Wednesday, October 26, 2016

October 24, 2016

It's been a good week. Just the normal. I got my new glasses last Saturday and I've been trying to get used to them but it's a little weird. Apparently I'm at the age where bifocals are the norm😩. I thought I might fall down the stairs coming off the stand after leading the music last Sunday because I had to keep readjusting my eyes to see faraway or close up.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚  Nothing was focusing. It's been a week and it's not too bad now.
Carson had friends over a couple days. He and dad went to chance's basketball game on Thursday and then Carson went to Frightmares with Thackarey's. He said it was pretty fun.
We left for Yellowstone Friday about 330 with Thackarey's. Went to Idaho falls and stopped for gas and then we stopped in Rexburg at Pizza Pie Cafe for dinner. I was surprised how small the restaurant was for being a pizza place in a college town. We didn't have to wait too long even though the parking lot was packed and the line was way out the door. And pizza pie never disappoints. We stayed at the White Buffalo in West Yellowstone. It wasn't too bad. I was a little upset that they didn't have breakfast like it said they did and Dad wasn't impressed with the tiny OLD TV that we had but we weren't in the room all that much anyway. We got checked in about 830ish and then dad and I went for a walk around town to see what there was for breakfast and decide what to do for lunch. It was pretty cold. We walked pretty much the whole town in an hour and found out that most everything was closed for the season (Til after Christmas).  I guess Yellowstone park closes this week too. Which seems really weird. There is a little bit of snow on he ground and it's not very warm but nothing to keep people from coming to see all the cool stuff.
They have road construction going on and the wait can be 30 min or more and yesterday we caught it going in and didn't have to wait at all. Then we got to the end and instead of being able to do the loop around we had to turn around and go all the way back around the way we came and we just bared missed getting through so we had to wait. It wasn't too bad though we got out and visited and rested since we had been walking most of the day.
We stopped at gibbon falls, Norris geysers, mammoth hot springs, tower falls, the petrified tree and we saw tons of elk, a couple moose, lots of buffalo (up close and personal- one walked right by the driver window and dad wouldn't roll his window down and get a closeup-  and one this morning just as we entered the park was walking right up he middle of our lane like nobody's business so I videoed for a minute while he walked toward us).
We walked over 7 miles yesterday and let me tell you, everyone was tired and hungry by the time we got back to West Yellowstone for dinner. Kendra and Kenzie who barely eat anything usually ate everything they ordered and then some. And everyone slept pretty good last night too. Considering no one slept very well the first night and we were pretty tired last night it was good.
We stopped and got some tshirts and some dinner last night. We got you one. I'll send you a picture of if and holy cow, We found one for dad and it is HILAROUS!  I'll send you a pic of it too.
Ok we just spent the last 15 minutes herding buffalo. I got some good pictures. I could have reached out and touched them. Pretty awesome!  How many people can say they herded buffalo in Yellowstone?!
This morning we are headed to see the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone Upper and Lower falls and old faithful and then we will head for home.
It's been a fun road trip. And not quite as far of a drive as Phoenix, But no baseball game either πŸ˜•.
It will never cease to amaze me the beauty of our earth and the things that transpired to create it and how people can not believe that there is a God that created all of it for us to use and keep for future generations. Our Heavenly Father loves us soooo much.
We have been busy walking and seeing all the amazing things in the park the last 2 days and have missed a lot of things too but it has been relaxing to be able to leave so many of the stresses of life behind and enjoy all of the beauty of the earth.  Even dad hasn't been as 'hurry up we gotta go'.
We just went to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and saw the upper falls and crystal falls. We searched for the lower falls but never found it and now we are on our way to old faithful. It will probably take and hour to get there so we are taking a little longer than we thought it would. But it's all good.
We got to old faithful just in time for everyone to make a pit stop and get the camera set up for pictures. So we weren't there very long.
We headed back to west Yellowstone and had dinner at the Wild West Pizza. It was the best pizza I've had in a really long time.
Then we headed home. With a Stop in Rexburg for gas and a drink. We're home. All in one piece with tired feet but we had a good time.
Carson's got a cold and isn't feeling great right now but hopefully he'll be fine in the morning and the rest of us don't catch whatever he's got.
Ok. I'll send you some pictures and we have a short recorded thing and a video of the buffalo.
I hope your week went well. Any new contacts or people that you have met. Tell us at least one experience for the week.
We love you. Work hard listen to the promptings of the spirit and be obedient and good things will happen.

SO this week got faster than last week. I don't know how but the days went by so fast. I was like what is today to my comp and he was like Friday. I was like no...? Its Miercoles! But it really was Friday! So yep fast. We taught a lot of people this week and I was with 3 different comps this week. Mine The zone leader and the Hawaiian elder in my District elder Williams. I did comp exchanges with those two one day each. Elder Williams is a really fun guy. The zone Leader Elder Velaquez is really good at teaching. But we taught our most probable baptismal candidates this week. They are a family who is really good. We took only one of the kids to church this week because the others weren't ready to go. Then we also baptized this week!!! I cant forget that!!! I have a lot more pictures this week. But all my letters are the voice recordings!!! So hopefully you like them!!!! Love you mommy!!!!

Voice Recordings- transcribed
So, this week started off with Pday obviously.  We didn't do much pday.  The next day we went and just started normal and we found 2 investigators. And we had an interview, well we didn't have and interview, the Zone leaders were supposed to interview our baptismal candidate.  and then Assistant showed up and I was like whoa oa. Crap!  And then my ZL said go get your stuff, you're coming with me the San Vicente and I was like Crap I don't want to go to San Vicente,but then I was like- It's better than staying with an Assistant right. and then he helped me out pretty good.  He really is a good guy.  And then the next day.  Wed. I can say I finally showered with a bucket.  It's kind of funny huh?!  Yep, I took my first shower with a bucket.  And then we had a district meeting it was really good. I did another companion exchange with the Hawaiian in my district,  Elder Williams.  We were a little lost because I didn't plan for the day because I planned for the Zone Leader's area. so yep alright,  That's ok I guess.  I took the lead in all the lessons.  I felt pretty good.  So it was alright.
Then Thurs rolled around Spanish was pretty good and then we found a bunch of people.  We taught our most probable baptismal candidates.  They are pretty solid.  They're a good family.  The mom has terminal cancer so it's really hard to talk with them.  I have so much love for that family and  It's really hard for me to do that.  
Now Fri.  We have a baptism #2. HA HA.  Her name is Doris Flores.  My Comp and I did not baptize her, her boyfriend did, which was really cool.  Like we'd rather have the members baptize than us.  We struggled a little bit finding people.  A bunch of people didn't want to come to the baptism.  When you say 530 in Utah it means 540 here in means 6. but actually everyone showed up at like 630.   but that's alright- we baptized and that's all that matters.  All the people that tell us we don't baptize. That really bugs me!
Sat. we didn't do much.  We just kind of taught a few families and invited them to come to church. A couple of them said they would think about it and one of them was like yeah, yeah we will come.
This Sunday we were late AGAIN, and didn't get to take the Sacrament AGAIN.  I'm getting kind of pissed about that.  We're late because we're bringing investigators.  It would be nice to get some help from the members that have cars, but whatever, you know.
The people that said they would come, only one came and it was the kid.  Not even the adult.
I saw Dallin H. Oakes today. Crazy right!  My Spanish is ALOT better than his and his wife's; I can say that.  He did a little bit. but he talked about the Book of Mormon and the Godhead and stuff like that, but his wife said something that I've been told my whole life.  "Life isn't easy."  I loved it.  I just loved it!  And then what else, we went and ate and that was about it. That was my week it was really, really, really boring this week. but it was fast I don't know why.  Our numbers were really good this week too it doesn't sound like it but they were, and we baptized and that's all that matters.  She's probably one that will go to the temple.  That's all for this week.  Elder Lancaster OUT.

Mom:  That's great you had another baptism!  It's probably nice to get a break from your normal companion for a little bit and see other teaching styles and stuff. I'm glad you had a good week. 
Ok. Well let me know what you want me to send for Christmas and I will do my best. I'm going to try and get it sent by the first of Nov.
Have a great week!  Love you. Keep working hard. 

Jackson:  M&Ms  and anything that Macey and Azalea want to put in

This is how I fish on PDay

 This is how missionaries dress in Miami
 My Hawaiian Friend- Elder Williams
 Cleaning My ears  (Not sure this is a good idea)
 2nd Baptism -- super excited that her boyfriend was able to baptize her!

Monday, October 24, 2016

October 17, 2016

I've been putting off writing all day. I don't really know what to write about.
Last week was just a day to day normal stuff seems like all week. Carson had practice I went back to the garage project and got the center bay emptied of stuff. Now all I have left is to move the 2 shelves on the Yukon side of the garage and paint under them and move the flat grill and all that stuff out of that corner to paint there and do one more coat in the middle bay. But for now things are put away and all the cars are in the garage for the first time in 3 months. (At least for a couple days). I'm not sure what I'm going to do to get it all finished because I don't want to cleanup the paint stuff more than one more timeπŸ˜•.  I still need to finish painting the window frames on the window wells we replaced and put some new rock in the bottoms and we need to replace a couple sprinkler boxes but that isn't going to happen this week- it's supposed to rain Til Wednesday. I'm not excited about that.
Carson played his last little league football game yesterday. They lost but Carson played well. They are planning on going to mesquite again the 2nd weekend of November so we will be doing football for another month. I am guessing that wrestling will be starting in the next week or so too so whatever projects we are going to get done I think that will be about how much time we will have to get them done. Wrestling always seems to take a lot more time than football. I guess we will test it out since we won't have to chase high school Just maybe once during the week and Saturday.
It was Ethan Bunderson's farewell today. We didn't make it out there but thought you would want to know.
I got a new calling a couple weeks ago- no I didn't get release for the music calling-- I am the secretary for the scout committee. I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do but I went to my first meeting today. I was feeling pretty out numbered - 8 men and me😊. I guess that's just my place in life. The only girl at home, 1 of 2 girls at work -- everywhere I go and I wonder why I don't relate well to other women most of the timeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I'm good with it,  makes life have a lot less drama I think.
We had our home teaching dinner today. Baker's and Greene's ended up not being able to come, so it was us Bailey's, Burt's and Taylor and Kayla. Always a good time. It's good to have friends to visit with and know that if you need something you can call them and they'll be right there to help. Taylor and Kayla went to the temple yesterday for the first time since before they got married. It was pretty awesome. I'm so thankful for the dedication that they have to each other and to the gospel and the choices that they make each day to keep them on the path back to Heavenly Father. They are awesome examples of how the Atonement can work in our lives if we let it and allow ourselves to be forgiven and move forward doing the things necessary to make that happen. It is amazing to me the overwhelming love that the Savior has for us. It is actually unfathomable, but awesome!!
Our lesson in relief society was about being committed to the gospel. And I was thinking about it and I think I've always had a testimony - I know the church is true. Some things I probably have a stronger testimony of than others at different times in my life. But overall I know it's all true. Honestly I don't think I have ever questioned any of it. Not Joseph smith, not the Book of Mormon, none of it. But, my level of commitment varies sometimes from day to day. I know that I should be more positive about things, I know that callings come from the Lord- even though I don't know why I have the one I have- but I have made a more conscious effort to try and have a better attitude about it - and then today your dad was making fun of how I lead the music in front of everyone at dinner.  It really hurt my feelings.  I'm already nervous and know I'm not good at it because I really don't know what I'm doing, but I didn't say no to the calling even though with everything in me I so wanted to. I know that I'm supposed to learn something from it. Being the young women's president was hard, but at least there I felt like I could make a difference and do something good. I don't know what my purpose is now, but I still go to church and try to feel like I'm doing something worthwhile. I don't miss spending so many hours at young women, but I miss the girls and the women that I worked with and the connection that we had. #thestruggleisreal. πŸ˜‚
So, how was your week?  How's the new comp?  It sounds like he is really good for you. I'm glad to hear that you are being obedient. Good things will happen when you do what the lord asks of you.
Did you get your package?  I tracked it again last week and it shows that it was delivered to its final destination on Monday October 10. So I'm hoping that you at least got that one. I'm kind of waiting to see what happens with that package so in can decide how to send your stuff for Christmas.  I'm still pretty upset that you haven't gotten the first package that I sent to you yet. It's been 2 months maybe even a little longer.
I hope you know how much we love you and how proud of your we are. You are a great example to Carson and to your cousins and I know there are many others that look up to you as an example of what they want to be like when they grow up. You really have a lot going for you.
I kind of chuckled a little bit about you saying you might want to teach school when you complete college. I think you will be awesome at whatever you decide to do. And really at this point that is the least of your worries, But as a teacher you are in a position to influence many lives. It's good to have some things in mind that you might want to do when you get home.

So this was a super fast week again. We worked really hard and we found a little success. We were supposed to baptize a girl who is 11 however, the mom is a member but the dad is Catholic. So we thought the mom would just sign because everyone told us that she wears the pants in the relationship. But we then found out that she doesn't like the church and likes the Catholic church more. So she wouldn't sign. There goes our baptism... Next we taught a lot of lessons and I swear freaking everyone here needs to be married. They just shack up!!! And never get married. It is really hard. But my companion is okay. He is really difficult because he is kinda a douche when people tell him no. He throws scriptures at them and says you need to do this and that. I just don't like it! He also drags the lessons out. They could be 30 minutes but are like an hour and a half. It gets boring. I definitely don't feel the spirit so I don't know how our investigators feel it. Then one day he told me to respect the time. I about punched him in the mouth. Other than my companion troubles I am learning Spanish and things about the gospel. In D&C 50 it talks about how you should teach. It helped me realize how I need to teach. I really strive to teach like that. Oh my Spanish is pretty good. I understand everything but I just have troubles speaking it now :) So the first part of the week mom I struggled because I was worried about you. My mind wasn't on the work but then I put my mind on the work and I had a better week. Well I love you :)

Here is the voice recording ( I tried to just attach the file, but it wouldn't let me so Here's the transcription)

Well, Mommy How are you?  How the Heck are you?  Let's just be honest right now.  Well, I've had this for a while and just haven't used it.  I'm sorry. I think it might just be easier, I might just write a little bit and just send these voice recordings because it will be a lot faster to send them than it would be to write.   I think.  I think?  Well, we'll see.  Anyways..
This week was  - well- it was a little different like I wrote in my email. The beginning of the week was a struggle for me because of you and everything you know- a little struggle for me.  but I'm fine now. Especially now.  Like about Thursday 1/2 way through the week I was pretty good. I was comforted, like I said in my letter.  I was just comforted by the spirit that you were going to be ok and hopefully that's the case.  Hopefully, I'm not saying this and you send an email and you have something super bad happen to you.  Knock on wood, you know.  But, I still have not woken up in the middle of the night hating my companion not knowing how to speak the language and wondering why the heck I am here and wishing I could be running Chan fir.  Because I definitely don't wish that I could be running chan fir right now.  You can tell Wayne that right now, or text Amber and say "I don't want to run chan fir STILL, like it's still not that bad,  the mission is still not that terrible!"  There are parts that suck.  Like I said in my letter, my companion likes to talk on and on and on.  One time, I honestly fell asleep in a lesson.  and I woke up right in time and I was "Oh, crap- what do you want me to teach?"  He was like - It's alright (something in spanish) we are out of time.  - OK Sweet.
We were teaching a lady and she was like everybody here says 'Soy Catolico' -I'm Catholic no quiero eso ( I don't want this).  My companion was Catholic so he says ' no you're fine, you can be Catholic, but we just want to teach you about Jesus Christ' and then he kind of rips 'em open about it.  He's kind of mean to them and tells them that their church wasn't founded.  I mean it's true, but that's a little harsh you know.  Whatever.  It doesn't but me.  Well actually it does.  Sometimes we're with investigators that I've been with for a little bit and we've just been friends with, and he rips 'em open and I'm like whoa!  A little mean there aren't ya.  But you know if that's how he's going to be, that's how he's gonna be right?!
Anyways, we're just livin' the dream in Zacatecoluca El Salvador.
You know, I've learned a lot of things on my mission already. One change, Huh, The biggest thing is probably teaching by the spirit.  I'll have to say that teaching by the spirit is the most important thing on the mission.  I think.  You can be the greatest teacher in the world, but if you're without the spirit, you're nothing.  You're absolutely nothing.  If I could be disobedient and teach by the spirit then I'm still better than an obedient kid that can't teach by the spirit.  Even though that would never happen.  If you aren't obedient you won't have the spirit so you can't teach well.  Also, kind of got ripped on today because there wasn't a baptism in the whole zone.  The assistants ripped on us, well just one in particular.  he's kind of a dick.  I don't care if that's bad to say, but yeah, it's probably bad, but he's a douche.  and if he hears this he can come talk to me.  Elder Lancaster in Zacatecoluca right now.  you can come talk to me Elder Stout I think you're a douche sometimes.  so Mom- Sorry- just How's it going. Maybe you could send me one of these sometime.  I'm not opposed.
One thing we learned is how to make ties skinny.  I think it's super Chivo (super cool)  Super Chivo because I like skinny ties.  Well I don't like super skinny, skinny ties; I like slim ties, not fat ties.  I have some fat ties I've cut up and made skinnier.  One of them I can't make skinnier because it's the patch tie- that one has to be saved.  Well- that's all I have to say for now.  6 minutes not 5 minutes.  Well, I love you Mommy. Maybe next week I might just send these instead of writing a long letter, that might be a little bit better.  Nah, I'll still write a long letter.  Love you Mom- Bye.

Mom:  You don't need to worry about me --I'm fine!!  
You should ask that Elder how many baptisms he had last week. Obviously he didn't have any his week either. 
Teaching by the spirit is exactly what you're supposed to do so keep it up. And just because what your companion might say to the people about being Catholic or whatever might be true. It doesn't give him the right to judge them and if he thinks treating them disrespectfully will further the work of the gospel there - he is dead wrong-  if you want to sell the gospel - which is basically what you are doing-- you have to be an example and bring them along with you not degrade them and think they are going to think 'yeah I want to join that church' because their missionaries are jerks. And word of mouth makes or breaks more sales than anything. I can guarantee that the people he is rude to are telling all their friends that the missionaries from the Mormon church are real butt heads. 

Jackson: I've told him that. Oh thanks for the M&M`s they are amazing. I still haven't got the first package so make sure you spend the extra money.. Sorry you did always say that I was the most expensive child right? ;) Promise you're fine?  

Mom:  I promise I'm fine.  How about the cereal?  What are you going to do with the recorders-- did you use one of them to send the recording or did we send a recorder with you?  I can't remember?
Jackson:  I have the nice recorder. I've sold two already. I think I might need one more for another elder. If you could send it in my Christmas package.... Love you mommy :)

Mom: What are you doing in the grass with the stick?  Nice shirt?  I don't know about your taste in shirts.  How much were the shoes?  Carson wants some ;)  JK.  Nice socks LOL  I'll have to see if we can find you another pair.   Who are the elders in the picture?  I recognize some of them but there are a couple I haven't seen before. 
Well-- You are out of time-- Have a great week!!  Don't worry about what the AP says.  Just get out their and be a great example of who you are.  A representative of Jesus Christ!!  Not the judge, jury and executioner.  Your job as a missionary isn't to baptize people- Yes that is a great benefit if it happens-- but your job is to show people what the gospel is all about and share the message of the Plan of Salvation and the Plan of Happiness that will guide them back to our Father in Heaven.
Work hard and remember that we believe in you and know you are doing a great job!!

 We aren't sure if he is poking at a snake or what?
 Doing some kind of Service.

 District Service and I think the Zone Leaders are on the Right.
 He either has little girl hands or working hard?!  Probably a little bit of both- Maybe he needs some gloves :/
His new shoes with his Steak Socks

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

October 10, 2016 -- 6 Weeks in the Mission- 1st Transfer Day and new companion

Oct. 3rd
Well, exciting night. After I got done emailing you I picked up paint in Ogden, went home and took Ben and Carson to practice, came home and cleaned dad's side of the garage and moves everything to the middle, swept and mopped the floor and started painting it. I filled the paint tray and was feeling a little crampy but figured it would go away so I kept working. It was getting worse so I figured I would empty out the paint tray and go in and lay down. I emptied the paint tray and was going to put the lid on the paint and close the garage but the pain was too much. I laid down on the garage floor curled in a ball and--same thing-- figured it would subside. But it kept getting worse and I couldn't get up. So I started yelling for dad. He finally heard me and came out. I threw up a few times and was trying to get inside so dad could take me to the hospital but I couldn't do anything except lay on the floor in pain. And throw up.  Dad, Ben and grandpa gave me a blessing and I really did feel a little better but still couldn't get to the car- I couldn't even crawl. So grandma called for the ambulance. Not sure what that's going to cost but I guess it's only money right?!  So we finally got to the hospital and like always they about rip my arm apart trying to find a vein she put it right at the elbow so every time I bent my arm I thought the thing was going to come right through my arm.
Anyway after X-rays and ultrasound. I have ovarian cysts and one of them exploded causing lots of pain. That is still here but not as bad as long as I take the pain meds. So yeah exciting night. So thankful for the priesthood and the blessing and comfort that it is.
Love you
I actually wrote this while we were watching conference last week but never got it typed into an email. It was during Elder Nattress's talk.
Thinking about Jackson and laughing about the challenges he brought to me over the years.
All of it was worth it, and I love my boys so much. I can relate to Elder Natress's mother - "I will not lose you!"  I never said those exact words but that was pretty much exactly how I felt a few times over the years.
I will do whatever it takes to help you stay on the path to eternity and back to our Heavenly Father.  I always wish I had been more patient and more loving and a better teacher and mother as you were growing up. But in spite of all my short comings, you and your brothers are in the path at this point and I hope and pray each day that you will continue to make choices that keep moving you closer to the ultimate goal of a forever family with our Heavenly Father.

Love you

Oct, 9th 
What a whirlwind of a week!  I spent all day Tues. and Wed. And half of Thurs. in bed. I went to the Dr on wed. And he said basically just deal and if it gets worse come back in. πŸ˜• otherwise he'll see me in 6 weeks for another ultrasound. I'm not sure what answer I wanted. But that wasn't it. The fact that it's not cancer - awesome, -- no surgery - again awesome. So yeah what do I want right.
So, Monday had its own letter 😊. Tues. I slept. But, while I slept, Grandma Hardy passed away.   Everyone was able to say goodbye, but still hard for everyone. Chance was able to call home for 10 minutes and talk to his parents.   Latisha said he is doing great and working hard.
Wed. Was pretty mellow. Thurs. I went to work a little before noon and worked the rest of the day. Fri I worked all day and I should have stayed home. It was a stressful, if things could go wrong they did kind of day. But it all worked out ok.
Sat. We went to Keegan's baptism and the to Carson's game they won 20-0 so they live to play another week.  Then we went to dinner with Taylor and Kayla and to Costco.
Today we had Canadian thanksgiving and had turkey for dinner. It was really good.
What have you been up to this week?  Any new contacts? How's the new companion? Where's he from?  how long has he been out?  Where did elder villatoro get transferred to?  Anyone else in the district?  We were checking the weather and it said that there was 70% chance of rain for the 10 day forecast. I keep wondering how it's so hot when it rains everyday.
Well. Work hard. Listen to the promptings you receive and good things will happen. Love you. Have a great week.


Well thank you for scaring me to death that is awesome. It is also kinda of sad that grandma Hardy Passed away. I loved her. So this week I didn't do much. Well actually just Monday and Tuesday.  Monday and Tuesday nothing. Well we talked to the families that Elder Villatoro was close to because he left. Then Wednesday I got a new Latino comp. His name is Elder Perez. He is from Guatemala. We are a better companionship than  me and my old comp. He actually teaches me how to teach and is obedient!!! My last companion was not really obedient. He was really hard to work with because he didn't want to work. But now he studies with me and helps me. In less than a week I already can speak twice as much Spanish as normal because he gives me a chance to use my Spanish. It is super nice to be able to speak. He is a really good guy. Sometimes I think he is a little too strict about the rules but its all good. Also this week in my studies I saw a scripture in Alma 37. It is about the Liahona. The Liahona guided the Nephites right? The word of Christ guides us to eternal life I just thought that I should share that with you guys. I hope you had an amazing week. Please be careful mommy. I love you so much.

Te amo tanto

Elder Lancaster

Mom:  And you didn't want a new companion!  I'm so glad that you are doing good.  Remember we have talked about more than once--EXACT obedience and you will be blessed beyond imagination.  Keep up the good work!
Dad was talking with Aaron Bunderson last night and he said that in Briar's mission, they only get 30 min to email each week because missionaries were taking advantage of their time to email, so make sure that you obey that rule too. 
Briar writes a letter and takes a picture and sends it so he can take time to write people.

Jackson:  I'm good I have fast fingers. Haha. Anyways I'm obedient but not a fletchon. Fletchones no one wants them. Anyways. What the hell were you thinking? Why are you hurting yourself? I don't want to get a damn call from the Assistants or President saying oh your mom... Freaking be careful!!!!!  So next week I get to meet Dallin H Oaks. Super cool huh? Hey so I need razors... I lost them or my comp took them. I think my comp took them... Sorry mommy...

Mom:  I didn't hurt myself.  My body decided it didn't like the cysts that are growing inside me and they exploded causing PAIN!!! 
How long has your comp been out?  Who are the new elders in the district? So 2 of you Gringos :)  Who is the new district leader?  What is your new plan of attack with the new companion?  You are studying better and using your Spanish more which is awesome- anything else?  No more laying in the street thinking you're all dying? What is a Fletchone?

Jackson:  When I complete 3 months he completes 17. He is dying con todo. But there is one from Hawaii Elder Willams. And one from Hondruas Elder Gonzalez and mi comp. Elder Perez Chapin (Guatemala)

Mom:  I guess you are done for the day.  Work hard, be obedient and know that we love you and pray for you everyday (and sometimes cry for you too :)- because that's what Mom's do).
Love you  Have a great week.
Trainer and 1st Companion Elder Villatoro from Guatemala
 Elder Rojas - 1st District
 1st District Elder Tavarez- DR, Elder Rojas- Panama, Jackson, Elder Jiminez-Guatemala, Elder Villatoro-Guatemala, Elder Barojas-Mexico
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October 3, 2016

Thanks for emailing me.... Well anyways this week went by fast. We had super high goals so we had to work super hard. I tried my best to always stay busy and we did. The only crappy part about this week was that like every time we went out to work there was absolutely no one to talk to. Like we can't knock doors because we might get a gun in our face and we just have to find open doors and people in the street to talk to. Well there was no one in the street and all the doors were locked. So we went and prayed and found a less active member to go talk to and then we went to the recently baptized member and talked. But one day we did get a lot of contacts. We just went to the park and got contacts. That was the only day that we actually got any numbers. Today we find out if we have transfers or not, but we don't know exactly when. So conference was amazing. Kinda 2 days to relax and reload. It was great I loved the quote by Elder Hales "If we love the Savior more will we suffer less?" That got to me. No we won't suffer less physically but spiritually we will suffer less because we won't go away from the straight and narrow path. Well that is all I have to say this week it would have been cool if you wrote me. I'm going to send letters tomorrow I think so that should be good for you. Love you guys.


Elder Lancaster

I didn't get my letter sent on Sunday night like I normally do- and he has been emailing pretty late in the afternoon on Monday, so I figured I had plenty of time to get my letter finished at lunchtime. :)

So how was your week?  Give me a detailed run down of each day 😊.  Our week was busy with house projects again. Carson came in the garage on Saturday and told me there was something wrong with me. That nothing was ever good enough. (I had swept and mopped the middle bay and was painting the stairs and the floor with epoxy paint). It looks really good. I just have 2/3 left to finish πŸ˜•. The hard part is going to be moving everything off the shelves etc. I guess it will be the perfect opportunity to dejunk a bunch of stuff that has been buried in the corner of the garage for years that we can't get to because there's so much crap in the way.   Dad can't help do that though because he can't get rid of anything. We got new caps with lights for the posts on the deck and he was freaking out about how getting rid of the old ones because we might need them again. Really?
We worked on replacing the window wells all week. Monday we dug the first one out. Tues we did a little more digging. Wed. We sanded and ground the rust off the window frames and painted it. Thurs I went and exchanged the wells for shorter ones and we hung the first one and filled the whole back in.   Carson and I went to Azalea's soccer game too. She played well. I also met her mom and little sister. We missed the end of the game because I had to take Carson to football practice, but it was fun.
Fri  Taylor and I dug out the second one except for the one corner that for some reason was like concrete and I couldn't dig it any more so dad finished digging. We sanded and painted the window frames and put in the well--In the dark. I was holding the new shop light for dad to drill the holes for the screws.-- but it was in. I couldn't even lift my left arm by the end of the day and we still needed to fill the hole back in and out some more dirt on the first one we did. We lowered them each down 3 inches to give a little more light into the basement and we got the safety guards primed to repaint before we put them back too.
Sat. We went to Carson's football game at 830am. They beat Skyview 24-14. They played pretty good. Carson had a good game.
We went to the coop for lunch and then went home and got to work. We filled in the window well and got the bark back in. We need some more bark but maybe if it quits raining this week we can get that done.
Carson went to Ben's for a couple hours and dad went to work and then he and Taylor and dad went to priesthood meeting. I was working on the garage until I ran out of paint which was just after they left.
Sunday we watched conference and Azalea came for the 2nd session and had dinner with us.
My favorite talk was elder Nelson on having joy in spite of the struggles. I thought of you and hope that you have joy through your experiences as a missionary. That you will be able to look back on your time their as being a great experience of joy, and sorrow and learning. But mostly joy!!
Love you

Mom:  I just sent my letter.  I was going to finish it at lunch time because I had some stuff at home I wanted to add to it.  You haven't been emailing til about 3pm so I figured I had lots of time to finish it.  :) 
What did you do for Conference?  Did you have lunch at the Church?   Do the members have to travel a long way to come to watch?  

Jackson:  It was in my capilla (church building) so no it wasn't far. And I sat in a A/Ced room and watched it with the other Elder that knows English. So that was good. No we had lunch at Mami's house so it was normal. 

Mom: So what is on your agenda for this week?  Any baptisms scheduled?  You said you have 10 baptismal dates?  So do the members try to feed you or  is it just the rule that you have the one family that takes care of you?
Jackson:  The members can feed us but honestly we don't get much help from the members. But we have a lot of dates but a lot fall through due to the word of wisdom and other things. We have a really positive girl named Doris that we are sure of this week but who knows. 
Hey will you buy me that journal and send it with my Christmas package? and will you send my retainer? I want some serious nice teeth when I go home

Mom:  Did you get your package yet?

Jackson:  The oriente assistants have them we think or I'm getting it today.

Mom:  That's good.  Are you getting along well with your companion?  Do you talk much with him yet or is it still super hard to communicate?  You know once you get the language barrier down a lot of things will come easier, but there will still be stuff that's hard.  Are you Happy? 

Jackson:  Ya he helps me and we can communicate. My Spanish is pretty good to be honest.

Mom:  Did they get both packages I sent or just one?

Jackson:  Well we don't know. Is my newest one in the office?

Mom:  I figured once you decided not to worry about how it came out and to just talk that you would pick it up pretty quick.  I'm glad.  The elders you are with look like they are pretty fun.  Do you think you'll get transferred already?  Taylor's first area I think he was there for 2 transfers with his trainer, but every mission and missionary is different.  You didn't answer my question -- Are you Happy?

Jackson:  Mom siempre estoy feliz :) and no I think my companion might get transferred he has been in this area for 6 months. 

Mom:  I have no idea.  I haven't tried the tracking # on it yet.  I just sent it last Monday.  It's the one with the recorders.  I'll go get the # and check it really quick.  It cost a lot more to send it that way so I guess if it works, that's the way we'll send your Christmas. 

Jackson:  Sweet :)

Mom:  I know you're always Happy.  Except when you're Hungry :)  Then you're just flat out mean.  How is the food?  What kind of stuff do you eat or is it mainly just beans and rice?

Jackson:  Ya mainly that and a lot of pupusas I am getting a little pudgy ha SIKE!!!! I think this month we are going to get a gym membership because I want to work out everyday. I'm going to try and push him to work out with me. 

Mom:  Dad said that you had lost 20 pounds.  Have you?  I just checked the tracking on your package with the recorders and it delivered to San Salvador on Fri.  So sadly that is probably the package that you'll get-- I'm kind of thinking you may never get the other one. :(  I'm not sure I even remember what was in the first one except that it had some ties and a letter from Azalea and I had a bunch of letters for you and one from Grandma.  I Think I put in a bag of Starbursts and there was sunscreen and mosquito spray. 
 I guess let us know if you get either one. :)
Mom:  So- Have you Lost weight?

Jackson:  A la vida!!!!! I'm so happy!!! We are pretty sure I should get the other one this month.
Ya like my pants are starting to be too big... but don't send any!!! I can buy some for like 3 dollars that are pretty nice. I just want socks.

Mom:  We are on the sock thing!!  :)  Well I hope both of them (packages) are there.  It cost way more that the package was worth to ship the stuff, so we definitely can't send a whole bunch.  But at least now I know I can send it with tracking and it will get to you in a week.  and not month's. 
What are you planning for the rest of your pday?  Is there any fun historical sights or anything like that to see there?  You should email Bishop Peterson and ask him about people he might remember from Zacatecoluca.  He served there when he was on his mission too.  He thought that was pretty cool that you were there.  His email is .

Jackson:  Cool socks not gay only black socks unless they have the nike sign then I guess I'm okay with that.  
When your mom doesn't even want to talk to her missionary son because he is still the least favorite.... ;) nah son bromas but talk to me a la vida!!!

Mom:  Whatever. I had to answer the phone. I am at work you know.

Jackson:  What is more important your son or work? And I am going to email him right now. 

Mom:  Probably work at this moment because if I don't get my work done, I can't pay to keep you on your mission or send you packages. 
Jackson:  Oh my mommy... Why do you guilt trip me...

Mom:  because it's what I do :)  You know you love it! 

Jackson:  Yep of course. There goes mom gotta be like that....

Mom:  Someone has to keep you grounded. And make sure your head can fit through the door. 'My Spanish is pretty good to be honest'.

Jackson:  Mom honestly my Spanish sucks but in lessons the Holy Ghost can speak the language pretty darn good.

Mom: I'm guessing you are getting close to out of time. 
Love you. Work hard, be happy. We love you and pray for you always. 

Jackson:  Nah we are waiting for the clowns to get back from San Salvador because one of them lost the phone.

Mom:  So where do you go to do transfers?
Jackson:  No clue. I'm sure you go to the bus station and then you meet some other elders and things like that but I'm not too worried about getting transferred.

Mom:  Yeah you'll probably stay there at least one more transfer. But who knows. 

Jackson:  Everyone who has started in this area has became a trainer and then left. So I'll probably be here a while.

Mom:  It looks like a pretty good area to be in. 

Jackson:  It is pretty safe and nice. I think my comp is getting transferred...

Mom:  That's all good. You'll get an opportunity to make a new friend!

Jackson:  I don't want to.

Mom:  I know. But it will be fine. You should find something to do. Sitting on the computer for 3 hours is probably not the best use of your time. 

Jackson:  Ya well it is because my comp. Next week I won't be able to do it because I'll be with someone else who will probably say an hour and then leave!! So be grateful I get to talk to you. 

Mom:  I guess that is true. So do you know for sure that he is being transferred?

Jackson:  Yes.  There is a multi zone this week so I might get my packages and letters then

Mom:  Ok. Don't worry about them though. 

Jackson:  I'm really not worried about them. I just want to have a successful week 

Mom:  So what are you measuring your success by?

Jackson:  By the goals I set. I just want to achieve my goals and everything. But I know I'm doing good

Mom:  With you getting a new companion, part of your week will be the transition there and you will be getting a new district leader as well so some changes. Use the changes to make new goals and just work hard and follow the promptings that you receive. And ask for guidance and you will be sent answers. Maybe not the exact way you seek but answers just the same. 

Jackson:  Thanks mommy. You are the best :) I'm leaving now 
Te amo tanto
Elder Lancaster

Mom:  Good. I'm glad. Just keep setting those goals. And make adjustments to them sometimes if you need to. 

 These ones came with the subject:  Fact, Bears eat beets.
                  This is the way I watched Conference.