Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Easter!! April 17, 2017

We had a good week. Carson had practice Monday. Games started Tues in providence they played the Bears. They played terrible. It was seriously the bad news bears out there. Like they had never seen a baseball before. I guess 5 of the kids on the Bears team played for the wolverines black last year and they were good so they pretty much decided that they sucked and we're going to lose before they stepped on the field.
They practiced wed. And then games on Thurs at 830. They won that one against the Malad Dragons. They looked much better. Then Saturday they played the BR Rebels at 10 and we got to see Briggs. (Connor Noorda is on that team too but he wasn't there).   They won that one and then they didn't play Til 4. So we visited with Matt and Lisa for a bit because Kade was playing on the field behind us and then chad and Sarah were there so we visited with them for a bit and watched part of Michael's first game. And went and got lunch while Carson hung out with some of the kids from his team. It actually wasn't as long of a day as I had anticipated.
Sean hung out with Carson for a while on Friday night. They hit in the cage and then they watched I think major Payne and they crack me up. They were watching one of dads VHS taped hockey games from 1995 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.  They said the commercials were weird.
Sunday dad got up early and got a turkey ready to put in the oven and Carson got up a little early because he has presidency meeting at 8 and he wanted to see what the Easter bunny left.  I tried to send you the video of him- it was pretty funny. He went downstairs to get in the shower and I figured he would check out his stuff first so I was videoing and he didn't even have his eyes open and walked straight to the bathroom Til I said something. He got 2 wood bats, some lizard skin for one of them and shoes and dress pants. I only got an Easter bunny for treats.  And a big bag of treats to fill the Easter eggs for the Easter egg hunt. Carson and Kourtney hid all the eggs and all the rest gathered them up. We had like 150+ eggs so it was pretty fun. They were hilarious about dividing up their candy.
Everyone was there except Aaron and Lindsey.  So busy as usual.
We went on a jeep ride up north Ogden divide and back home through Ogden canyon. It was a nice day. I think we're going to pack a picnic for next Sunday and go out to the spiral jetty right after church.  And the next Sunday we're doing our home teaching dinner. They keep changing my visiting teaching people so I haven't added anyone new to our group. But it's a fun group. Always a good time with the Greene's, Burt's, Baker's and Bailey's.  Hopefully it's good weather and we can do a bbq outside for it. Maybe I can get dad to finish the stairs for the deck so no one breaks their neck getting on and off the deck too πŸ˜•.
There is a baby shower for Lindsey this Saturday afternoon they're calling it a Baby-Q. And just kind of doing dinner and visiting. I thought it was a cute idea. Her due date is like June 14th or something close to that so Aaron's hoping she'll have him on his birthday. Because we so need more birthdays in June in our family. πŸ˜‚. So you'll have a new cousin to meet when you get home too.
I can't remember if I told you I have a new calling (additional- I didn't get released from the music) I am teaching the 6 year olds in primary. This week was my 2nd week. Dad's been helping because they don't have a partner for me yet. They are pretty dang funny. They are STARVING by the time we are supposed to go to class. So I got sliced apples for them and then forgot them in the fridge at home. But I'll remember them next week. We did the Easter lesson and watched a video. It surprises me some of the things that they know and don't know sometimes. And how eager they are to learn about the gospel and Jesus and the trust that they have in me that I will teach them good things.
Hopefully I won't let them down.
I do have some good kids in my class. Zach Bailey, Quinnlee Baton, those are probably the only ones you'll know. Zach is hilarious.
How was Easter there?  I imagine EVERYONE went to some kind of church right?! I'm guessing they are predominantly Catholic there. What kinds of things do they do to celebrate?
How are the rabies shots going?  After we wrote last week I got thinking about you and cellulitis that you like to get. Make sure to keep a close eye on yourself. Especially your eyes since that's where it usually presents itself in you and get to the dr immediately if you see signs of the redness and swelling. Remember dad had it last summer just before you left?  Well he had it in his leg again last week. We figured from catching a  couple baseballs with his leg when he's been catching with Carson. But his leg was swollen huge and red and fevered and he was throwing up and all that jazz too. So make sure to watch yourself.
Did you get your package?  I have some pants and a couple more shirts still to send. I still need to get pens and I don't know what kind of shoes you want me to get so I haven't gotten any yet.
I guess let me know what else you're thinking and I'll try and get it sent out by Wednesday this week.
How is everything else going there?  Are you still on track to baptize Sabrina and Alex this weekend?  Are they married or friends or?? You talk like they live close by each other.
Well, have a great week!
Love you,

So this week I don't have a voice recording and I don't have much to say either. I am super sorry. But this week I got another shot. I also had an activity in the Temple it was super cool. There is a chapel right next to the temple. We did like a tour and talked about the church and the things about the church. I was Moroni. I talked about the Book of Mormon and how I put the plates in the ground. Members and investigators were invited. So I saw all the members from my other area I was so happy. We took a bunch of pictures but I forgot my freaking battery charging at the house so I didn't get any. But we also had Sabrina and Alex go. Guess what they said yesterday that they are going to be baptized!!!! I am pretty sure that I am going to do the ordinance for one of them too. I am so happy. That honestly is all we did this week. I am so sorry that this is all I have but ya.... Love you!!!!s

Mom:  So What did you have to write the president about?

Jackson:  I have to write every week I just had more to say to him this week.

Mom:  So what do you write to him about?

Jackson:  What do you feel terrible about?  you don't feel good? What?

Mom:  So why don't you just copy the letter you sent to him and send it to us too? :)  He probably gets all the details.  How are things going with your companion?  Did you get your package?

Jackson:  No I didn't get my package. I made him cry last night because he was acting like a baby and it is in Spanish because oh ya my president is Latino. hahaha But we are all good now. My comp and I.

Mom:  What are you making him cry for?  It's all good-- tell him he probably needs to 'cowboy up'  --  

Jackson:  He was upset because another elder ripped on him ha he thought that was getting ripped on.

Mom:  so it wasn't really you that made him cry-- you just told him to suck it up.  :) What was he getting ripped on about?

Jackson  :  No he was mad that another elder said something and then I told him if he wanted to be a wuss go home and cry but we don't want wuss's here in the mission is what I told him.

Mom:  Well- If that's what needed to be said, I guess so be it. But maybe you should try and be a little bit tactful about stuff.  I know you don't really have that in your makeup but MAYBE  you could learn it and be better than Dad and I are :)  Or just tell it like it is works too ;)  
I'm kind of here laughing my butt off about this.  How are things besides that?  When are the next transfers?? I'm thinking you are looking forward to them.  

Jackson:  The 3 of May. Yes I am

Mom:  Well-- hopefully you get your package this week.  I did give the tracking info and everything to Alejandro- it was there on 4/11.   I don't know how all that works.  How is Alejandro doing?  He hasn't sent any pictures or anything for a couple weeks.  Are you still doing stuff with him?

Jackson:  Ya he is my best friend. Hey can I buy a suit? I mean I really want one because almost everyone has one...

Mom: I told you to buy one months ago.  You have money in your account.  Just let me know when you buy it so I make sure to transfer the money to pay off your card.  Buy some shoes there too please. or tell me what kind you want. 
You are probably out of time.  Love you bud!!  We are making a list of things to talk about when you call on Mother's Day.  We might even head to the cabin for the weekend.  I haven't decided.  

Jackson:  NO... Macey wants to go and talk to me... And I have like 8 minutes 

Mom:  That's fine we'll stay home then.  Carson and Kourtney might be singing in Sacrament meeting for me too.  :)

Jackson: They don't have shoes that last. Find some that last and then send pics then I'll choose.

Mom:  Have a great week.  Love your companion and have a good attitude.  
Love you

April 10, 2017

The week's keep flying by. And turning into months. It's hard to believe that 9 months has gone by. It's gone quick but slow at the same time.
Things here are pretty much the same as normal. Always looking for good drivers at work and dealing with all that trucking entails. Sometimes it's rewarding and always a challenge. The part I hate is the ups and downs of freight. One week we have way more than we can do and the next week we have to scrape and fight for what we get. It kind of sucks. But it hasn't really changed in almost 25 years so I don't know what I'm thinking is going to happen.
So work is stressful but we will middle through.
Dad said a while back when things weren't going so hot with trucks and drivers- "I wonder where those missionary blessings are?"  And I just said, "you know we are receiving them every minute of every day. Some of the situations we have had could have ended up in much worse circumstances than they did."  We do see the hand of the Lord in everything we do each day. Sometimes we have to take a step back to see it, but he is there taking care of us. Not giving us the easy way out, and making us think of different approaches to things we have been doing for years and adjusting to new laws etc. but still there guiding us and helping us to make sound decisions.   Change is always a hard things and our drivers don't like it. Even though most of the time it's not us forcing the big changes. It's the government- what a pain in the neck!!
Carson played well this weekend. They only got one game in but a good warmup for regular season play to start on Saturday. I think they have the jitters worked out so they should play well.
I guess they are going to be playing in the providence league too so they play on Tuesday and Thursday.  So he will get lots of playing time. Hopefully not at the sacrifice of good practice but it will be fun.
It's been a Monday morning. Not all good,  not all bad but a Monday. It exhausts me.
So how was your week?  Anything fun, cool experiences?  How's the dog bite?  Hopefully you're taking care of it good. What kind of shot did you get?  I see you're still a big girl about shotsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.   How's the new companion?
I was listening to some of the conference talks again after church yesterday and two of the talks from the Sunday afternoon session by Spanish speaking 70's were geared to some of the situations you have been in with your investigators. It's interesting that pretty much everything has already been done. But each person has to overcome their own issues individually.
Anyway. Have a great week.
Love you

So this week was wild. I was working really hard and we did get the work done this week with 2 days less I'll tell you about the 2 days in a second. So we found 4 new people that we put a baptismal date with. They are all really good. Even 2 of them went a 1/2 an hour to go to stake conference with us!!! It was awesome. Even Sabrina and Alex committed to be baptized the 22nd of April.I am so happy. I just hope this time they don't back out... Anyways now the part that you all are waiting for. I got bit by a dog this week. Man did it hurt. I didn't think that it would hurt so bad but yep it did. I had to go get rabies shots because it was a street dog. I got 4 huge shots in my leg and 1 in both arms. Then I had to go get more because it is a live virus shot. So I have to take a shot ever certain amount of days or it was worth nothing the first shots. So we had to go to the hospital Saturday in San Salvador like 1 and a 1/2 away because quezalte didn't have the shot. We got lost so it took even longer... Wow. Well that was my crazy week!!! Love you!!
Mom:  So What's up today?

Jackson:  Nothing much we played soccer and ate now were writing. I am finishing the letter.

Mom:  How were all the new investigators with their baptismal dates?  Did Sabrina and ?? I can't remember the other guy you were talking about being baptized in the next couple weeks decide to commit?
Jackson:  YES the 22 of April!!!!

Mom:  That's awesome!  What do you think made the change of heart?

Jackson:  The Book of Mormon. They are actually reading it.

Mom:  That's awesome.  Just like Elder Costa said in his talk about his conversion.  That when he wasn't reading the Book of Mormon, the answers weren't coming.

Jackson:  I know it is awesome.

Mom:  Well, that was disappointing.  Alejandro told us all about the dog bit and had a video of you getting one of the shots that he sent me.  I guess it doesn't pay to get news early because I already knew that.  :(
Hey, Taylor Baton got her mission call to the Philippines.  She enters the MTC in the Philippines on Fri. Aug. 18th.  She is pretty stoked.  I'm not sure if Roger is all the way on board sending his daughter to a third world country, but it will all turn out fine.  Even after I heard you had been bitten by a dog, I was a little excited, but not too bad.  I'm actually a little more concerned now that you're telling me you had to get rabies shots.  How many times do you have to go get shots? or are you done?   And what the crap are you doing getting bit by a dog?

Jackson:  I'm sorry. Sometimes the dogs don't like when you walk in their area... But its all good. Rabies shots aren't too bad!

Mom:  Well, make sure you take care of it so it doesn't get infected.  Can't you run faster than your companion?? Seriously ;)  You know you just have to be faster than he is.

Jackson:  I told dad the story we weren't running.

Mom:  Well-- You're probably almost done.  Love you Bud!!  Have a great week!
Voice Recording:
Well Another week down.  It was a pretty good week this week, well, I don't know.  We had some good success this week, but some other things happened that weren't too cool.  So start with Tues.  we went with Jefferson and it was a really good lesson and then we talked to him and was like, well the thing is my relationship with God isn't that good.  So we're like hey, do you want to have a better one?  He was like Yes, yes, I want to.  So we explained to him how he could and it was really great. and then we went for my companion to do a baptismal interview, and the guy passed and I was really happy for him.  because now Elder Latu is going to baptize his first change, we're pretty sure.  but then we went to work and went to a lady that's blind, well pretty much blind, can't see at all.  but we try and take her to church and everything and we're teaching her.  The thing that happened that her dog has puppies and this dog is really a piece of trash and really really mean always barking and that Tuesday right as went to step into the house the freaking thing bit me.  BIT ME!! right on the left calf.  Bit me real good and hurt so freaking bad, and I tried to turn around and kick it but it had already turned and ran away.  I was pissed!  We finished the lesson with her and then we called the nurse because the rule is if you get bit by a dog you have to call the nurse and everything and we know her dog isn't vaccinated, doesn't have it's immunizations and everything so they would have to go watch her dog and we didn't want to lose an investigator that's really good, so we told them it was from the street.  Then we went to the freaking centro de salud and everything is free there.  They gave me 4 shots in the leg on 1 in each arm and I still have to go more times.  It was awesome, I spent 2 hours there waiting - it was ridiculous.  And then we taught a lesson with a less active family that has 2 girls that aren't baptized, so we're going to try and baptize them and everything.  Wed I had a hard time walking because the 4 shots and the dog bite weren't too good.  but we found 7 new investigator Wed and it was really cool.   And then we went to Sabrina, she's doing good.  She's awesome.  We also talked to another one of our investigators, Isabel and she gave us Mangos.  Wow, they were really good.  That's about all we did.
Thursday we visited Brian, well, we didn't visit Brian, we visited his Grandpa.  They're just investigators.  They're really good.  He finally prayed this time, like we couldn't get him to pray forever.  but we got him to pray so it was pretty sweet.
Saturday, wow, yeah Saturday it was that we went to go get the shots again because if I don't go get them again, then I have to redo it all again because it doesn't work.  it's like a live virus kind of thing like when you take typhoid pills you have to take them a certain day or it doesn't work.  And so, they told me you have to come in and take the shots. so wen went in and the nurse said oh, well, we don't have that shot anymore and we won't have it until after Easter week.  - that's like this week and they said come back next week.  So in 2 weeks. So we're like what the freak?!  So we called the nurse and she was like well, uh, I'm going to call the doctor.  The doctor said, no more monkeys jumping on the bed!  No!!  He said we had to go to the hospital in San Salvador and it was horrible.  And the thing cost $75, but fortunately my insurance covered it and everything.  and so it was way fast  they just went in and popped it in.  The shringes were way cooler than the other ones, they didn't even hurt.
Then we went to Stake Conference, we got a new stake president, he's straight Pilate.  My comp's making fun of me.  We went to stake conference and got pilot for our stake president.  His nick name is Pilate because he just, he washes his hands.  He always just says, oh yeah, you guys need to do this and that, but I'm only here to lead because he was in the stake presidency before.  And then started to work and contacted a ton, but we didn't get like any houses.  and we contacted this one guy.  Wow, he was bitter, sour, this man is sour.  So we were like hey, how are you? and He was all What do you guys want?  We're like ok, this is kind of normal.  So I was like, I'm going to ask for water this time, just trying something different right?  Hey you think you could give us some water?  He said to his son, go get them 2 bags of water.  I was like hey this guy is sweet.  and then - oh yeah, we drink bags of water here, we don't drink bottles-- an I was like this guy's sweet, so my comp goes hey, what's your name?  Why do you want to know my name?   We're like what the freak?  This guy's sour now.  We're like ok.  Oh, well, we just want to get to know you, we're missionaries and everything.  He's like I don't want to know your name, so why do you want to know mine?   We're like Uh?? And then I was like, because we're missionaries and we want to share a message with you.  And he was like no.  You asked me for water, I gave you water, now go on your way.  I was like woah, Wow!  So you said Good bye brother!  Like how we say brother to everybody. Hermano, Hermano.  And was like, I'm not your brother either.    We're like woah!!  how sour this guy is.  Then we found 2 young people, wow, they're really good, they're cousins.  Wow, they were amazing.  Their names are Jonathan and William.
We went to Sabrina's house and she wasn't there but Alex was and we taught him.  And he was like oh yeah, I feel; a lot better prepared for baptism now.  I was like yes yes yes!!
Well, that's all that we did.  We had a real good time.  Getting bit by a dog, getting shots, it was awesome.  Well, that's all I've got to say.  Love you, Bye!

April 3, 2017

New Elder from New Zealand in the middle by Jackson 

 Eating a fresh Mango
It was another busy week. They seem to fly by!  Carson had practice on Monday, Tuesday he worked with dad in the cage and pitched some. Wednesday they worked in the cage again and Sean came over for a while. He's doing great.  We left about 1030 Thursday morning for Mesquite. Carson had to be there to warm up at 4. The weather at home was terrible!  The wind was blowing, pouring rain, and cold. We were hoping for some nice weather but were sorely disappointed 😭. Landen's games were at 11 and 3, so Jolene and Kevin left Wednesday after work and went down. So I had asked Jolene what the weather was like when we left. She said it was nice.  So I was hopeful. We drove out if he rain about salt lake and drove into the wind about Fillmore. It was super gusty and blowing hard. It stayed with us the whole way there. There were high wind warnings till 11pm Thursday night. We watched part of Landen's game when we got there and the wind was blowing hard. I felt like I was in a sandblaster. I needed a scraper for my teeth😬.Just as Carson's game started it started to rain. And rain it did. Poured. They played their first game against the Colorado west lookouts. They played well. Carson had an error in 3rd where he was set up perfect to field the ground ball but didn't have his mitt on the ground and the ball rolled right under. He hit well. And actually got the walk off hit that scored a run and won the game. They played the Morgan Trojans for their 2nd game. Carson got to start pitching and did well. He pitched 2 innings.  They scored one run on him on a kid that got on base with a dropped 3rd strike. So all in all very good. He hit well in that game too.The wind died down about mid-way through the 2nd game but the rain didn't really let up. The rain was leaking through the umbrella it had rained so hard.We stayed in Mesquite so our hotel was just around the corner from the park which was nice. Friday morning we left to head to St George to be to Carson's warm up time for noon. And just as we left they texted and said the games were pushed back an hour  so we figured we would go watch Landen's games for a while. His games were pushed back an hour as well so we watched most of his first game and about 1/3 of the 2nd before we had to leave with Carson.  They played the Yetis first and won. And then they played Idaho Prime. They lost that game before they stepped out on the field.  Carson played well. He hit and got hit square in the back on purpose. They were kind of a low rent team. They were good but really had some bad practices. I'm sure dad told you all about it. So they lost that game. They went 3-1 for the tournament and made it to the championship. They played the Naturals and lost on Saturday morning in mesquite but it was a good tournament for them. And they had fun. And it was finally sunny on Saturday and snowing at home so we decided to stay. We went to St George to chili's for  lunch with Kevin and Jolene and then hiked around the red rocks for a while went and got ice cream at the iceberg and went back to mesquite to the hotel. The kids swam and played pickle ball. They opened a new hotel there that has a baseball field, batting cage, pool, pickleball, basketball, horseshoes, they are working on an indoor basketball, soccer, place too. It's a pretty cool place for kids. No casinos or smoking. And it wasn't super expensive. We listened to/ watched conference on my phone while we soaked up some sun before leaving on Sunday. And then listened to the 2nd session in the car in the way home.There were a couple talks that I really connected with. The one by the Latino 70 I think he is. His talk reminded me of some of the things your investigators have said about not having an answer yet. Basically he said he finally read the Book of Mormon and prayed. And got his answer. And the talk by elder Stevenson about the Holy Ghost and how it can help you.How does the Holy Ghost help you?  I think I will have to put that one on true mirror so we can remember and think about it each day. I always enjoy conference but I don't remember a lot so I like to pick a talk and listen to it a few times during the week and see what I can put into my mind and learn the things I am supposed to learn from it. It takes a while and I probably don't re listen to all the talks from conference and definitely not as much as I did when I was preparing young women lessons but it helps me remember and think about things that I probably wouldn't normally do. And keeps me centered and more focused on good things instead of things that aren't important. I hope that you were able to enjoy conference with some investigators. The spirit is definitely at work in our lives. 
Hopefully you have worked out a schedule and are not worried about a leadership position. As president ferry said. Don't aspire to callings. They will come as they are supposed to. Just work your hardest and do what YOU need to do to make you the best you can be. That means humbling yourself and taking counsel from the mission president and maybe your companion. Try to learn all you can from those around you and check your attitude and pride at the door. I know it's hard sometimes, but just because you don't get the leadership calling doesn't mean you can't do it or aren't just as qualified to do it. That's not how callings work.  I know you already know all this. And I know it's easier said than done. But I know you can do anything that you set your mind and heart to do. Work hard, be kind, love the people. Remember we love you and pray for you always.
So this week we did really good. We got a lot of people to accept baptismal dates. These people that we have been finding are amazing people. They are humbled to do the Lords will and that's all you can ask for right? I don't know but I am in love with this place. I do love my companion for all of those who just think I hate him. I just have a hard time with his decisions. He doesn't have a lot of time in the mission and doesn't make the wisest decisions. I try to help him and everything but sometimes he thinks because he is DL he is smarter then the things don't work out. Anyways... I am having a great time. I love the mission you learn how much the gospel really means to you and how much it can help you. This conference I learned a lot. I cant even tell you my favorite talk. But I will have to read and study the talks more. But this conference was awesome. I will let you know in coming weeks what one was my favorite. Here is a picture of a mango and this is a picture of the kid from New Zealand who is my best friend! Love you!!!!
Voice recording:

Well, we had a successful week, I would say.  It was General Conference.  I really liked it.  Wow!  It was really, really good.  It was incredible.  It was amazing General Conference was.  But that was at the end of the week, so we'll get to that in a minute.
So Pday, the first Pday of the change, we got in to the stake center and we played a little bit of soccer and then.  I was just passing the ball because I'm not very good at soccer and everything but it was really cool because we have an elder that is from New Zealand and Wow, this guy is awesome! He's Brand, brand new and the ex zone leader from Blanding Utah- He's really cool too, he's training him  this change and then he's going home this change too, Elder Palmer.  So, this guy, my companion is still crazy and everything.  He's like oh, we need to change the dinner time and everything and it's like wow dude!  you need to chill out!  But it's alright.
We contacted on Monday because, I mean, it was just, there was nothing to do because we didn't have any lessons.
Tuesday we did some service.  We made mops with an investigator in Apopa.  With Elder Palmer and Elder Latu?  Their investigator.  It was really cool.  Then we went to our investigator, her name is Isabel and we shared lesson 1 and they accepted a baptismal date and everything.  They are really good people.  And then we went to one dude and he's like he's crazy.  We taught him exactly what we do and he's like no you guys, you worship Joseph Smith and I mean like that's not ok.  I know the commandments and that's not ok.  I was like you heard me pray, I didn't worship Joseph Smith.  Anyways.
Then we went to Sabrina's and we even found Alex reading the Book of Mormon and everything, it was awesome and we put another baptismal date with them, April 22nd and we hope that is the last one.  Then we found another funny guy.  So we were talking about the true church, and that Joseph Smith wanted to know what the true church was and he goes the Catholic Church and I laughed and we finished the lesson and he accepted a baptismal date too.  It was pretty cool.  He wanted to be baptized and everything, but we'll see how it goes.
The next day I was with Elder Latu in Divisions (Splits) oh wow it was super fun.  I mean he doesn't talk like Spanish obviously at all.  but he tries his best and he contacts and he just takes the things that they are doing and he starts doing them for them.  Like if they're watering their garden,  he'll take the hose and start watering the garden for them while I talk to them.  I was like oh alright.  it was funny, A drunk guy wanted to talk to us.  He said he was in the army and everything and he lifted up his shirt and he didn't have a tattoo or anything, like he might have had a little one.  but he's like hey, take a picture, take a picture.  And we sat him down and I took away his alcohol like a 1/2 bottle of alcohol - it's like 50% alcohol here, it's stronger than vodka, and I took it from him and I dumped it out in front of him.  And he was like no, no, why'd you do that?  And I was like because Im helping you keep a commandment and he was like oh, ok.  and then we ended the changes and the next day, we started committing people for conference.  We were teaching a lot of people we found a 17 year old.  His name is Oscar he's the nephew of Alejandro, mas or menos, he's a little tough.  But I think we can get to him with Alejandro.  We finished the month of March on Friday and we visited Martinez again and he is really good.  We also visited a recent convert family that has been recently less active. but they're really amazing they are the Hernandez Family.  They are extraordinary, like the are just so nice and friendly that it's amazing. then we went looking for somebody but he wasn't there and we found another investigator that's really good, I forgot his name, but he should be really good.
Then Conference, wow conference.  Wow.  Like I said, it was amazing.  I really liked the ones about the spirit and how they said we need to rely on the spirit.  Like Elder Rasband's was amazing, I really liked that talk.  and there were some really good talks on Saturday from the 70's.  the 70' had some really good talks.  And I really liked how Pocatello, ID is going to get a temple.  That was really cool to find that out.  Oh even Alex and Sabrina went to General conference.  and they're struggling with the Book of Mormon and they went to the conference when President Monsen talked about the Book of Mormon.  I was really happy about that.  That was really cool.  I was pretty proud about that, and I hope that they get baptized in the next few weeks.
That's all I did this week.  I had a great time this week, trying at least.  Well that's all I've got to say.  This is my jam and this is for you guys.  I love you guys!  See Ya!

Mom:  So how was your week?  How was conference?

Jackson:  It was great :) I am so happy that we watched it. But wow it was amazing

Mom:  It was!-- Each talk I listened to, I heard something that would help me and also listened for things that might help you.  There was so much- like always- that we can use to make us better people.

Jackson:  They were really good. I think I filled like 10 pages of notes for all the conferences.

Mom:  I didn't take any notes, so I'll have to go back and listen to them all again because I don't remember much :)  It's that old age thing again.  We missed Saturday's sessions because Carson was playing ball and they missed Priesthood meeting too.  That was kind of sad because that is dad's favorite session.  I guess we'll have to take Sunday afternoons and listen to a talk a week for a while.  (like I could get either of them to do that. :()

Jackson:  Hahha wow but priesthood session was incredible. hey did Lexie really get engaged...?

Mom:  She did.  On Saturday.  You aren't surprised are you?  I'm not even one little bit.  I never thought she would make it more than a year before she got married.  She seems happy and he seems nice.  He's a wrestler at UVU so he'll fit right in the family.   Life moves and changes pretty fast.  Heck- she could have a baby before you guys all get home.

Jackson:  I want permission to call at the same time as Chance or Andy... So I could talk to them. Oh did you know the comp of Cameron is from my stake?

Mom:    I'm glad that you don't hate your companion.  You have already learned that it definitely doesn't help you get in doors when you don't have the spirit with you as a companionship.
I don't know how you would do that unless we all hung out at the same houses so I would guess that isn't going to happen. 
That's pretty cool.  I'll let Nicole know that. 

Jackson:  I don't know if he still is his comp. But I got the letter from the Bown's and then I saw it.

Mom:  That's cool you got the letter from Becky.  I keep wondering if you get them or not.
I don't know how much time you have left. But have a great week.  Keep up the good work and get along with your companion.  
Love you.

Jackson:  Love you mommy!!! Have a great week :)  

Thursday, April 6, 2017

April 5, 2017 Dog Bite!!

He's Ok- I guess?

He did go and get some kind of shot. I guess we will hear about it next week in his letter.  He is still a super big baby about needles.  It kind of makes me laugh.    

Monday, April 3, 2017

March 27, 2017

Transfer Day with Elder De Los Santos

Another week passed like a whirlwind. Carson had practice Monday 7-830 and Tues. 8-10. I took him on Monday and made dad take him on Tues because I didn't want to drive the canyon that late at night. He is loving his new team. The coaches and kids have welcomed him and he's learned a lot. They are a fun group of kids and coaches.
Wednesday he has young men's with the Miamaids. He and Brother Mortensen planned it at 5pm πŸ˜•. They said it was fun. They watched the face to face with elder Holland and had treats. It pretty much rained the rest of the week. It was nice on Sunday but it's crappy and cold again today.
I was reading this morning about Amalickiah and Lehonti and just thinking about how we can all be poisoned by degree against things that are good. And how we don't even realize it is happening.
I read an article yesterday that a couple people had posted on Facebook about the church and how there is going to be a revolution of sorts. What I got out of it is That the members of the church need to be -I don't think tolerant is the right word, because the commandments are cut and dried no grey area- but forgiving and accepting of people that are trying to be better and do better and are repenting and need encouragement and acceptance and not judgmental because they look different or maybe don't do things exactly how WE might think they should. (Just because it's different doesn't mean it's wrong).
I guess I'm getting old. I feel like I'm a lot less judgmental and will give people the benefit of the doubt much quicker that I used to. I'm sure I still jump to conclusions and say things I shouldn't, but it is definitely something that I have been working on or I guess more noticed that I have evolved over the years.
I like the thought that I've heard that we should see people as they can be and not as they are. I really like that.
We need to be able to allow people to repent. We talk about it and profess to believe in it but do we actually allow people to repent and be someone different or do we judge them by the things hey have done in the past?  And make them feel like they can't actually be forgiven.   I now to some degree the latter is more the case. That people return to church but feel like they are still being judged or talked about because they had some kind of problem in their life or made some bad choices.  It shouldn't be like that. We should welcome them and show them that we can be their friend and help them through whatever it might be that they are struggling with.  As a missionary you have to have that quote as your mantra I would guess. Otherwise what is the point?  If you don't truly believe in the Atonement and repentance what is the point of any of it?
Just rambling. SorryπŸ˜‰
I listened to the general women's session. The talks were good but I honestly don't remember what they said. I'll have to listen to them again through the week and see if I can actually learn something that I remember. Old age is creeping in. πŸ˜‚
So tell us about your new companion. How long has he been out, where's he from?  What other changes were made in your zone and district?

Hope you had a better week than last and that you are working hard and learning a lot.
Love you

So this week I got my new comp. He is Elder Giron from Guatemala. He is an okay guy. I don't think he has ever worked in his life because he wants to work so much right now and doesn't understand some of the things that happen here. He only has 3 months in the mission and the president put him as DL over me. I am a little upset about that, but whatever right. Then he only thinks about the freaking numbers. He is super dry.. With the investigators he is only a missionary like he tries to be their friend but doesn't know how. He wants to change our dinner time because we don't work enough in the day and all that crap. But hey this week we have been working really good we have been finding really good people to teach and some people just need to go to church and we can baptize them. I hope that these people go to church. I also found these sweet Napoleon Dynamite sticky notes wow am I happy for those!!!! Hahah so anyways We are working hard. I am frustrated with the comp but I guess I need to learn patience. Well I will continue to work hard and do my best. I love you :)

Mom:  Well-- I'm sorry you aren't loving your new comp.  but you need to have a good attitude and all will be good.  I think the Lord is trying to teach you humility.  Just because you can handle the leadership position doesn't have anything to do with whether or not it is your calling at a certain time. All the Elders you have served with have been called for a purpose that you don't know anything about.  It isn't something that you need at this time.  It doesn't mean that your mission is less important or that they are doing a better job or are more spiritual than you are, just that it is their calling at this time.  I think that there are usually multiple choices for qualified people to be put in different callings and the Lord puts the person that is needed at that time for a certain purpose.

Jackson:  I know but this kid has never worked in his life. He only bowled.... Like bowling with pins. But he is like we have to work 8 hours in the day and I just want to smack him. Like he has no Idea... But whatever right.

Mom:  That seems kind of strange. I guess the stereotypes of poor people that have to work 23 hours a day so they don't starve to death aren't applying to this guy. But maybe that's why he has the calling-- to teach him how to work. You can help him with that and remind him that they are people not numbers. Whether or not they join the church or what their issues may be, they deserve to be treated with respect.

Jackson:  He only wants to work. Like never take a break.... He is so weird.. I hate it... But I will rip on him with scriptures if he starts to change my groove

Mom:  So I'm confused. You don't want to work??

Jackson:  Yes I do. From 1-7 like normal. Not 1030 (when we should study the language) -12 and then 1-7 I just want to work my hours and rest. Like he doesn't understand that the people don't receive us during that time. and he will learn that he is wrong. I will just say the D&C 10 that says don't work more than you can but diligently.

Voice Recording:
We had another week pass by.  We are honestly killing it.  We are putting fire to this place. That's all I know.   What did we do this week??
This week we had changes, a little saddening.  My Dominican Negro left me, but I got a new kid se llama - his name is Elder Giron, he has 3 months in the mission and they put him as district leader over me heh heh :( get you huh?!  .  Really cool huh?  I'm a little upset for that.  Alejandro and todo -all the people  here are a little upset for it too, but it's alright- it doesn't matter.
This week we found a lot of really good people.  Like they're really good, and we found out why Alex doesn't want to be baptized too. So that's really good too.  He doesn't want to be baptized because the Bible doesn't say that Joseph Smith is a prophet and all this and that, so we kind of explained to him and he feels a lot better about it now but still we need to keep working with him so he can feel that.   We still don't know Sabrina's problem, so we're going to find that out this week. And   What else did we do?  That's about it.  We just worked a lot a lot a lot.  We worked a lot.  We found 18 new people to teach this week, so I was pretty happy about that. We're honestly killing it.   We're doing really good.  I'm excited for this change cause I feel like we're going to baptized a lot; because the people that we've found have been really really good.  The only problem is General Conference is this week and Stake Conference is next week.  And they always do it in Apopa which is 30 minutes by bus 20 minutes by car but nobody has a car here.  So it's a little harder to go.  But we'll get some people there.
I'm actually excited for General Conference.  I'm going to try and watch it in English so I can--like I understand all of what they're saying and everything, but I'd just rather watch it in English, because it's just a 100 times better in English.
That's all I've got to say for this week.  Hope you all had a great week!
Love you!