Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day- May 29, 2017

Estevana-- (She's the lady with the dog that bit me) 

Holy crap that suit is hideous!!!

Well, last week was kind of a blur.  Carson didn't have practice all week because all the kids on the team were having legion tryouts. So Monday we went to Easton and Lily's pitching machine game. They played against each other. It was pretty entertaining. Then Carson practiced some pitching and hitting for a while out at the Corinne park. Then Tuesday we worked in the yard until dark. Dad got the sprinklers going and Carson and I got the flower bed in the back ready to plant and transplanted about 40 strawberry plants. So we got a lot done. Maybe we'll be home early enough today to get some more done. πŸ˜€ Carson is totally against that planπŸ˜‚.
Wed. Carson had an awards night for having a 4.0 all year and then he and dad went out to the ball field and worked with Kevin and Landen for a while. While they were out here it started to hail and downpour. They came home soaked.
Thursday we went to work came home and cleaned the house and finished up the laundry and went to Spanish fork for the night since Carson had to be at the field at 8 on Friday morning.  He played ok the first game. And better the 2nd game. It's sad that a few of the kids don't really care and it brings the whole team down. He's still had a lot of fun though. After Carson's games we went to Springville and watched Landen's games. He was playing for the Cache Wolverines. They're pretty good. The first game they won by a lot.  Then the 2nd game they lost but I was keeping score and hey wanted to call the game an inning early because the other team was showing they we up by 9 and I showed them up by 8. They were home team so really my score didn't matter. But that was a lot of pressure on the score keeper. I know my score was right. The difference in our books went back to the 1st inning. I can't even explain what the deal was but he was wrong!! It was crazy.
Saturday Carson played at 9 and 11. They played terrible the first game. And then the 2nd game they played well. They ended up losing 5-4. But it was a good game. Carson hit one over the fence and the road-- too bad it went foul. πŸ™ƒ then he hit to the fence and the next time he was up straight out to centerfield but they were backed up for it and caught it but he got an RBI.
We went to Landens games after out in Alpine. We missed most of the first one because we stopped and got lunch but the 2nd game was a total blow out. They won 31-1. And it would have been worse if they hadn't started stopping the stealing and and only let them go one base when they hit except when they hit home runs   over the fence which was like 6 or 7. A couple of them grand slams. The fence was pretty short and the one kid I swear was as big as Carson.  We went to chilis after for dinner.
I woke up Sunday morning about 452am with a pounding headache and sick to my stomach. It was awesome. So I stayed in the room while Carson and dad went to breakfast and to the pool without me. They were headed to go on a hike and whatnot but I got ready and made my way out the door about 11. I had a piece of toast and some more medicine and finally felt somewhat human. I even made the hike to buffalo peak, that was pretty much straight up the mountain, without throwing up. Then we went through Provo canyon to park city and had lunch at a little place called Davanza's. It was pretty good and not a chain.  Then we headed to salt lake to the bees game. It was a good game but they ended up losing 7-9.
Today is Memorial Day. We are still down in Orem this morning. I think we're going to go get Carson a tournament shirt and head for home. We are having a safety meeting tomorrow morning at 730 and need to do a few things to make sure we're prepared. It's been a fun weekend but life is calling. School's out but Carson starts back to weightlifting tomorrow and speed training Tuesday  and thurs at 6. And summer ball starts next week too like the 6th I think. We haven't really heard since Carson isn't on the same team as the other kids. We're trying to stay in the loop.
Dads uncle Winston (Paulette's husband) passed away last Tuesday or Wednesday and his funeral next Saturday.  Carson has games so we'll have to split up and least for part of the day.
Anyway- how was your week?  Do they have big holidays that everyone is off work and does fun things or how does it all work?  Just wondering about their culture. Some things seem like here but then not really. I got your birthday package sent off so hopefully you get it by your birthday, but I'm not really hopeful of that. Did you ever get your shoes that I sent?  I'm thinking maybe I should send smaller packages maybe they wouldn't take so long to get there??  But then really it usually is only taking 2 weeks to show delivered but then you don't get them for weeks after. It kind of bugs me but I guess that isn't the mission priority.  Maybe the AP's are jealous so they done bring your stuff to you 😳??
Did your baptisms happen on Saturday?  How about Sabrina?  How's she doing?  Anyone new you're teaching?  How's the companion?  Any cool pday things planned?
Work hard. Listen to the promptings that come- don't talk yourself out of things. πŸ˜‰
Love you

1:05pm Jackson:  I'm On.

1:53pm Mom:  Sorry. We got home and I was cleaning the garage and forgot to check my email. What's up today?  Working hard this week?  Lots of walking?

Jackson:  Ya and lots of talking and lots of everything!

Mom;  Btw Carson doesn't know yet but he is coming with us to Hawaii. πŸ˜‰.  I used my skylines and got all our flights for $33. So that's what we're doing for our 25th Anniversary. I'm pretty excited about it.

Jackson:  That is awesome. Thanks for doing something cool with me ;)

Mom:  Yeah whatever. We did cool stuff last year with both of you.

Jackson:  Not even close ;)

Mom:  Seriously. Yosemite, Redwoods, Giants games, Alcatraz, San Francisco. That's what you wanted to do.

Jackson:  Are you kidding me??? I didn't get the choice of Hawaii ;)

Mom:  True. I didn't think about using sky miles. And I wouldn't have had enough For 4 tickets anyway. Oh well.

Jackson:  Wow that's cool but you know.

Mom:  Ok. You keep thinkin that.

Jackson:  Hahha I'm just kidding. I loved my trip con todo ;)

Mom:  That suit is hideous!  You actually paid good money for the OMH!!!!   Have a great week!!

Love you

Jackson:  Love you mommy :) 

Voice Recording:

Alright this week.  I would say it was another good week.  We had some success.  We also had some struggles, like every week I guess, I don't know.
But let's just start with Tuesday and I'll go through my week.
Start with Tuesday, We visited a girl named Alejandra.  She is 20 years old and WOW!! She is the smartest girl I have ever know in my entire life.  She never loses a second, she is always doing something productive in every second.  Like every second she is doing something productive.    She straight machete's us like when we say something, she drills us with something.  But Tuesday, we visited her and she's like well, your pamphlets- the pages are like folded a little bit, they're a little bit dirty.  I mean- I heard someone that said to a Jehovah's witness that said - they probably picked this out of the street.  We were like O.  Good thing we had some good ones too.  I mean.  But the pamphlets get a little dirty in your backpack and no one complains, but she was the first one who complained.  Then we went and talked to Isabel and Marvin.  They're doing good.  They need to come to church one more time, but they're doing good.  Marvin's struggling, like I don't think he really cares, but he's a 15yr old teenager so- we all know how they are-mmmm.  haha.  We visited Jose, he's - wow- this guy.  He can't really hear and he can't really talk very good, but he is amazing.  We found him our first day together, Elder Perez and I, and it was really cool.  we visited some other people too.  That was Tues.

Wed. we had our district meeting it was really good.  I like our district meetings, they're really good.  And we visited, umm another Jose, but this one is Jose Armondo. He uh, he's alright, he's a little crazy, he was illegal in the states for a while.  It was funny how he told us this story.  Well, yeah, I was in the states and this and that and then they started cracking down on the illegals so I left.  They don't even know that I was there.  Like wow, alright.  He's not bad guy either.  We visited Sabrina a little bit too.  And there's a lady that we visit.  Her name's Elia.  Man her life is tough.  Her daughter like hates her and tries to fight with her and like wants her to die and stuff like that.  She kicked her out of the house, she's done a lot of stuff, but she still pays for her other house, she still gives her food and stuff like that.  but she keeps her kids and all that.  you know it's a bad situation, but we visit her and have a good time with them.   And then.  Yah that was that day and then, Thursday rolled a round.
We've got Thursday and we visited Isabel and Marvin again.  It was a good day I feel like.  I thought it was good.  We visited them and then we went and visited someone who's the mom of a recent convert named Okelley.  His mom is Eveline.  The only problem is she's not married.  ahh.  It's difficult when they're not married, I mean I know she's not keeping the word of wisdom, but that's a lot faster to change than a marriage.  So we visited her for a bit, she's a great gal.  And then We visited a guy named Jorge he's a less active for years, years.  His 2 children are not baptized and one's 18 and the other one's 14 or 15.  We visited with him and talked to him about reading the scriptures and praying every day and they're like alright, alright, we'll do it, we'll do it.
We visited Jose again, the guy who can't hear or talk. And we visited a little girl, but her mom said that she can't be baptized until she's like 18.  or 16 when she knows that she's making her own choice.  so that was a little tough for us.
Fri we had the interview for Isabel and Marvin, but Marvin wasn't there and Isabel passed the interview, but she still needs to come to church one more time.  Then we visited Elia again and we visited some other people, I can't remember who we visited, but we visited a couple more people.
then  Saturday.

Saturday started off with a baptism, it was awesome.  We baptized Hermana Estevana.  She is 74 years old and she cannot see.  Well, she can see a little bit, but really not at all.  Then we started visiting all just about all our investigators and committed them to come to church on Saturday.  It was good.  We visited a lot of people.
Then Sunday we confirmed Estevana.  Jose came too and we did his interview so he's getting baptized this Saturday, but Hermana Isabel and Marvin didn't come to church, so we have to postpone another week til they come to church which is tough but it's alright.  then what else did we do.  We went to Okelley's and we ate a bunch of pupusas.  His mom made them and we also - my comp gave a talk and I wore a red suit to church.  That's right a red suit.  And then we.  We had another lesson with Jorge and his family.  And it was really good and I felt the spirit.  it was really good.  Well, that was our week.  We're just killing it.  We're gonna baptize next week too!  Well, have a great week.

Carson's Letter
Hey bud can you believe it has almost been a year and I get my permit soon and I start high school sports next year. We lost all four of our games for Memorial Day but we still have next week and Idaho falls after that then we have legion I haven't heard much from you lately but Chance said you emailed him back the other week he was excited. We went to a bees game yesterday and they lost 9-7 but it was still a good game. We start lifting tomorrow and I have speed camp and wrestling camp next week all week plus everything else. Mr. Findlay has a job next year at Ridgeline so we are getting a new teacher it sucks. Mom and dad are going to Hawaii on the Fourth of July without me. Today we were invited to two barbecues one at the Baker's and the other at the Adams the Adams are having smoked goose and duck. Guardians of the galaxy 2 came out and me and chance might go see it tomorrow. So how have you been. What have you done in the last few weeks.
PS respond to this to my email ok
Jackson:  Ya sorry man. Whats up? I hope you can drive because you're kinda slow in the brain... Anyways That sucks that Mr. Findlay is leaving but hey take 3 tris of orchestra because you don't want to take a fine arts class later. I promise. Wrestling camp is dope I hope you like it this year. Keep staying tough in baseball. Do as much as you can to get better. Love you
Carson:  Well all of that is true except I am not slow in the brain.  
Carson:  By the way love the suit

Jackson:  I know its dope huh :)

Carson:  Heck yeah man.

May 22, 2017

The week's really go by fast!  I keep telling myself that I will write early or a little every day, but the days go by and here is it Monday again.  I will be honest, this is my least favorite part of missionaries.  (the letter writing)  It's not that I don't want to communicate, just I really don't like trying to think of things to tell you that aren't completely yawn worthy. :)  Our lives are busy, but busy with pretty much the same things every week.  It's almost like the movie 'Ground Hog Day', only every once in a while we stop for a minute and realize that things have actually changed and hopefully we are moving forward and are better people because of the experiences we had, even though going through the motions we didn't notice anything.

Any way- last week was more of the same- Carson didn't have practice Monday- games Tues. the first game they played and won, the 2nd game they started and it was pouring so they only played 2 innings, Practice Wed. and 2 games Thurs.  the first one started at 600 the weather was drizzly the whole time, so everyone was wet and cold- they played really well.  The 2nd game was against the Ridgeline Green team and pretty much they had decided they were done before they started and it wasn't pretty.  They had a few good plays, and some of the kids were all in, but you know the drill-- if they are all there, it doesn't happen.  The kids are good kids, but they just don't have enough confidence in their own abilities.  They are just as good as the other teams, they just lack confidence.  Friday the Cache Valley Wolverines (like the Brigham City Peaches) had a youth baseball camp and asked the teenage kids to help.  He had a lot of fun and then the team had a party over at the Coaches house and Carson spent the night so we didn't have to pick him up late and be back in Logan at 8am.  
Taylor and Kayla got Sealed in the Logan Temple on Saturday morning.  It was a really nice ceremony.  The sealer talked about the people that were there, and not just the ones we could see.  It was pretty amazing to know that Grandpa Layne was there and My Grandparents and Dad's Grandparents.  I know they were all there and they were so happy to see them be sealed together for eternity.  We were all wishing that you could have been there too, but you are where you are supposed to be right now.  Grandma and Grandpa, Jolene and Kevin, Grandma Lou, Kirk, Scott, Peggy and Val, Chad and Latisha, Shand and Chloe, one of his mission companions from Dallas- Cole Barber, Coach Rip, Wes and Carolyn (Taylor's voice teacher), their bishop, Kayla's aunt, her brother Shane and his Wife Danielle were there, it was great too see the support that they had.  They did some pictures (I didn't get any with my after and then we went to Texas roadhouse for lunch after.  
We missed Carson's first game because we were at the temple, but they won, and then his 2nd game was at 5 so we had lunch and then hung out at the ball park and watched some of the younger kids' games while we waited for Carson's next game to start.  He was hanging out with Drew for the day.  They lost their last game 8-9- but they made a comeback from 7-1 and were ahead going into the last 1/2 of the last inning, but the other team was home team and they didn't hold them.  It's all good.  Carson hit a single, double, and got hit by pitch- he threw his bat down and stared down the pitcher on his way to 1st.  It was hilarious ;)  He got a little talking to on first base from the coach, but I think he thought it was pretty funny too.  He got hit square in the back- Thurs, and in the morning game Saturday and then the last game.  I guess he was tired of getting hit.  
Yesterday we had our home teaching dinner.  Everyone came- Burt's, Baker's, Bailey's ,and Greene's.  We invited our new home teachers, Adam Price and Jackson Tuckett also.  The Tuckett's came.  They bought Wayne Johnson's house.  They are really nice- young couple, no kids- he is Carson's Sunday School teacher and Carson really likes him.  It was fun like always and everyone was saying that they missed you.  Brandon will be a senior next year and getting ready to head out on his mission shortly after you come home- his birthday is in July- it's weird to see everyone growing up and moving on to bigger and better things in their lives. 
Austin Bingham will be headed to Mexico, Taylor Baton to the Philippines, Lexie will be married- it's crazy to think about.  
Camille Bailey wrote you a letter and Amber said she was going to asked you if you still remembered Doug.  Amber didn't know if she actually did, but it was pretty funny.  Make sure you take the time to write those kids back. It will mean a lot to them.  
Did you get your package yet??

I didn't get anything sent for your Birthday yet either, but this is the week.  Carson doesn't have practice all week and he's just got awards night at the middle school for 4.0 all year on Wed. hitting with Lisa Thurs. then we head to Spanish Fork for 9am and 1pm games on Fri and I think the same on Sat. and then we're going to the Bees game and what ever for the rest of the weekend and coming home on Monday.  So a pretty lax week for the most part.  If the weather stays like it is today, maybe we can get our yard work done and finish the stairs on the deck?  I can dream.  

How did your week go?  Are all your baptisms still on or was it Saturday that they were supposed to happen?  Hopefully you are working hard and having fun at the same time.  
Love You

Hey so this week was a blast full of work and not too much play. We worked really hard so we could have 3 baptisms this week but 2 aren't going to happen because they didn't come to church. I am a little sad for that but I guess its alright. I have been doing really good working with my new comp. He and I are always having fun and just killing it. I mean I love working with him. We found someone super cool but we judged her... I mean just about any missionary would. She was taking bible studies so we didn't want to go back.. But we did because we felt like we should. She told us she was waiting for us and feels like it is true because she read and prayed. But she studied the pamphlet we gave her. I am so glad we went back. Well that is what happened this week. Have a great week love you!!!

Jackson:  Hey I'm writing the letter... The computer deleted my photos i took today...

Mom:  Well that sucks. What have you been up to today?  Anything fun?

Jackson:  We went to the waterfalls.... I was super excited to send the fotos but the freaking computer deleted them..

Mom:  So what do you mean you judged her??

Jackson:  We said oh she won't progress

Mom:  Yeah- I guess you never know who is sincerely looking for answers to life's questions and who thinks they already know all the answers.  

I read an article recently that has been posted several times around about the "Revolution to come in Mormonism"  (I don't know if that's the title, but something like that.)  - what I got out of it that Mormons are all super judgmental and not Christlike in the way they treat people and basically think we're better than everyone else that isn't or even sometimes is Mormon.  
I am not discounting the theory that people in general are judgmental, because we all are- but it really bugs me that there is so much "Mormon bashing" going on in the comments of this article about how bad Mormons are and that we judge everyone that is different than us.  Again- people do judge for whatever reasons, but don't single out a certain religion and make us out to be the only religion that has ever judged someone.  It gets me pretty fired up.  I will admit, I've probably judged my fair share in my life, but I'd like to think as I've gotten older that I'm a little more kind and understanding of people and their situations, or at least that I keep my thoughts to myself.

Jackson:  Hahah you have no idea. The people will listen to any religion besides the JWs and us

Mom:  It's crazy the things people say.  The sad thing is, it's usually someone that used to be LDS that is saying  how bad the members are.  I will agree that we probably don't have the same issues as some wards in different areas, but I have heard people that have been in our ward say that we are clicky because so many of us have been in the ward since in was established in 1987 and knew each other since before then.  

Jackson:  Who cares. My new motto besides cut grass and catch bass is no me importa no voy a perder nada

Mom:  I don't know what that means.

Jackson:  I don't care I'm not gonna lose anything

Mom:  so who didn't get baptized or isn't getting baptized yet.

Jackson:  Isabel and Marvin they didn't come to church but they are coming this week so next week

Mom:  Well- that's good.  Sounds like things are going good!  Did you get your package yet?

Jackson:  Nope I'm gonna ask today. I'll get my suit Friday so I'll wear it Sunday and send pictures I love you mommy but gotta go :) Have a great week

Mom:  Love you too!

Voice Recording:
Well, This week was really good, we were working really hard.  We've been getting a lot of people with baptismal dates that are actually progressing.  That's really good.  Two of our investigators didn't come to church so their baptismal date fell through, but we just pushed it back for one more week.   They're just gonna go to church so we're not too worried.   It's because the one kid was sick so he couldn't go.  We were sad but-  We have a baptism that's going to be happening this Saturday.  Her name is Estevana, she can't see like about anything, but she is like Wow, She is AWESOME!  I mean she can't see but she can - I don't even know- She just goes to church.  She's just hey drop me off at the church, she doesn't have an excuse, she just goes.  I love it because she really just does what she's asked.  It's awesome.

Then we had some- it was hard this week, we'll be honest.  There was a lot of stuff that wasn't going our way, but now we're happy because it's going our way.  We've got the baptism planned, we've got the talks given out.  All we have to do is Friday go fill the baptismal font up and Saturday baptize her and then Sunday confirm her.  I mean-- It's awesome.
Another guy who is our investigator, he's like- they asked him, so when are you going to be baptized and he's all next week.  And we're like woah- you've got to come to church one more time before and he's like alright, ok.  So that's really cool.  
But, I would have to say that this week was a success.  Even though it was tough.  I learned a lot of things this week that were really important to me.  We cleaned the house and we also cleaned the outside of the house.   Because, man it looked like we were living in the abandoned house, but now it looks good.  
Well, that's all I've got to say.  Have a great time!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

May 15, 2017 Happy Mother's Day!

Well,  It was great to be able to talk to you yesterday.  You look like you are loving the mission.  There will always be things that happen that aren't great, but your attitude will make the difference.  
I'm glad that you like your new companion.  That is definitely helpful to a successful experience, but you can learn a lot of things about yourself if you don't necessarily fit with a companion as well.
It was a bummer that Macey didn't make it in time, but it's all good.  Landen and Easton we glad to be there are talk to you for a minute.  They stayed and played games with Taylor and Kayla and then ball in the yard with Carson for hours after we finished talking to you.  
Dad and I stayed at Grandma's for a little while and watched Last Man Standing.  That show is hilarious.  We went home around 7 and dad got some meat ready to smoke for Gary.  He is doing that today.  I guess the guy that was supposed to take care of all the food for some Search and Rescue training weekend backed out at the last minute and they are scrambling to get everything put together.  
So Carson and Kourtney sang in Sacrament meeting yesterday and I missed it because I was SOOO sick yesterday morning.  I still don't feel great, but it will pass eventually I guess.  Sometimes being a girl really SUCKS!!  
Anyway-- He recorded it for me.  They sounded pretty good.  If the file will send, I will send it to you.  
Last week was busy as usual, but seriously, not even close to as busy as we were when all 3 of you were at home.  I swear I get less done though.  The house does seem to be quite a bit cleaner for the most part though.  Definitely easier to keep up with, even though Carson is messier than you were and that's saying a lot because you were a complete slob.  Taylor too.  It makes me crazy!!
Carson didn't have practice Monday, but had football camp after school all week til 5:15.  Tues. He went to football and we picked him up from there and went straight to his game in Providence he was so wiped out by the end of the game.  Wed. he had practice and missed the Young Men's service Project.  Thurs.  He didn't go to Football because it was the scrimmage and it started at 5 and he had to be in Providence at 6 for his baseball game. We also had tickets for the Bees game in the booth that night.  So I took Carson to his game and Dad went to the Bees game with Gary and Kelsey and the Noordas.  He said it was a great game and the weather was good.  
Friday I picked Carson up from Football about 5 and we didn't do ANYTHING!!  It was nice. I didn't even feel guilty.  The wind was blowing super hard so I didn't want to plant my plants because I figured they would all be broken off before morning.  The power went out around 10, so we just went to bed.  Which wasn't a bad idea since we had to leave at 8 for Saturday games.  
Carson had the 10 and 6 game, so it made for a long day.  We got done with the first game around noon and got Carson some lunch and then took him and Drew up to Jaxon's house to hangout for the day.  Then Dad and I went to lunch.  We tried out the HuHot.  It wasn't too bad.  Then we went to Shopko and got Carson a long sleeve dri-fit shirt and a sweatshirt since he didn't listen to me when I said it was going to be cold and didn't bring anything warm.  Then we went to Sam's for a bit and went back to the park and visited with Kim and Brian and Sue and Mike and watched the Bee's play for a bit.  Then we went and picked Carson and Drew up so they could get warmed up for their game.  
They won their games on Thurs and Sat. They played pretty good. They are all definitely getting better.  I just wish there was a way to make them have confidence in themselves, because that's what they're missing.  They aren't superstars but they are good they just can't see that.  It's amazing how life can knock you down and a lot of people can't come back from it.  
Anyway-- What is going on for this week for you?  Are you doing anything fun for Pday today? 
Good plans for this week?  I forgot to ask what you wanted for your Birthday-- I want to send it this week since it seems like the packages are taking forever to get to you.  
Did you get your one with the shoes yet?

Have a good week.  Keep working hard.

Love you

This week I talked to the fam!!! It was great. I don't have very much to say but this week was a week full of hard work and it definitely paid off. We contacted 101 people. Which is share a principle of the gospel and try and get in the house. We then had 33 new investigators. We don't mess around. We get into the houses where there are men ;) but this week has been awesome with my comp. We are learning a ton. Especially from president. He taught me in my interview that when I ask something in my pray I'll get it. Because I was wondering how to have more investigators. I've been asking for people to teach. And I have been getting people to teach. So I need to ask for people who are ready to be baptized. I was really stunned. Something so simple that I teach everyday I wasn't doing. But My president is the best in the world so I can always count on him to help me see the way that I'm struggling. I also am just in love with the mission. Maybe not the heat... It is like 98 everyday and We just want it to rain. In this week we are going to work hard to set baptismal dates with everyone of the 33 that we found. We know that it wont happen but we will get as many as possible. Well that would be my crazy week!!! I hope you have a great one!!! Love you :)

I see that you're on but my email isn't working for some reason and won't download the message right now.  How's your day going?

Jackson:  It is good. I mean we have done anything because our district leader doesn't ever want to do anything with us...

Mom:  Why do you need the district leader to do stuff?

Jackson:  We don't but he says we are going to do something then tells us oh no they didn't say anything so do what you want and half our P-Day is gone and we still have to buy and eat a few things.

Mom:   I see how it is. You talked to me yesterday so today you can write to al your friendsπŸ˜•

Jackson:  I'm writing to you? Only dad and you are writing me...?

Mom:  Still need to know what you want me to send for your birthday.

Jackson:  Ties. That are cool... And maybe some beef jerky. Teriyaki but candy and what you guys think I feel like I don't need anything. But send me mountain dew... at least one bottle...

Mom:  You said you aren't supposed to drink it. You are already going to push the red suit thing. Are you sure??  Are your suits going to be done before the next transfer day?

Jackson:  Yes and I asked President he said if we get packages yes

Mom:  Ok. Did you get the package with the shoes?

Jackson:  No, but I'll ask today.

Mom:  I just tracked the package and it says it was delivered Fri. 5/12 at 329pm.

Jackson:  I'll ask then.

Mom:  It is still ticking me off that it went from San Salvador to San Jose Costa Rica-- that took 4 extra days.  :(  I guess at least it came back.  Hopefully with everything still in it.    What kind of Candy are you thinking?  I know it's all good, but What are you really missing?

Jackson:  I don't know. But just think.. Just send mountain dew one for me and my comp.

Mom:  Just think!  Really--- that's what you're giving me??  ok- You get what you get then!
Did you get Oreos and stuff in the last package?  You never tell me if you get them or if you like anything that I send.  

Jackson:  I love everything that I get. I don't know what I need

Mom:  I'm guessing you are almost out of time.  Work hard, Love you!!  So glad we got to see you yesterday!  Just think, almost 1/2 way done, so make sure you are working hard on your mission goals now.


Jackson:  You know it I love you mommy!!!! I'll have Alejandro send a message to you when I get my package. But write him in Spanish please.. He doesn't understand English. Love you mom!!

Mom:  I figure he can use google translate :)

Jackson:  No you can.

Mom:  Wow!

Monday, May 22, 2017

May 8, 2017

Jackson: Hey why didn't you write me?

Mom: Carson had my phone all day yesterday and I was asleep when they got home from Jolene's. AND you're are writing super early!!  I was just finishing up getting drivers dispatched and was going to write you.

Nothing really happening last week anyway.    Carson had practice on Monday and I stayed home and weeded.  Tues he had a double header 645 and 830.  We got home at 11.  Long day-- and Super early morning.  I took Carson to School so he could sleep a little longer since it was late start. Practice Wed and no games Thurs. Fri he went to Keys to Keys with the Bishop instead of playing in the rescheduled Bear River Tournament-- they had  13 kids to play so he made the choice.  It kind of sucked because they won the tournament and he was bummed he wasn't there, but he said he was where he was supposed to be.  It's hard to make choices between good things sometimes.  
Dad and I went in to town to walk at the park after work on Fri and ended up at the High School Baseball game.  The varsity had just lost to Woods Cross in a tie breaker for the region title and the JV was getting schooled as well.  We visited with a few people and watched the rest of the game.  Kind of pathetic right?!  I guess we aren't going to be very good empty nesters  :(.
Anyway- how was your week??  And what are the details for mother's day calling?
Carson played really well on Saturday.  They won their first game and got killed the 2nd game- Carson caught the last LONG inning.  Dad said he did great.  I left after the first game to go to the temple with Taylor Baton while she took out her endowments in Logan.  I still can't hardly believe she is going to the Philippines.  I think she leaves like August 4th.  And Lexie is getting Married that week as well.  It's crazy!!!

Jackson:  Wow that is crazy
We are going to call on Monday for 45 minutes. So what time do you want me to call?

Mom:  Well that kind of sucks- Carson will be at school and Taylor and Kayla will be at work.   I guess if you call in the morning Carson can miss some school.  :(
Why are you calling on Monday??  The whole mission or just you?

Jackson:  I meant Sunday.... SORRY...

Mom:  I was getting a little bit fired up!!  Okay-- well later in the afternoon would be good because Scott is ordaining Harrison a deacon in Roy at 11 on Sunday so if we left right after that it would be like 1 before we got home-- So I would say anytime after 1, but dad hasn't found out for sure if that is their church time or if it's after church or at the start of Priesthood meeting.  So who knows for sure.

What else exciting did you do last week?  New companion??

Jackson:  I'll call at 3 or later how about that?

Mom:  That should work perfect.  I'm guessing it will be like it was at Christmas so you'll just be waiting for a turn right??

Jackson:  Ya pretty much. But how have you been?

Mom:   I'm good.  Just staying busy or trying to not be busy, I'm not sure.  I don't really feel like doing anything most days, but there is always a ton of stuff to do.  I've been getting up earlier and trying to get a few things done in the mornings, but I think the only extra thing I'm getting done is taking Carson to school.  I swear he's growing again, because he's always wanting to sleep.  (I kind of am like that too! But not growing taller :( )   He's got Freshman Football camp this week along with baseball games and practice and I guess they moved the scrimmage to Thurs instead of Fri so he can't go to it because he has a baseball game at 5pm.  Oh well. He was kind of bummed, but he has to miss his games next Tues because he has his orchestra concert.  

Jackson:  Oh... Dumb Orchestra... Hahah no when I get back I'm going to play my violin con todo

Mom:  That's not a bad idea!!  He doesn't play too bad. But it's just like you were. He never wants to practice. 

Jackson:  I didn't either... THat's the bad thing huh
Mom:  You're probably almost out of time, but we'll talk to you next week!!  Love you, work hard and stay happy.  Listen to the promptings you received and you will be blessed.

Jackson:  Wow... I have a half an hour...  

Mom:  Oh. Ok. You've been on for 45 minutes so I figured you were done for the day. I guess how much time you have is determined by how anal your companion is about stuff πŸ˜‚

Jackson:  No it always is the same. Just we have interviews so we don't have to write president
Mom:  So is your companion the district leader again??

Jackson:  Nope.  Ex-ZL in a different area gracias a Dios

Mom:  So tell me about your new contacts or the person you think might get baptized this week or how Sabrina is doing since her surgery?  So is he a good companion so far?  It sounds like you are working hard with him so that's good.

 Jackson:  Still in the bed. And she is a girl that is 12 years old. She is the neighbor of a member and the member is like the mom of her because her mom is trash... and the contacts are really good one asked for a BOM right from the get go. He is a great comp it is awesome

Mom:  Well- I just check the tracking on your package and you may never get it which really sucks bad because that was the most expensive package I've sent to you.  I'm just sick.  
It showed it was in San Salvador on Fri May 5 and went to San Jose Costa Rica.  I guess it's still tracking so it's not lost yet but hopefully you get it-- It's worth about $300 with the shoes and everything that's in there.  

Jackson:  Wow.. are you kidding me

Mom:  Nope.  I sent it just like all the rest and it's not like the address wasn't big enough on it.  I printed it off the computer so there wasn't any questions on handwriting too.  

So this week was changes. We said goodbye to some investigators and members. But not too many because he didn't have much time here. Then I got my 3rd Elder Perez. Hahaha from Guatemala as well. Then This week we have been working hard. I gave more lessons this week than I have in my whole mission. I am excited to work with him because he has a little more than a year and we just work hard and go with the flow it really is fun and great. I am tired at the end of every day because we work so hard. It has been a blessing to see these people that we visit change. I am excited because we might be having a baptism this week but we aren't too sure. We will try our best and if it happens I'll be so happy. Well I love you guys have a great week!!!!

Voice Recording:  Alright, so.. . this week was pretty chill.  we had changes.  I stayed in my area, so at the end of this change I will have 6 1/2 months in Quetzaltepeque.  
so Monday and Tuesday we were just saying goodbye really.  Oh, well he's leaving. Oh,  ok, yeah. and then Wednesday came and we had changes and I got my new companion.  My 3rd Elder Perez.  It's super funny.  He doesn't like me.  (Pause)  He always looks at me and says bad words in Spanish.  No, no, not really.  It's really good.  It was really funny that he was already companions with Elder Jiron before he was my companion.  
So this week we found some new people, they're really good.  Sabrina's still in the bed, but she's doing a lot better.  Isabel and Marvin didn't go to church and we were sad, but she said she wants to be baptized and everything so she just has to go one more time.    Estevana and Orales, they went (struggles with the English word)  to church and Orales wants to be baptized, but she's not sure, so we're going to have her pray.  Estevana is going to have surgery on her eyes.  Ooo :(  We'll see how that goes.  
We've been working really hard, especially with Elder Perez.  Hasn't been really anything really cool that happened or anything like that it's just been normal.  Just working hard.  
I don't know, I really don't have much to say.  That was my week really, so, Love you guys, have a good week.

Friday, May 12, 2017

May 1, 2017

Making Flower Ties

Did you get your package?-- I have your next one ready to send-- I'm thinking I need to get your Birthday Package sent in the next week or you might not get it til Christmas!  Let me know what you would like for your birthday so I can get that done.
The weeks fly by, but the time still seems to be dragging on.  I'm excited to talk to you in a couple weeks.
We talked to Macey's dad at the political meeting on Fri.  He said you sent her a backpack and letters and pictures.  It came the day before her birthday and they were taking it to her in Provo on her Birthday.  She was pretty excited.  She went through the temple last week too.   She'll be gone pretty soon.  
This last week was pretty dismal.  It was rainy and cold.  Carson practiced in the cages in Logan on Monday, but that was it.  The rest of the weeks' games and practice were canceled.  They did get to play on Saturday in Brigham, which was good because all games in Providence were canceled still because the fields were too wet.   Landen's games were canceled 2 weeks in a row because of too wet fields.  Gotta Love Spring baseball in Utah!!  They won both games on Saturday- the first one went to extra innings - tie breaker rules ended 10-9, the 2nd game was against the Bee's-- Carson had a couple of crucial errors in the game- I think partly because he was nervous, but he had a couple great hits, they were ahead 7-2 and the Bees tied it up.  We were home team and they walked the first 2 batters and the 3rd kid hit the ball straight down the 1st base line and got out, but they didn't throw the ball home and we scored the winning run.  The boys were pretty excited.  (I think your dad was more excited that they were, just because some of the boys have been pretty rude to Carson- he says he doesn't care, but I know it bugs him some.)  
We had the team come over for dinner after the games (about 8pm).  It was fun to get to know the new team and the boys really all get along well and have made Carson a part of their group. It all just reaffirmed that we made the right decision for Carson.  He is much happier and has had the opportunity to make new friends and see different coaching styles and learn a lot of good things as well as continue to love the game of Baseball. 
Carson got called as the new Teacher's quorum president and got set apart on Sunday.  He's pretty excited about it.  He loves all his leaders and has learned a lot from them in the last 8 or 9 months.  Bro. Mortensen, Brian Baker, and Brian Hardy are pretty awesome and they really have a lot of knowledge to share with the boys.  He has really enjoyed working on the go Kart and helping with that- he especially likes the welding parts.  
He has to make a choice on Friday this week on whether he is going to play in the makeup games for the BR tournament that was the 1st of April and they only played 1 games or go to Keys to Keys.  They had the mixed team go to the Tournament and had 13 boys so I think he's going to do the Keys to Keys, but he's torn.  I asked him what he wanted to do, and he said you know you can never play enough baseball games. :)  And then he said if they have extra kids, he would go to Keys to Keys.  Hard decisions for a 14 year old.  
We had our Home Teaching dinner yesterday and everyone was able to come.  It was great.  I always enjoy having them over, it makes the month!  They all got a good laugh out of you wanting to talk to your friends and not to your Mom on Mother's day.  I didn't really think it was that funny.   
We had a new driver start today, so hopefully he will work out and another over the road one and a local one that is supposed to start in a couple weeks.  Just need 2 more :)  It's sad that people don't want to work when really there are good jobs available in pretty much any field.  
So how was your week?  Anything new and exciting?  Any fun pday activities?  Are you being transferred or getting a new companion?  How are your new converts doing?  Are they staying active and making friends in the ward?  Do they do a good job of fellow-shipping?  
Have a great Week!
Love you

So this week we had some good times and some success. We had one family come to church this week and they really liked it. But it is going to be hard because one of them is going to have surgery on the 9th. Hna. Isabel and Marvin didn't come to church and I was pretty sad... She is on track for baptism and that would be super awesome if I was here for that but we still don't know about the changes. So we'll have to see! But it is super weird she is going to have some surgery because her skin bleeds or something. I am not sure but it is going to be the 9th as well!!! Then something bad happened... Sabrina had surgery... I don't know what is going on here.... But she is in the bed and is really not all that great... But we've had some great lessons with her about the atonement of Christ. During this time I've been studying more about the atonement of Christ and it really helps you become closer to him. Also haha there was a drunk guy that fell and we helped him up and were walking him to his house and he was telling us that he loved the bible and all that jazz, so I took mine out and ripped on him for drinking and he was like... I don't really like that scripture... haha so that was super funny. Well that was my crazy week!!! Oh last P-Day we made flower ties. Ya made them. 

Mom:  did you get your package yet?

Jackson:  Yes today

Mom:  Wow-- I sent it on March 30th.  For sure let me know what you would like for your birthday by next week so I can get it sent.  I still need to get pens and you said somebody wanted something but I can't remember what it was-- If you can't remember either I guess I can go back through your letters and figure it out.    
I sent another package today-- It has pants and a couple more shirts and a couple pairs of shoes and some treats.  

Was everything still in your package??  I'm kind of worried about the package I just sent today with the shoes :(

Jackson:  Don't worry about it. It'll get here. Don't fret :)

Mom:  So what did you get in the package today since it sat in the San Salvador post office from April 11 to April 21??

Jackson:  Candy, shirts and the temple.

Mom:  Oh yeah-- I'm feeling a little jipped.  You keep sending packages and letters to your friends and we get zip.  What's up with that? ;)

Jackson:  Oh my only one I sent to Macey for her birthday.... Sorry.. I'll write more letters...

Mom:  It's all good.  She was pretty excited about it.  
So how's everything else going??  Transfers?

Jackson:  We don't know the changes yet......... I'm so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom:  I don't know if you are out of time or not, but Keep your chin up-- think about all the things you want to talk about on Mother's Day, work hard, listen to the spirit and act on the promptings you are given.  Remember we love you and pray for you always.  Love you Bud!    
Have a great week-- have Alejandro facebook message me if you are moving somewhere new.


Jackson:  Gotcha :) Love you mom 
I am staying here but I am gonna get a new comp

Mom:  that's great!  I'm sure you're happy about that.

Jackson:  A little sad

Mom:  How come?  I thought you liked the people there and you just wanted a new companion?

Jackson:  Ya it;s true hey gotta go love you :)

Voice Recording: Well, the last week of the change went past.  We had some fun in this change I guess.  HaHa-- no, no, we had some good times.  We had some fun times, we had some bad times.
So this week, we had some ups and downs really.  This week we got to visit a few people.  And it was alright.   We had interchanges 2 times this week.   The first time was with the Zone leaders.  Wow, I feel like they don't do anything in their area, because when I'm with them, we don't teach anyone I feel like.  But Hey, it's whatever, they're zone leaders and they do whatever they want right?!  But who cares.  The 2nd time I was with Elder S??  and we had some fun really, we worked hard, got some new people, got some lessons in.  It was fun.  It was a fun day. Then the bad news started.  We went to find Sabrina Thursday night, So we went to go teach her, We talked to her the days before, you know hey what's up, are you reading, okay, have a good day.    So Thursday rolls around and we waited a little bit later, so everyone was there, like Alex, her mom, her sister, everybody, you know.  And we got there and we're like hey Alex, what's up, how are you?  Hrma Gloria, How are you?  And she was , oh, I'm alright,  Alright, cool.  And we're like,  Hey is Sabrina here?  and She got all teary eyed.  And said no, she isn't coming back today.  And the 3 of us, Alejandro, my comp and me, thought, man, she left.  She went looking for the boyfriend in the states again.  We all thought it.  We're like oh crap.  We thought she just packed up and went away.
So in the lesson, we were going to tell her that everything's going to be ok and we shared about Captain Moroni with the boys with Alex and Elmer and how they can be strong men.  And after we shared D&C 121 peace unto your soul.  And then Alejandro was like, we don't know what happened, we don't know if Sabrina left.  Or if she left and you guys fought or something like that?   And then the Mom's like no, no, no.   She didn't fight or anything, she's having surgery.  and we're like oh no!  I guess she had like a urinary infection or something like that that she had to have surgery on.   And wow!  We gave her a blessing and everything- the mom-  It was really cool.  Then Saturday we showed up and she was in a portable bed type of thing.  A Latin one because like it's not that nice, but it works.  She's hurting pretty bad.  But it will all be ok.
Also, Hrma Isabell, she's a really good investigator, She called us to come visit her and everything.  And she's drinking coffee- OH MY GOSH, I HATE COFFEE!!!-- I hate it!
the Mom of Jefferson, she's a member, she bought my comp a cake for his birthday and this and that.  Wow, she's snaking on my comp.  It's ridiculous.  She's crazy, she's, like 40 something years old.  She's snaking my comp because he wears clothes of old men.  We say ropa de mitro.  Everybody laughs because it's hilarious.
We still don't know if we are having changes or not.  It's Sunday night, but we still don't know about the changes.  I think I'm leaving, but who knows because yeah who knows.  I'm going to get my last shot this week.  I'm really happy for that.  SO we'll see how it goes.  And I'm sure I'll let you know before I write.  See ya!  Love Ya!

Monday, May 1, 2017

April 24, 2017

 They switched clothes

 Alex's Baptism

Happy Sunday!!  I got you some shoes. I did some research on shoes that are supposed to hold up in the south/central American weather conditions and walking. They had good reviews and I had Carson try them out to see if they were comfortable. He wore them to church today. So I'll send you a pair and if you like them I will send you a 2nd pair so you can alternate pairs each day so they can dry out etc. I should be able to get it sent tomorrow. (Hopefully).
We went to Aaron and Lindsey's Baby-QπŸ˜‚ yesterday. They are so funny. Lindsey didn't want a baby shower so they did a family barbecue instead. It was nice. They had it at Lindsey's parents house. And everybody brought a baby gift.
Carson had baseball practice on Monday and then game on Tuesday. They were playing the CV Titans. They only played one inning and they weren't doing so great. It was pouring rain and super cold. They called the game.
Dad had workers comp meetings in Logan on Wed. Morning and Carson had practice at 815pm πŸ˜•. I took him because dad was finishing up his presentation for Bridgerland that he was giving on Thursday morning. We got home around 11pm. It rained all day on Thursday so games were cancelled. I can't say I was sad about that one at all I was pretty tired from the late night before. So Carson and I watched the new Star Wars movie that we got for Easter - Rogue One. Friday we were lazy I came home from work and read a book. Landen and Easton came over to hang out with Carson and they played hockey for a while and then the Wii for a bit.
We started Saturday morning out early. We got to the ball park shortly after 8am and Carson hit in the cage Til his team got there. They didn't play very well-  I don't know what was up, but they had some kind of funk going on that they couldn't shake. Hopefully they can shake it off. They are a good team if they would have some of what Brad Holgate called the 'Baseball Swagger' --you remember when he told you guys that right!??πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. They have the skill they just need the confidence to showcase it. They are a great group of kids and Carson really likes them all and he is having a lot of fun. They have welcomed him and made him part of the group. It's been really nice. I really don't even mind the drive to providence. Except the late night ones. I don't like driving at night.
Work is work. We are looking for a couple drivers and a mechanic too. Leonard is moving back to Florida at the end of the month.  So that kind of stinks. He's done a good job and he'll be hard to replace. But you just keep keepin on. Life is all about change. That's pretty much the only thing that is always going to be a constant 😊. And we would be pretty bored if things didn't change even though we are always crying that change is hard. That's how we learn and grow.
The old relief society presidency spoke today about service and basically how blessed we are when we give of ourselves without expecting or needing anything in return.  We always get more in blessings than we ever give, but we still aren't expecting it when we give true service.
I taught my primary class again. 3rd week and I had different kids again. It's a little bit comical. I have had 4 kids out of 10 every time and only 1 that has been there all 3 weeks and 2 that have been there 2 times. They're 6 so I don't know what it would be like if they were all there but I'm sure it would be pretty entertaining.
We went for a jeep ride out to the spiral jetty today-Us, Taylor and Kayla, Jolene and Kevin, and Brian and Dalea. It wasn't as far as I thought it was. It took about and hour but it's only like 35 miles to it. I took a few pictures of everybody out in the lake, but it didn't get an actual picture of the jetty. Dad said he got some with his camera so maybe he'll send you one. It was fun. We left as soon as we got home from church and took stuff for a picnic lunch. The only bad thing was the bugs. They were terrible. Grandpa said they were sand flies and there were a ton of them and they liked to bite heads. Luckily Dalea had some bug spray and grandpa brought his new gas fire pit. It helped with the bugs too.
Carson, Landen and Easton had fun throwing rocks into the Great Salt lake for like an hour.   We didn't stay too long because we had to be back for a scout court of honor.   But it was a nice day. I'm thinking it beats spending s bunch of time making a big meal for Sunday. I told dad we should do that more often.
We were talking a little bit about the district leader thing and your companion that hasn't been out. And we decided that your mission president is Guatemalan and he likes the Elders from Guatemala as his leaders in the mission because he know that if they learn to lead they will be able to go back to Guatemala and lead the church there. Your companion may or may not have had opportunities previously-- and he figures that you have had and will have many opportunities when you return home so it's not really something that you need to learn per se. That's our theory. It might be way off base but it sounds good.  And there is always the callings are given to those that are needed at that time not necessarily to those that are more qualified.
How is the dog bite?  Are you done with the shots or do you have 1 more round this week?
Did Sabrina and Alex get baptized on Saturday?  How was that?  Any new promising investigators?
Well, I hope the week goes well for you and that you learn something new each day. Work hard, see the hand of God in your life every day and seek the guidance of the Holy Ghost. We love you!



So this week was awesome!!!! We went to the templo and had a session. I even understood all of it!!!! It was so much better than the first session I had in Spanish because I didn't remember any of it. Then we worked super duper hard this week to have something that I have been waiting for for over a month. My baptism!!! Sadly Sabrina wasn't baptized but Alex was. He is killing it!!! Then We are visiting a mom and her two sons. One is downs syndrome and he is soo cool I love him. He only is 6 years old but amazing. And her other son who is 13 or 14. They are amazing. They are starting to come to church without fault. I love it. The mission is so promising. It is a blessing to see how these people change their lives for the wonderful gospel. I love you have a great week.

Jackson:  I'll come back and work in place of Leonard ;) no hey but that's what everyone who thought I should have been the DL said. Haha but Yes a got another shot this week oh and by the way I 'm on
Gonna talk to me today?

Mom:  Sorry my phone died

Jackson:  Wow finally I think I only have like 20 minutes

Mom:  so what did everyone say about you being the DL?

Jackson:  Everyone thought that I should have been it and were like its because he's from guate too that's why

Mom:  It really probably is but its all good. It definitely doesn't make you a better missionary. Like preside Ferry told Taylor. Don't aspire to callings. Just work hard and do what you know you should. Whether you have the position or not doesn't matter at all.

Jackson:  When is president ferry gonna write me ;)

Mom:  I don't know. Do you write to him?  He is a busy man you know. 

Jackson:  I don't have his email or I would

Mom:  Now you have it.  That's cool that Alex got baptized. What happened to Sabrina?  It's all good though. Keep working with her. Sometimes people just need more time to figure things out.

Jackson:  We don't know what her problem is but we'll figure it out one day

Mom: Well you said a few weeks ago that Alex started reading the Book of Mormon. That's when you saw the change in him. It really is the key to everything. If you don't know that the Book of Mormon is true none of the rest will feel true either I don't think. I mean if I didn't already know that the Book of Mormon was true and that Joseph smith was a prophet and all those things I'm not sure if I would be very receptive to the gospel. And I'm pretty sure if dad hadn't been born and raised in the church he would have been way too ornery to ever listen to the missionaries. He probably would have been more ornery than your guy last week you said was bitter πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

Jackson:  No mom that guy was sour...

Mom:  You get my point. Being raised in the church is different than trying to listen to the missionaries.

Jackson:  Love you have a good day and week mommy :)

Mom:  Love you-- Work Hard, Keep Smiling!

Voice Recording:
Alright.  Well, we had a p-day.  I told you what I did.  I went to a place called Henneses, it's a DI, it's pretty cool.  They're huge, like they're enormous.  I had a guy make me a backpack with the colors of SUU-- Go T-birds!! Woo!  It was sweet.  We didn't do anything really for Pday.  We went and taught Jefferson, but also the Mom of Jefferson,  She has 2 girls that we're teaching now and they're really good.  Jefferson, he's getting really hard on us.  I don't know what the deal is, but we're just going to have to work with him.
Tuesday was just chill, we didn't really do anything.  We didn't really do much, just started to try and teach some people, but I had lost my voice and I couldn't talk at all.  I was like I can't talk, the whole lesson and it hurt.  My companion was watching me do this and he's making funny signs because he thinks he's funny, but he's just gay :)  (In the background his companion is yelling, "He's lying!")
Then we taught a few different people and found a few different people that day.
Wed.  I got another shot for the dog bite.  That's all I really remember doing.  Thursday we went to the temple, and went to a session and WOW!!  It was AWESOME!  It was really, really AWESOME!  I even understood about the whole session, so that was really cool.
Friday, we ... hmmm... I don't really remember what we did Friday, that's pretty bad.  But who cares, it doesn't really matter.\
Saturday was really, really, cool.  First we had a big service project.  We made a fence.  Man I'm getting really good at making fences, Donald Trump is going to give me a call one of these days.
We also had a little ruckus.  We were trying to get the baptismal font filled because ALEX WAS GONNA GET BAPTIZED!!  And then, somebody locked the doors, we called for keys.  Also, the Young Women's President was waiting to leave with us, but we thought that they had mutual and she wasn't going to leave with us and then she got pissed, because we showed up late to fill up the font and leave with her.   All this and that, but really- honestly when you tell people that you have mutual- I mean she told us. SO-- I don't know- Yeah we probably should've called and everything,  Then we got the door in- I mean we got in the door and filled up the font.  Then what we did was- We baptized Alex.  Wow!  It was super Cool!  The Young Men's President baptized Alex and it was a really good experience for Sabrina too to see that both of her brothers are baptized.  Maybe this week she will get baptized.  We hope so.  Carajo!  ?????
Sunday, we left with the bishopric.  We went on visits with them, and Rodrigo, the President of the Young Men, he's the one who baptized Alex,  All four of us went in divisons, it was cool, it was fun.  We visited a few different people, I feel like it was a good experience to go visit them with someone from the bishopric, someone that they feel like wow, this is important.  That was really good, and that's about all we did this week.  It was awesome, it was fun, we had a great week.
Love you guys.  See ya!