I want all of you to read Moroni 7:42-48 I love it. I am so glad I have been learning about that. We taught a few lessons about charity and wow the spirit was ridiculously strong. Whenever you show and talk about the love of Christ it is amazing. I want to continually have the pure love of Christ I hope we all can complete the 2nd commandment. Love your neighbor. Love you all.

Mom:  I hope you are working seriously hard because your letters are super short ;)  What's up with the pig?  
You have a good voice, why didn't you want to be in the choir??  That's good you had a bunch of people come to church.  Were some of them the family you were talking about in your email last week?

Jackson:  Nope not one but I hate singing. and that's why I asked for that keyboard thing 2 weeks ago so I could write more

Mom:  It should be here today and the backpack too.  Did you ever get your package I sent with your Hawaii Tshirt and your Domingo Ayala Tshirt??  it had razors and granola bars and stuff too.

Jackson:  No I haven't gotten it.

Mom:  That sucks.  Maybe it will be at the office and you can get it when you're there this week.

Jackson:  I don't go to the office????
Mom:  Well whatever- They bring you your packages or whatever from the office don't they?

Jackson:  Something like that. I'll get it don't worry.

Mom:  right-- It's been almost 2 months.  you usually get them faster than that.  I think the post office lady definitely screwed this one up so I'm a little concerned.  What do you want me to send with your keyboard??  are you actually going to get it?  I won't send the backpack and the keyboard together.  I've been sending cash for your package pickup to the mission office-- do they make you pay the $5 or whatever when you get the packages??

Jackson: No they don't make me pay. Just send them together don't worry. 
Love you have a great week 

Mom:   Love you too!

Well, we had another good week. Pretty calm for the most part. Monday we went out in the boat with Jolene, Landen, Easton, Lily, Kaela and Sean. The water was super smooth, Smoothest I've ever seen it at Willard bay. Landen is getting pretty good at wake boarding. Carson didn't try to wakeboard because he jammed his traffic finger and said he couldn't hold onto the rope. Tuesday we went to back to school night with Carson and met his teachers. And then we went to firehouse pizza with the Baker's. Always enjoyable-  the Baker's are pretty awesome. 
Wednesday Carson's teacher quorum activity was shooting and dad went up with them to help. They had fun.
Thursday was the freshman game at bear river. They lost. Carson played well, they have some internal issues. Carson said there's one kid that argues with the players on the team in the huddle. Not good. Tough to play as a team when you want to pummel the kid. 
Friday we dropped Carson and Sean off at the game at bear River and went to Logan for dinner for our anniversary since we probably won't get anywhere on Monday. 
We thought of going to the fair for a bit while we waited for the game to end but we drove through the parking lot and said nah, way too many crazy people. 
Box elder lost the spike, After 6 straight wins. 19-0
Saturday we went out in the boat. Carson invited a a few friends, Since we didn't really do anything for his birthday. Sean, Chance, Kourtney and Annika Quayle.  It was a really nice day. The water was smooth when we went out in the morning and there weren't too many people out. Kourtney wakeboarded and Carson got up a couple times. The rest of them didn't want to try it. Then they all tubed and swam. We got there about 10 and left about 3. Carson put sunscreen on and wore his shirt so no bad sunburns this time. His and my face are sunburned but nothing too bad. We took everyone to subway for lunch after and then home. 
Right after we got home, Carson showered and we took him back to chance's so they could go watch the big fight. They went to Jay's bosses house and ate and swam and then watched the fight. He got home around midnight. They had a great time. I guess the fight was good too. 10 round knockout.  It was Maywheather and McGregor. 
Today is Brad Robinson's homecoming. He looks good and his talk is pretty good. 
We had our home teaching dinner. Bacon themed. It was pretty good. Vickie brought mac n cheese, we had mashed potatoes, bacon wrapped smoked chicken, bacon wrapped pork tenderloin (bakers), jalapeรฑo poppers (Angie). Amber brought he layered pudding dessert. It was all delicious. And we visited for a while always a good time.  
School started today. Carson drove to school. He drives pretty good so not really a big concern there.
Hope your week is filled with some good people and experiences to share. 


August 21, 2017

Well this week was another pretty calm week. The normal at work. Carson had practice all week. Much better than last week because his sunburn was pretty much healed up so he could actually practice. He hung out with Sean  for most of the week after practice, mowed the
Lawn, complained about working (which he is about to lose his life over), just the normal. Wednesday was mom's night at football. We went with Baker's. I didn't participate because I didn't want anyone touching my shoulder. But it was fun to visit with everyone. Carson went to young men's with Sean after and then hung out at his house Til 1030. Thursday was the ward swim party so we went to that and visited with the sister missionaries and a few others in the ward. We talked to Bingham's for a bit and Austin is doing well so far. He said the food in the MTC is terrible. Which I laughed about because that's what Taylor said about it too.
Friday Carson wanted to go to the varsity fb game in Layton, so we took him down and watched the game. He hung out with his friends and we watched the game.  It was interesting, they (Bees) were 39-0 going into the 4th qtr and then we put in our jv and they scored 14 points but that's the first game against Layton since Taylor played that they won I think. Quite interesting.
Saturday the freshmen played at Alta. They came out strong but didn't continue to play throughout the whole game. They didn't have refs either so the Alta coaches were the refs and one of them was terrible. I think had we had actual refs we would have won, but it's all good. They ended up losing 30-27. But played a decent game. We invited the Thackarey's and Baker's over for a bbq and drive in movie and watched a league of their own. It was fun. and that movie is always funny.
Today is Carson's birthday. The big 15. Tomorrow he is going to get his permit.
We had birthday dinner at grandmas Jolene and Kevin, Kristal and Ben, Taylor and Kayla; cafe rio sweet pork,- it was delicious. We got him a swing tracker. He tried it out but couldn't figure it out yesterday, so they came in and he kept working at it and got it to sync with the ap finally. I think it will be awesome. He liked it.
We'll have a great week, work hard.
Love you

Voice Recording
 Alright, well, this week was a little bit different.  To be honest it was really, really hard.  All the people hardened their hearts against us.  Everything like that, right :(.   Because all of our  baptismal dates fell, nobody came to church, we didn't have a single investigator progressing this week, so... it was kind of like a punch to the face.  It was really hard to be honest, but we found a bunch of people this week, Wed. is the day that it all went down the toilet.  Thurs, Fri, and Sat. we were putting fire to the area.   We were trying at least.  I've got a cold, I'm sick.  got it yesterday at church.  So, we are working really hard.  We found a bunch of people.  There's this one family that I feel like they're really good investigators because they are really honest.  And they want to know, they want to learn.  Their only problem is they always go out and do stuff on Sunday and they are always like I know, do you have like a video we could watch, like where you preach and give sermons.  OR do you have a video on a website. NO,  We only have general conference talks on the internet.  We don't have a video of what we do at church.  They're like oh really, yeah- you have to live your own experience at church.  So, maybe they'll come next week.  They're going to try, I guess we'll see.  The other thing is nobody, like nobody, is married.  I've already said that, but every good person that we find they're like not married.  I'm like WHAT is going on??
Then we found a less active the other day, like inactive.  We showed up and she has like 5 kids, no 4 kids and I think only one of them was baptized.  So we are going to try and work with the kids and see if we can baptize the 2 that are old enough to be baptized. Maybe 3, we aren't sure if the one is baptized or not.    But we are going to try and reactivate them and baptize their children.  But what happened was, we showed up and the dad said "NOPE! I don't want to talk to them."  And I was like what!?  He was in the middle of a conversation with somebody and he just left him.  He left his friend or whoever it was there.  I was like WOW!  this guy really hates us or something like that.  The kids like we've got a friendship going with them because we've played a top game with them.  It's called trompo, it's pretty cool, but I can't do it and they're all making fun of me because I couldn't do it.  And there was a freaking little 5 year old that would wreck me at the top game.  WOW!  It's alright, we just have to work with people.
And then we had stake conference this week, a bunch of people were macheteing.  The stake president's wife macheteed about the Sabbath Day, saying that nobody keeps the Sabbath day holy and stuff like that.  Whatever, you know.  it's cool.
This week was just really hard.  We made it through.  We'll have some more fun this next week and kick some butt.  That's all I've got to say to you guys this week.  Have a great week!!

Mom:  So what do you mean  everyone hardened their heart?

Jackson:  They don't want to go to church and be baptized now. They said well I'll tell you guys another day if I want to be baptized but any time soon nope....

Mom:  Which people?

Jackson:  All the people we were teaching, the members, just everyone.

Mom:  Well, I guess that just means more work to do.  Do you ever wear the new shoes I sent you?

Jackson:  Yes.  So like what are you doing???????

Mom:  working-- What are you doing?  I am actually going through my medical bills to see what I actually owe.  I guess luckily it won't be more than $13000 :(

Jackson:  Well gotta go have a great week MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom:  Love you too!