Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Dec. 19, 2016

First question. What time are you calling or skyping?  Did you get the account info dad set up for you?  (Just trying to save time since you won't have a lot of it.).
Taylor and Kayla have church at 10 and they can't miss because Taylor is playing the piano for the choir.   I just have to find someone to lead the music if you're calling during church. Ours is at 1130 so we will be home about 1.
So where did you move to?  How is your new comp?  And why exactly did you move early? I know you said you talked to the mission preside about what was going on but is that why?  Not that it really matters I guess but I'm just curious. Did he get moved too?
Did happen to get your other 2 packages?  Somehow they got separated. The one says the payment was made and it was delivered on dec 15 and the other one is waiting for payment to be made to deliver as if Dec. 16. So hopefully the mission will be kind and get them picked up and delivered to you before Christmas.  πŸ™πŸ»
How has the 12 days of Christmas been?  Did you hang up your tree with all your decorations and snowflakes from your cousins?
I was talking to Amber and Wayne at church yesterday they were asking how you're doing. Amber said she's been missing you😊. Wayne said he thinks about you and should write a letter. So they might send you an email. We all get busy with our lives and letter writing isn't the easiest thing to do. I don't mind writing but I'll be honest, even though I want to hear from you I don't love the thought of writing each week. Sometimes it's hard to put down on paper what you really want to say and hope you don't sound dumb and that it all makes sense. But I'm sure things get lost in translation like in a text. You might be trying to be sarcastic or something and it just comes off mean. 😁.
Do you want me to get something for Macey and azalea for Christmas?  If you do you'll have to tell me what.
I still haven't gotten anything for dad yet either. I have no idea what to get him.
We went to the Viewmont invitational on Saturday. Carson was wrestling at the Clash before Christmas again this year. So we got to watch a bunch of the kids wrestle. I think Box Elder took 3rd. They have some pretty big holes left because of the seniors that quit. It's pretty sad.  Carson wrestled for Renegade I think they were from Logan. It was a dual meet so He wanted them to meet up with Box Elder so he could wrestle the kid that supposedly beat him out of his spot. They've wrestled off 5 or 6 times and Carson hasn't even come close to losing to him ever and I guess one time is all it takes to lose your spot. They have both been wrestling varsity because the other kid wrestles 170 and Carson 180 but they only had 150 and 180 weight bracket this weekend. They didn't meet up but Carson only lost one match out of 4 to the kid he lost to last week by 3. He lost in OT this week. He is wrestling pretty tough. He just needs some more strength and he'll have it.  He's been working pretty hard.
He is getting pretty excited about baseball starting too. He'll be playing with the new Ridgeline kids from Hyrum/Wellsville area. I'm not sure how well I'll be able to handle the Mountain Crest crowd but you can do anything for a season right?  :) The coach said they are combining the Wolverines black and the Orangemen  teams and they will have a blue and a green team. Carson is on the green team. They were ordering hats and jerseys a couple weeks ago. Always a new opportunity to meet new people and learn from new coaches.  I told Carson that last week when he was upset he didn't win the wrestle off and he would be wrestling with another team. And his comeback was 'that's all I seem to be doing lately'. I feel a little bit bad, but it really has been a great opportunity to get out of our little Box Elder bubble and meet new people and make new friends. I know he's made friends and had experiences that will take him into the next stages of his life and help him make it through some hard things.  It was fun to watch him on Saturday as he waited for his first round he kind of stayed off by himself, but after he wrestled and pinned his first kid. They were all friends and playing games and talking for the rest of the day. It was awesome to see him warm up and get the courage to meet someone new.
You get to do that out there everyday. I imagine you probably act a little like Carson did on Saturday. 😊.
The week went by pretty uneventful for the most part. The weather has been terrible in the northwest so trucks are all behind and off schedule so work was stressful all week again but one more full week and then a break for a few days.  Hopefully this week will not be as stressful getting everyone back home for Christmas.
We are having a neighborhood Christmas party tonight at the Hardy Party barn. Dad smoked the pork last week so we are all set. It's an ugly sweater party. Latisha is getting a couple prizes. And mostly we are just going to eat and visit. I might find a couple things for the kids to do so it's not complete chaos. Maybe a Christmas video and some coloring pages or something.
We're all ready for Christmas Eve too. I'm not sure how we're going to work Christmas morning breakfast this year with church in the middle of everything. I'm thinking we will just have to skip it or have it on Christmas Eve morning instead. That's what I'm voting for.
Well I hope you have a great week filled with the Christmas spirit and that you will be able to see the people you are serving in a new light and find someone special that needs something only you can give at this time of year.

Love you

Alright well I had my glory day in the hot sun this week. It started with me meeting well re-meeting my companion at the bus station. He was the Elder from the office that I talked to my first night. He is Elder Perez from Belize. He didn't speak Spanish when he came to the mission and now he is my companion and we honestly are best friends. There is only one problem. It is that he is ending his mission on the 28th... I'm so sad. I found my best friend that we just get into houses and we just work so hard all day and it just is only going to last for one more week.. I just want it to last a longer time but it will be okay. I have learned this week that the mission really can have some ups and downs because I am sure that I had my downs and right now I am having my ups. Haha I got told that I teach and talk like a missionary that has been out for like 1 year or more by this new ward and I didn't feel that way. I am just working as hard as I can and always doing what I need to be doing. Tomorrow I have comp exchanges with the zone leaders and they aren't even mad that I have no idea where to go. They are like you are an awesome missionary and we are glad to have you. SO that was my week!! Alright so thank you for everything mommy!!! I hope you are on to talk because I need to ask you stuff!!! Love you

Mom:  That is awesome!!  I'm so glad  you are with a fun companion at least for a week.

Jackson:  Haha I'm super excited. Hey I sent you an invitation on a chat thing which like a ton of elders use and it is so much easier if you want to use that. Then can you send me glasses to protect my eyes because the sun is hurting them and I am having a hard time seeing .5 lenses are good for me... I know that sounds bad.. But ya. Also I want to buy a super nice suit that is $120 and what time is best to skype for you? answer me quick love you!

Mom:  Grandma sent you enough money so go ahead and buy the suit and I'll pay off your visa.  I'm not sure what kind of glasses you need, but I'll have dad look.  I didn't get anything about a chat whatever.
skype time if you want to do it around 8 or 9 in the morning would be ok or after church at like 1 or whenever works for you and we will just be here.
Are you going to be on for an hour like normal or a short time?

Jackson:  at least 40 min depends on how duchey these new zls are

Mom:  Well what fun things did you do this week?  What are your plans for pday?  Send me that chat thingy to my gmail. And maybe we will try it next week. Did you get the info dad sent to use to skype us? Or are you calling?

Jackson:  Skype. Send me glasses... My eyes legit hurt...

Mom:  Not sunglasses right?  I guess you are almost out of time. So I will just say that I am so glad that you are happy. Prayers are answered. I have shed a lot of tears over the last couple of months worrying about you and I can already tell that this change just in a week has been good. Hopefully it continues. 
Trust in lord and listen and follow his counsel and good things will happen. It doesn't mean you won't have struggles or hard things that you need to get through and overcome but it will all work out in the end. Even if it doesn't work out how we envision it. Which it doesn't usually work out our way but usually better. 
Love you. So excited to talk to you next week!!!!  It's the only thing I want for Christmas!


New companion, Elder Perez from Belize.  He speaks very good English and sounds like a blast. They both talked on Jackson's recorded message that he sent this week and it made my heart so happy to hear him smile and laugh!  I haven't heard that for a few months.  Here is a link to the Voice recording: take a minute or 11 :) if you can and listen- he sounds super good!  
http://chirb.it/tHGa8K  (to listen you have to copy and paste the link into your browser and hit enter- then push the play button)  

Monday, December 12, 2016

Dec. 12, 2016

We had a great sacrament meeting today. Probably the best meeting we've had in months. Paige Jones, Lynn Burt, and Dan Greene spoke about their conversion or how they have come back to church.  They all did a great job. Dan's story was amazing.  His testimony of the atonement is a testimony to me that the Atonement and Repentance works and is for EVERYONE no matter how bad you think the things you've done are Heavenly Father is always there for us and will welcome us with open arms if we ask and are willing to repent.   I'm pretty sure there wasn't a dry eye in the meeting the spirit was so strong, testifying of what they said was true. It was pretty awesome.
Those are the people that give me the strength to know that I'm doing ok and I can make it if I just keep repenting and trying to do better every day. Their strength is amazing to me. As Dan was talking about when he was 12 and how the ward members wouldn't let their kids play with his family and they wouldn't have anything to do with the kids because of the choices their parents made it broke my heart and made me think about my life and some of the judgments I have made about people that hopefully haven't made them question their testimony but it really made me take a long look at myself and make me want to be more kind and accepting of people regardless of the mistakes they or their families may have made because it's not my place to judge them or decide if they are worthy or not. Repentance and the atonement is for all of us. And I am not the one that decides who is repentant or not.
Before I left for church I was listening to the talk of the week by Elder Bednar. If Ye had known me. He talked about a couple stories in the bible that are part of the Joseph Smith translation. And the original  says I know you not and I never knew you. But the JST says Ye know me not and Ye never knew me. He goes on to talk about coming to know Christ. And how do we do that. Exercise faith, follow him, serve him, believe him. At the beginning he asks the question do we only know about the savior or are we increasingly coming to know him?  I asked myself that question and I honestly don't know the answer. I think I know about the Savior, but I'm not sure that my relationship with him is what it should be and it is definitely something that I am going to be working harder on in the coming months.
This week went by pretty fast - kind of like all the rest of them-  Carson had practice Monday and Tuesday. Wed he had young men's they went to Ogden to the lights. It was super cold. We went at lunch time with Grandma Atwood to Shopko to get Grandma Lou a new recliner for Christmas with the extra 15% off for senior day. It was $50 more off. We took it right over and got it all set up and found out that the frame was broken so we had to take it all apart and take it back and get a different one. And took it back and set it all up. So that took a while. I think she liked it.
Thursday was just a day and Friday dad had a dr appt he has ear infection and sore throat. So we got antibiotics for everyone because I'm sick again.
I worked Til 930 on Friday and we went to Carson's wrestling on sat in Farmington. He took 2nd.
That was the week.
Love you

I'm sitting here wondering what we can do from here to help you be happy. We got your package today. I haven't had time to read all the letters yet but I read a few. I'm sorry you are having a struggle, but somehow within yourself you have to decide to make the best of the situation and choose to be happy and find joy through the struggle. You knew when you left that it was going to be hard. But you really didn't have a clue what hard was because really your life here was pretty easy. I did your laundry, fixed you food, paid for your gas, you had a part time job for a few months before you left but you really hadn't had a taste of what life as an adult is like. And then you get thrust into being responsible and teaching other people the gospel that you are really just beginning to understand yourself.     It always amazes me the strength that missionaries have even though things are hard they find strength in their testimonies and in the support of the members that they are teaching with and that are helping to support them while they are away from their homes.

Jackson:  Hey I'm happy now. I talked to President confessed todos mis malditos pecados. Haha I'm good now though. And super happy that you got my stuff

So this week was full of ups and downs. We didn't teach many lessons this week but some of the lessons that we taught were really good. So we had our interviews with the President on Thursday and he gave me great advice and I used it. I started letting the tongue roll. We started to get into houses and we started to do everything better. But my comp still got mad at me... Its whatever right because today we found out that we have emergency changes today. Crazy huh? Anyways I am kinda sad because this is my first area and everything and now I am leaving freaking 2 weeks before Christmas and I had plans with the members and I had this and that with everyone... It is just sad to leave. I had almost 4 1/2 months in the Great Land of Zacatecoluca. I am glad that President is switching me though. I am going to the Capital for all I know. But the biggest lesson of the week is 1 John 4. It talks about the love of God for us and he has so much love for us he gave his first born son. I was thinking about this and the first thing I tried to put myself in his shoes but I cant because I don't know what it is like to have a child. Only parents can kinda put themselves in this spot. Are you willing to give your child to save another person? Tough question. However gladly we don't have to put ourselves in this situation. We only have to show our love for our Heavenly Father. How do we show our love is another question. I don't know how you are showing your love for Him but I am showing mine by living his commandments (John 14:15). And by serving others and giving them the opportunity to know His great gospel. I love this Gospel more than anything. I hope you know that. Mom I think that you know that. I love you too mom. We are going to call the 25th on Sunday we think. We aren't sure what time though. I love you Hope you have a good week

Mom:  Well, on your question about giving up your child to save someone else. We have done that in a sense when we sent you and Taylor out to serve missions. We trust every day that the lord will keep you safe and take care of you while you're gone because we can't be there. It's pretty hard some days. I've shed a lot of tears over you and Taylor when you sound sad or homesick or discouraged. But -- I know that you are exactly where the Lord wants you to be doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing and learning the things that are going to make you an even more amazing son, husband and father when you come home. 
Did you get any of your packages?  I wrote the mission secretary and told them I had sent money for them and that you have your own money not tied to the mission funds to pay for them if you need to. 
Do you know where you're going?  Are both of you getting transferred?  I'm kind of excited for you. But why the emergency transfer?  Is it because you want to kill your comp?

Jackson:  It is probably for problems or something like that because we didn't tell president that we had problems. So ya. I got them (packages) today just like you guys. Don't worry I use whatever money I can find ;) I think I'm going to somewhere in the Capitol.

Mom:  There is cash in the envelope with the nativity stuff inside the big package you got today.  Also Grandma gave me $ to put in your account for Christmas so you can spend some of it or save it or whatever you want.  Do you need me to send you some face soap?  you look like the acne is coming on like a teenager starting puberty.  there are 2 more packages coming-- I hope you get them before Christmas, but I sent them last Monday and they are still in San Francisco as of yesterday.  Probably because of the weather.  anyway- I filled 2 stockings with stuff, one for you and one for your companion.  Hopefully you get them, but I guess either way you'll be able to use the stuff and have an extra day to celebrate and open presents.
Love you

Jackson:  Wow somebody loves me ;)

Mom:  yeah-- it must be grandma ;)  but make sure not to lose the envelope with the cash. 

Jackson:  I won't lose anything are you kidding me? What package has the presents for the comp. Because I sure don't want to give this comp anything.

Mom:  They should come together because I sent them together.  Like I said- hopefully you'll get them before Christmas.

Jackson:  Oh so they are not in this one that came with my sweet Yellowstone t shirt?

Mom:  no-- all the stuff in those packages are just for you. and you can share if you want to.

Jackson:  Screw that!!!! Only for me!!! Love you mommy so much :)

Mom:  Wow-- what happened to being all Christlike ;-) lol.  I can't even remember what is in the package you got today.  I think it is all the letters and pictures and snowflakes that everyone did for you before Thanksgiving. and maybe your 12 days of Christmas stuff- which is perfect timing because you can start opening them on Wed. 
Well, have a GREAT week, good luck with the transfer.  Be happy.  Remember who you are and what you stand for!!  And.... 
Things are looking up!
Love you
Jackson:  And if you ain't standing you ain't remembering! ;) If I ain't in bed by 12 I'll come home ;) Love you mommy gotta go :)
Feliz semana

Love you too!

My Town in Christmas and My Christmas present from me to me :)

Voice Recording:  Ok, so we got another week down. And  I talked a lot more this week, I was pretty happy.  The days were really long, but one day we were going to San Vicente, and we were alone for 10 minutes and we got a call and said oh we’re not going so we had to walk back like 2 or 3 kilometers and that sucked.  Then we had comp exchanges and interviews with the President.  And it was really good.  I told President my struggles and everything and he gave me some great advice.  I’ve got to work really hard.  And I did really good.  I did really good.  I talked to a lot of people.  It’s December and I’ve never worn a jacket.  Never even thought of it and it’s December.  Hehe.  Life of a missionary in Central America.   Right.  Huh Well Whatever.
Yesterday, the assistance went down a lot because no one went because there was a big party on Saturday. 
Well, that’s this week.

Dec. 5, 2016

Family Home Evening with the Mission President, Rodriguez Family and the Bishop 
I hope you had a GREAT week!!   Our week was good.  We didn't get a lot accomplished at home, but it was busy and fun.  Monday, Carson had Wrestling practice.  Tues. I had a meeting with Jason Cook about Health Insurance in the afternoon and then I was scrambling to get the ads ready in time for the Purple and White wrestling meet and get Carson to practice on time.  It's pretty sad the kids that quit.  Brady Harris, Porter, Cole, Coy and Keeton Richard.  They would have done well this year.  It really floors me how many kids don't finish what they started because it might be hard.  I guess everyone has their reasons that we don't know about and they all have to make their own choices.  It just makes me sad to see them throw away years of hard work. 
Wed. Carson met with Jeff Adams to get started on his Eagle Project.  He is going to build Goose beds for the DWR.  Hopefully he can get it together and approved so they can build them over the Christmas break. 
Thurs. we went to the Wrestling meet against Bonneville.  They were definitely missing those kids.  Box Elder won the Dual but there were some holes.  A few of the younger kids are stepping up and did pretty good too. 
Friday, Carson and dad took down the Batting Cage and put the lights on the house.  I stayed a late at work to get stuff done for the weekend and for the company Christmas party on Saturday. Dad finished putting the lights on the downstairs Christmas tree too. 
Saturday we left at 6:30 to go to Declo Idaho which is by Burley to watch Carson Wrestle.  He did really good!  He wrestled tough and even when he was down he kept with it and worked hard.  He took 2nd.  The last kid he wrestled was pretty tall.  he had his almost cradled but just couldn't get it finished.  But he didn't give up.  It was pretty awesome for him.
We missed most of the company Christmas party.  We got back at 9pm.  So we helped clean up.  Sunday we watched the Christmas devotional and decorated the tree. 
Not a very exciting week, but it is what it is.
I have a migraine so my brain isn't working very well at the moment. either. 
Hope you have a great week this week and that you listen to the promptings of the spirit.  Remember you are never more that a thought away from us and we love you!

Alright well this week was a lot better than the last week. I don't have much to say but here it goes. So we did really good at the beginning of the week. We found people and we were doing really good. Then we got to Friday and Saturday it just went downhill. There was an activity in the town that we were competing with and absolutely no one was home. We worked and walked so much to find some one in their house but everyone was at the freaking fiesta down town. It was really difficult to teach when there isn't anyone in the street. Anyways one thing that I really learned this week is that I've been told all my life. Is you can control 2 things. 1 your attitude. 2 your effort. I say this because the ward council ripped on us and my comp got mad and went out and started getting frustrated and was like oh I hate him he never helps us and I don't know why he would say that but anyways I thought that we would just take it and change and improve. But that is what reminded me of 2 of the biggest helps in my life Jesse Roberts and Travis Mumford. I'm so glad that they helped me out. I also learned that the biggest and best lesson is lesson 1 the Restoration. Ya I know I already said this but it really can change lives you have no idea how much you can feel the spirit in a lesson when you say the first vision. I love the work and I will continue to work hard. I started to talk to people. Just with simple phrases but there you go. That was my week. I love you mom. Hope you have a great week. 

Mom:  So what were you in trouble with the ward council for?  Did you and your comp have a better week?  That's great you are talking more. Keep talking and things will come. It's actually the only way it will get better. 
Here's the thought off the Brigham imp sign-- are you one of the crowd or one of the stable few?

Jackson:  We came late to sacrament because we were bringing investigators and we didn't fill out the reports and just a bunch of crap. I mean it is okay we can fix it but I have a Lemuel with me...

Mom:  Well-- Just like the thought on the end of your bed for most of your life.  Attitude is everything, choose wisely!    My favorite quote that I have hanging on board at the office-- Attitude- The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life.  Attitude is more important than facts, it is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than success, than what other people think or say or do.  It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill.  It will make or break a company...a home.. a relationship.  The remarkable thing is we have a choice, every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for the day.  We cannot change our past.  We cannot change the fact that other people will act in a certain way.  We cannot change the inevitable.  The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude.  I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.  And so it is with you...we are all in charge of our attitudes.  Charles Swindoll
Did you get your Christmas package?  Did you ever get your Yellowstone shirt?
Jackson:  No I haven't gotten anything. I think I will get it this week because we have a zone conference. Also we might skype the 24th because that is when Christmas is here...

Mom: That would actually be super awesome because I'm worried that Taylor and Kayla won't be able to be there on Sunday because he has to play the piano for the choir in his ward.  you didn't get the Yellowstone shirt that we sent?  I sent it in October like the 24th or 25th?
Jackson:  Nope

Mom:  So do you ever do fun stuff for your Pday?  like go and see what ever there is to see in the town?  I'm sure there are probably cool things around.  

Jackson:  There is nothing. We do nothing fun for P-day. It sucks

Mom:  well you should get creative and figure out something fun to do to break up the monotony of the everyday stuff.  That's what pday is for.  I think that Briar goes to the beach to take pictures where he is on the island. 
Jackson:  We do fun stuff sometimes..

Mom:  like what?

Jackson:  Play soccer go to the best pupusa place in Salvador.

Mom:  So where is the best pupusa place?  Do you write to any of your friends?  I'm really bugged that you haven't gotten the your Yellowstone tshirt.  I've got to go here in a minute to send you the rest of your Christmas.  Hopefully you will get it before Christmas, but I'm thinking it might be after.  I'll keep my fingers crossed. 

Jackson:  Haha it is all good. I love you mommy!!! Feliz Semana

Mom:  here's the tracking for the tshirt that says it made it to the final destination on Nov 10th  you should ask the mission secretary about it.

Jackson:  It is all good. Like I said I'll getit this week I think. Just chill. I love you mommy be safe. Feliz Semana

Nov. 28, 2016

I am going to preface this post with-- remember that we are all human and I am a Mom wanting to protect her child from all the bad stuff in the world and we don't ever want to see our kids sad, but it is a fact of life and sometimes we say and/or do things we probably shouldn't.  But those who know me won't be too surprised at the conversation between us this week :)

Well, it sounds like you had an exciting week. Hurricane and then an earthquake!  We got an email from the mission president on Thursday afternoon that said all the missionaries were safe and accounted for. I didn't see it until Friday when we were having breakfast. We didn't even hear anything about it Til then. I tried to find some information about it but I haven't seen anything except that it was a 7.0. How was it?
I found some pictures this morning. From the hurricane. It looks really bad. I'm hoping that we will hear from you today, but if we don't, we will be praying for you. We know that you are being watched over and protected each day. I guess the missionary work for a while will be service work to help everyone clean up after all the damage. Maybe the pictures aren't from recent stuff but wow.
You'll have to tell us all about it.
Our week was pretty fun. Monday and Tues. were pretty slow at work so I spent the time getting ready to go to Moab. We took all the food we needed for sandwiches and thanksgiving dinner so we didn't need to go to the store down there. It was really nice to have everything. We did go to the store and got something for dessert but that was it.  We even came home with enough stuff to have steak dinner Sunday afternoon when we got home. It was kind of nice to just put everything on the table and eat a nice dinner in about 15 min.
We left wed. About 1230 stopped at Costco to get meet and buns and then at the burger bar for lunch. We got down there about 630 and unloaded and then went to dinner at the Mexican place about 740. The food wasn't very good this time. Maybe because we were at the end of the day. We were the last ones out of the restaurant. I probably won't go back there again.  Carson actually got a burrito though. I was surprised!   Thursday we did the elephant hill trail. Maurice and Tonnya and Rhett came down and it was pretty irritating   He took forever to get in and out of the jeep. It's a good thing they weren't with us because I seriously would have had a come apart. Rhett whined and bawled the whole time.
The trail was awesome. Taylor was having a panic attack the whole time but he did great. I didn't walk out to the confluence of the river this time because I could barely breathe. I have bronchitis. I think finally today I might actually be getting better. Still coughing but not as bad and my breathing isn't as rattly. But no hiking for me.
Friday we went out to Tusher Tunnel
And Gemini bridges and bull canyon that is the bottom of Gemini bridges. We went back to the hotel about 430 and relaxed. I didn't feel good so we didn't go anywhere. Taylor and Kayla took Carson and went to the blue pig bbq and went to the new Disney movie Moana with the rock. They said it was hilarious. Me and dad went to McDonald's and got a large fry and we're going to get shakes but the ice cream machine didn't get turned on that day. So we went to Wendy's and got frosties. And I got some nighttime cold medicine and took it at 830 and went to sleep about 845. First good night sleep I had in a couple weeks. I only woke up once coughing instead of every 30 minutes.  I didn't even hear everyone come back after the movie.
Sat. We got up and got ready to go. Had breakfast made lunch . . . I went out to put the cooler and everything in the jeep and get it warmed up because it was like 26 F brrr. Got everything in and started the jeep and hopped out and noticed the front tire was flat. Crap!  So that put a damper on the day. Grandpa aired up the tire so we could get it to the tire shop. And I figured eh it's only 830 we shouldn't be too long they won't be busy. WRONG!  We got there and they were super busy and said it would be and hour to an hour and a half. So we called and let grandma know they probably should just head out without us and we would find something else to do and that they needed to come get their lunch from me.
Taylor and Kayla took Carson to the rock shop while we waited.
It ended up only being about 45 minutes. And the guy fixed it for us for free. He said we were the most patient customers he had had all morning. Which was nice.
So we ended up going with everyone on the dome plateau trail. It was pretty awesome. We saw some new things and new terrain. Nice for a change.
We went to Zaks for dinner and came back and everyone was asleep by 9πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. We were exhausted.
Sunday we decided to just head home since it was supposed to snow. So we got home about 3. We didn't get hit as hard as they said we were going to but it did snow. Hello winter!
Back to the grind today. Problems and the normal for a Monday. But it's all good. It was nice to take a few days away and not worry about anything and just enjoy each other and the beautiful earth that we have to enjoy.
I hope that you are well and things are going good. We have been praying for you and your companion. You need to look for the good things and maybe you will not be so uptight😁. Work hard, be safe!  Listen to the spirit and you will be guided where you need to be.
We love you!

Well that would have been cool to feel the earthquake and even know about the hurricane. Anyways this week was awful. We only accomplished 1 baptism. That was it. It is very frustrating my comp ripped into me one nigh and asked why I never contacted and why he had to remind me to do stuff but honestly if there is a person I want to contact he contacts them. Then in the lessons my teaching is never good enough. When I teach the principle he tells me to teach by the spirit. How ever when I teach what is in my heart he asks me why I would say something like that. It is just never good enough for him.I never win. Then he loves to fight with the people. He loves to tell them that their church is wrong because it does this and that and what not. When he should just say thank you for your time have a nice day. I hate the fighting. These people are always going to remember when he fought with them and have a bad taste of Mormons. Anyways ¨we also had a great experience in the home of our President. He invited us and the Rodriguez family to his home to have a family home evening yesterday. He taught the restoration in a way that I had never thought of and it was powerful. Well That is all for this week sorry it is so short. I love you 

Mom:  It sounds like you are doing what you need to be doing, but you are needing to get past the anger you have towards your companion so you can have the spirit with you.  We are praying for you to be able get over that so you can move on.  You can't let him dictate how you are going to feel or how your time is going to be spent.  YOU choose how you are going to feel.  Yeah he might do stuff you don't like or agree with, but you have to let it go and be happy on your own.  He can't make that decision for you.  You have to find joy through the trial of your faith.  :)  Maybe this is your trial right now, but if you don't figure out how to get along with him, he will be your companion for another transfer til you get it right.  If he thinks you need to talk more then do it.  Get in there and contact, be assertive, don't let him push you out.  Be confident, go in there with some swagger, just like Brad Holgate taught you to have in baseball.  If you don't have some swagger, you won't put yourself out there.  It's ok if you don't do it perfect or even right if you are being lead by the spirit, or even if you're just out there contacting whomever to get some practice DO IT!  Quit whining!  It is not becoming and it isn't making things better for you.

Jackson:  Mom he told me to go home one day. I don't even know what I did wrong. I am trying hard in the lessons and sometimes he interrupts me in my contacts I'm dong my best but he wont even talk to me in the street anymore. I don't know why.. I'm just lost.

Mom:  I'm glad you didn't feel the earthquake or the hurricane.  I guess some people in your mission must have because we got an email from the mission president about it.  And then, one of the parents did a REPLY TO ALL ;)  It was pretty funny.  I'm pretty sure it was a Latino that did it because the reply was in Spanish.  Dad got a pretty good kick out of it. 

Jackson:  Haha That's funny. Did you get all my pictures and everything?

Mom:  Yes-- what are you doing in all of them.    Also- I guess after you talk to the District and Zone leaders and things don't change just kick his ass and maybe he'll smarten up.  And if the mission president asks why you did it, just tell him he can deal with me because I told you to do it!

Jackson:  I don't remember but I really want to beat the shit out of him some days but I cant. So I'll just work hard that's all that matters.  

Mom:  True- but seriously talk to the district leader and zone leaders and don't be rude about him, just ask if there is something that you can do so that he doesn't treat you that way.  Otherwise, Pretty much he is just jealous of you and being a prick.  So just show him how good you can be and quit hanging back and being afraid.  I know how you get sometimes and just let someone else step in and do stuff because you don't feel like you can knock it out of the park, but who cares.  Try and do your best, keep working hard, but again; do it with some serious confidence and swagger.  If you're not feeling it, just fake it til you make it!!  It will happen.
Moab was fun, and Carson kept trying to wear the same stuff you did in pictures and do the same things.  what a ding dong!  He misses you a lot and is so proud of you!  We all are!
Love you!! 

Jackson:  I will. I am just going to work hard and do everything. It just sucks that he is a prick. Like I said he wont even talk to me in the street it is always silence.

Mom:  Oh well-- When he is ignoring you, you go talk to someone else.  Like I said, just because it might not be perfect, it doesn't matter.  If you are out there talking to someone and he comes up to interrupt, just elbow him in the guts once, he'll back off :)

Jackson:  New glasses huh? Sweet. I'm going to buy some to protect my eyes from the sun. But that aren't sunglasses because we cant have them. Because President thinks we will look like tourists.    
Aye mommy :) Send me pictures of both Christmas trees.

Mom: Do you want me to see if we can find some to send with your razors and retainer?
Did you get your Christmas package?
Jackson:  No I haven't gotten my Christmas package. And yes please. Gillete Fusion Proshield.

Mom:  K.  I just tracked your package and it was delivered on Friday so maybe they will bring it to you later today. 

Jackson: Haha ya right it doesn't work like that well I gotta go I love you!!! Talk to you next week.

 Cool Drink

Voice Recording:  
Well, Hello Family.  So, this week was MMMMMMM alright.  I’ll just say alright.  Well, Tues. we uh, it was alright but we just  kept wasting time and I was starting to get mad.  But I don’t know, I just want to baptize because I feel like I’m actually doing something.  But, Whatever, you know.  That’s pretty much it.  And then the next day, my Spanish is not doing too good but you know what, I’m working my hardest you know.  Then we uh, My comp ripped the next day and said why  I wouldn’t talk or contact or anything and I’m like you know – I’ll be honest I don’t really talk and I need to talk more it’s true, but he needs to give me a chance too because  whenever there is someone to contact, he just goes and contacts them.  I don’t know what he wants me to do when he does it all, so you know.  The next day, I spoke with the spirit in the lessons and I felt a lot better.  And we baptized it was pretty cool.  It was a little girl, she was a blast to teach.
I’m having nose bleeds and I don’t know why.  I guess we’ll find out right. 
Saturday we did absolutely nothing.  We really did absolutely nothing.  We spend 4 hours in 2 houses and we didn’t even teach a lesson.   I was like WHAT are we doing?  I was so frustrated.  I mean we did help someone get a job, and we did do service; I dug a 6 meter hole.  Well, I was digging a 6 meter hole, there was no way I was going to dig it in one day.  It was at like 1 and I dug it another meter so, that was pretty cool.  And then we had a great day on Sunday.  We went to church and that’s always awesome, and we had 7 investigators and I was like WHAT!!??  This is AWESOME!!  And then every time I looked at my comp I got pissed.  But whatever you know.  And then he wanted to take a nap so I was like alright let’s take a nap.  And then we went to San Salvador to the mission house, the President’s house and we had a Family Home Evening with him and the Rodriguez family and the bishop’s family.  And he taught the restoration in a way that was like woah that was so cool!  And that’s all I did.  If I had a different comp, my week would have been better, well I hope.  That’s it, I love you guys.  See ya!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Nov. 21, 2016 Happy Thanksgiving!!

Well, I should have written yesterday like I normally do, but I didn't feel well so I didn't do it. I don't really feel any better today so I just should have sucked it up and got my letter written. 'Don't put off Til tomorrow what you can do today'. Oh well.
This week has kind of sucked. I have been sick with bronchitis all week. I went to the doctor on Monday and got an antibiotic and figured I would be feeling better in a day or so. NOT. I still feel like crap a week later.  Still coughing and hacking and fever this morning. I missed going to watch Carson wrestle in Twin Falls  on Saturday because I didn't want to share with everyone else. I did get to sleep most of the day though so you would think that would have helped but I guess not. I'm just hoping that I'm at least a little better by Thursday when we're out on the jeep trail in Moab. I would like to be able to breathe so I can hike a little bitπŸ˜•.
I told dad he other day I didn't know if I could make the hike to Delicate Arch not being able to breathe. I guess we'll see.
That was pretty much the week. Dad finished the truck transportation merit badge with the deacons on wed. But other than that just wrestling practice on Mon., Tues. and Thurs for Carson. And YM on wed. They are working on a go kart at Brian Hardy's. Oh dad and Carson and Landen and Sean Baker went to a private showing of the new prequel to Harry Potter 'Fantastic Beasts' on Fri. (I missed that too because I didn't figure a whole movie theater of people wanted my sickness). Carson didn't really like it. He said it was pretty slow. But Landen thought it was pretty good.
We had Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. It was really good. Dad does a great job on the turkey. It was us and Kristal and Ben and Jolene and Kevin. Grandma and grandpa are in Canada visiting grandmas sister Joanne. She has been doing cancer treatments for throat cancer. And she was doing pretty good I guess but she had a stroke last week. So they went to see her. They should be back tomorrow so we can load up the jeeps and leave wed for Moab.
Taylor and Kayla actually left on Saturday morning and are camping which is crazy. It's down in the 30's at night so I swear they have to be freezing, but Kayla said that their first night was ok and they didn't freeze. They still have 2 more camping nights. Brrr. Kayla was way excited to go camping so I guess whatever floats your boat. I don't even want to camp in the summer when it's warm.
The temperatures here are still pretty warm for November. It's in the high 50's and so far doesn't look like that's going to change this week. (Which is good. I'm hoping we can get at least through Sunday with nice weather so we can enjoy Moab and get home safe).
We are planning on leaving wed afternoon to head down. But we might get to leave earlier because Carson doesn't have school on wed which we didn't realize until yesterday. So I guess that gives us a little extra time leeway if we can get things wrapped up at work early.
All the trucks should be in or coming in by wed afternoon so it shouldn't be too bad. We just have to make sure we have everything loaded for the Sunday leave out guys and get all their paperwork in their boxes before we leave. Fingers crossed we can get it all done early.
I'm really looking forward to some time away without worrying about phones and trucks and everything else. Just being able to relax and enjoy the beauty of the earth and see incredible things that most people only get to see in pictures.
Well, I need to get to work.
So. How was your week?  I know you are having a hard time with your comp, but make the best of it and focus on the good things and it will make the time go faster.  Were you able to set a baptismal date for the girls you were talking about last week?  How about the family you were teaching - the mom with cancer-- how's that going?
I sent your Christmas package so it should be there in plenty of time for Christmas. Did you get your Yellowstone T-shirt?  The tracking said it delivered to the mission on November 10.  Grandma gave me money for you for Christmas to put on your visa $500. Which is way too much but it's grandma. I deposited it in your account and will just pay on your visa. Your total balance is $500 so I wouldn't spend it all at once. Maybe buy a few things you need and go to dinner or something nice and use the rest as you need it. But let me know what you decide to get yourself for Christmas. I also sent $100 cash in the package. It's in one of the envelopes. So hopefully you get your package.
Have a great week. Work hard.
Well this week I did not have my glory day in the hot sun. More like crap day in the hot sun. I was super stressed out. I had some okay days and one super weird day and then a crappy day. So I am so worried about all these people here I am starting to lose my hair.... Sike!!! I will never lose my hair. Anyways we just had some normal days and then The weird day happened. We were having a good day and then we went to the house of the Lady I baptized. We were about to start the lesson with the whole family but then some drunk dude showed up and started to yell at the family and demanded money for the bread. They were calm and said tomorrow, however this guy wanted it now. They were like we dont have it we will give it to you tomorrow. He started to yell and offend the family. Then the dad said hey chill. He kept going and the dad snapped. He went outside and beat the crap out of the guy. but my comp went outside and I kept all the people inside. My comp helped the dad up when the son of the dad kept the crazy dude under control. But the guy got up took his shirt off and the man had a tattoo and here that isnt a good sign. Then the after we had to call the DL and the ZLs then the assistants called and we almost had emergency exchanges but the family told us he wasn't in a gang or anything like that so we both stayed. The family with the mom with cancer is bad. We aren't going to baptize them because she cant even talk now. Her skin is yellow and the children are getting worse. Well one is but the other is slowly improving.  However the mom doesn't want to give permission only because we are Mormons too. She told them every other church yes, but the Mormon no. I was like you need to meet the Jehovah Witnesses! But that was my week super stressful... I was so stressed my nose started to bleed 4 times in the day!!! Well missionary work isn't easy I can say that much!!! Anyways that is this week!!! Love you!!!

Mom:  Probably a good thing you have a latino companion.  That could have been bad if it was 2 white guys there.  A little bit scary!  I know that you are being watched over and protected everyday, but make sure that you listen to the promptings of the spirit and be smart and you will be safe.   I honestly don't worry about you being safe there.  I just know that you will be fine.    Sounds like that was an exciting lesson.

Jackson: No the guy didn't even see us. Only when my comp left. I'm pretty sure I could have handled my own thank you.

Mom:  I'm sure you could handle yourself, but you know what I mean.  So, are you still going to keep visiting the family with the sick mom?  What do you do for your exercise time?

Jackson:  I do nothing. I need to start up again. But I haven't. Yeah we are at least going this Thursday but if the dad calls and says that they were bad one day this week then we aren't going back.

Mom:  What do you mean that they were bad?

Jackson:  Like they are like me and Carson but 100xs worse. They fight 100% of the time and never do anything in the house. I promise they are worse.

Mom:  I don't know.  Carson took up your cross with his room.  You were a terrible example of cleanliness.  I hope you keep your stuff clean and picked up there.  He doesn't have anyone to fight with anymore, so he likes to pick on Landen and fight with him when he has the chance.  It's crazy.

Jackson:  Smack him a few times. Both my comps were like woah you are super clean because I really am super clean sorry I just never wanted to be clean at home I guess

Picking Beans

Voice Recording:  OK. Well, another week down. Well, down, I mean another week passed.  I'll tell you all about it.  Um, honestly this week wasn't very good, I'll have to say that.  Monday we had the grill thing, and I ate and I was Like ah, I'm fine and the night came and I 'm like um my stomach kinda hurts.  Then Tues. rolled around and we went and played Fut.. uh Soccer sorry in the morning because Elder Williams was the only one that was leaving.  My stomach was hurting soooo bad.  It started in the night and I woke up and my stomach hurt so bad.  And then we went and played and it wasn't too bad while we were played, but then we went and cleaned the house and I was like ooh and we cleaned so much and woah my stomach just started to hurt so bad.  We didn't eat lunch because we ate pupusas in the morning, and they were burnt.  I didn't want to clean because it was freaking Tues. not Monday!  And we wasted a bunch of time cleaning.  I thought I might have a parasite or something like that, but we don't know what it was from, That day, then Wed. rolled around.  I was just pissed at my comp during the practices,    I hate practices con- with him because he just makes me feel stupid. And I hate it.   Ya, it doesn't really help me out.  Give me a break, Sometimes I'm like- Give me a break, I've been out here less than 6 months and you've been out here 18 months.  What do you expect out of me, I'm trying my best.  You know.  But I was pretty frustrated and then he's like hey, contact that guy. So - ok, we are in the street and I start to contact him and he cuts me off and then after he's like Why didn't you contact him?  Well, I tried, but you cut me off.  You know.  I was like what the freak!  
I'm just trying to keep my anger and trying to calm myself down.  I was still sick that day,  oof, my stomach hurt so bad.  Then, the next day, I had a good study that day.  I'm glad that we got a new district leader, because my companion was not a good leader.  He was more worried about everyone else but himself.  Ya you need to worry about everyone else, but you need to worry about your area first,  Like your area is the first thing you need to worry about not everybody else.  In the manual it says you are supposed to have the (stuttering trying to find the right English word) example area.  
And we definitely did not have the example area.  Well, maybe, but I don't think so, because he was always, like, we need to go over here and make sure that they're doing something right and I was like They're big boys, let em be you know.  And when the Zone leaders would say something he would just freaking take the lashings and not try and fight for us, he would just turn around and rip on our district and I'm like ooo I hate you. Honestly, and he was like their little puppy and he just did everything that they said and that frustrated me big time.
Alright.  Now we get to Thurs. nope, we're on Fri.  The only way to describe this day is weird.  So, we had a district meeting.  Our new district leader, he's really good, he's leaving this change though, it's kind of sad but he's a really good guy.
Contacted, had a great lesson with a lady.  She doesn't want to go to church and she doesn't want to get married, you know, she's just kind of shacking up with this guy, but we told her, what do you want with your life?  We just kinda had a good lesson with her.  And then, all our appointments fell through, no one would let us in.  And we finally got to the end of the day and got to the Rodriguez's house.  The family that I baptized the mom.  The dad still needs to be baptized and we are working really hard with him, cause he has problems with the word of wisdom.  So, we're about the start the lesson.  We talked to them for about 5 minutes just about random stuff, just being friends with them and then some guy shows up and he's like hey.  Where's my money? and I was like oh no!  And they were like hey, we don't have it right now, we'll give it to you tomorrow.  We're waiting for the money too. and I was like oh ok cool. and he was like NO!  I want it now!  I want my $16 now!  You guys laugh.  $16 here is like a lot of money.  It's a pretty good amount.  And he went on and was like I want my money.  And the wife was like no, we cannot give it to you right now because we don't have it.   We will give it to you tomorrow.  He was a little drunk is what they said after the fact.  So we were just like oh alright.  Then the guy started yelling no se que!  blah blah blah just offending them and stuff.   And the dad, the investigator that we're trying to baptize he's like hey, stop man. We don't have the money, but you know we'll give it to you tomorrow.  And then the guy goes off offending the family
  , I don't, I didn't know the meaning of some of the bad words I was hearing, I was like  woah!  And the dad goes alright that's enough.  And he can barely walk, like he has a bad leg, he limps.  And he goes out the door and beats the crap out of the guy.   They are on the ground beating the crap out of each other, He's beating the crap out of this guy that offended his family.  I was like oh no.  I kept all the girls, they have 3girls and a little boy and they have another boy who's 18, but I'm keeping the 3 girls, they are like 20, 19 and 14. I'm keeping all them inside.  My companion left and I was like oh no, please don't hit anyone.  He picked up our investigator and the son held the big crazy man.  While we picked up our investigator and he went back inside.  And the guy still kept chirping at the family and the mom was like you know what, I'm calling the cops.  She called the cops and it took them like 20 minutes to get there.  WOW!  This sucks!  But, he took off his shirt and he had tats all over.  Here-- that's- that's NOT good!  So we had to call the district leader and then we called the zone leader and assistants called us to make sure that Tom didn't touch anyone because he's an idiot and left but anyway, whatever you know.  We still might have emergency transfers, who knows?  I probably doubt it because he's still here sadly.
The next day we did some service in San Vicente. Ugh.  I hate San Vicente!!We went there and we picked some beans.  That was fun.  Like we pick the bean plant so they can get all the beans out of them.  It was pretty cool.
I really found out some things about my comp.  Like he's a fake, he's a people pleaser,  Like I kinda new that he was a people pleaser, but he's a fake, like a SUPER fake.  Every time the new district leader would say something, Oh I remember when I was a bad missionary, and my companion's like oh ya, me too, I remember that.  and I remember when I was obedient and did everything right and my companion was like oh ya me too.  I did this and that.   And he always talks about his house and he always talks about everything like that and one day he told me you need to stop worrying and talking about your girlfriend and your family.  I don't even talk about all you guys all that much with him.  Just every once in a while I'll be like, I remember this and he's like hey you need to be a consecrated missionary and forget yourself and do the work of the Lord.  I'm like are you serious?  He's always talking about his freaking family!  Whatever, you know.
And then yesterday, I was just stressed out.  I had a stuffed nose and a headache and honestly I was so stressed out my nose started bleeding.  I was so stressed.  I want to drop my companion to the ground all the time.  but you know, we'll see how it goes this week.  We only had 2 people in Sacrament meeting and we committed 14 people to come and we had 2 people show up.  So that was really frustrating for me.  So that was my week.  In 11 minutes and 15 seconds.  He he.  Well, I love you guys.  You guys are awesome.  Keep it real.  I still don't know about Christmas, but I know I'll get to talk to you.  Love you guys.  See ya!

So- he doesn't like his companion :(  It makes me sad, but I guess it's just another learning experience.  Teaching him patience.  (I think it's going to be a tough lesson because it doesn't seem to be taking quite yet. LOL)

Nov. 13, 2016

Well, how was your week?  Anything exciting happening?  Do you have anything lined up for this week?
Have you heard anything about whether you will get to call or skype for Christmas?  Our church will be at 1130 instead of 11 because the 7th ward is doing their meeting at 10. Taylor and Kayla I think go at 11 instead of 1030. Hopefully it will be a short meeting.
Our sacrament meeting went 15 minutes over today and we didn't do a closing hymn (which was awesome). It makes me laugh when they try to have 4 adults speak. It never works. It they want it to work times need to be assigned. Today the one lady took like 20 minutes, her talk was good but after so long I think people quit listening. Oh well.
Our week was filled with lots of the same normal things football and wrestling practice. Carson wrestled with Nick Sorenson on Tues. he thought that was pretty awesome. He wrestled with Rasten last week at one of the practices too. Hopefully he is learning something from them. Carson left Wednesday after school to go to mesquite with the Collings. Easton had surgery on Thursday (it went well), so we couldn't leave Til after the work was done on Thursday and Jolene Worked on Friday.  We got to mesquite about an hour before their game at 930 mesquite time 1030 our time. They had an injury on the game before so they even started later. They played lehi and beat them 25-0. I didn't feel like moving all my stuff to the other side of the field so I was on the lehi side during the game. It's amazing how mean people get when they are losing.  No one can actually win unless they are cheating. It can't be that they played hard and things went their way.  Pretty sad deal. We finally got back to our room about 130am.
The next day was full of drama. Lehi complained and said that we had a stacked team,which we didn't, so they moved us into a different bracket and they ended up playing Juan's team. It was ugly. We lost bad. The boys didn't even play.  Then Saturday they played Moab. We won 25-20. They played well-  all the Moab points were scored by the same kid that got a break away.
Sean was the quarterback and he called all the plays for the offense. It was great. Dad and I came home after their game we got home about 1am and Carson stayed and came home today with the Colling's. They got home around 530. I thought we had a court of honor that I needed to have refreshments to and dad needed to do the program but it was cancelled and dad never said anything so we could have stayed but oh well. I didn't feel very good- getting Carson's cold that is turning in to bronchitis just like it did with him. He's been battling it for almost a month now And 2 rounds of antibiotics.  I'm calling the dr in the morning, maybe he will just call me in a prescription and I won't have to go in? πŸ˜‰.
That was pretty much our week.

I hope that your week goes well and you will be able to set and accomplish your goals. Work hard, we love you.

Okay so this week was just stellar!! Haha I wanted to say something new (: anyways I'm just glad that I am not getting transferred and I am staying with my companion. I don't like him all that much but I will just have to live with it right? I was a little home sick this week but you know it is alright. Just part of the experience right? But I have learned that I need to trust in the Lord a bunch more. I do work so hard and I do lose myself in the work but sometimes I don't lose you guys. I just love this work. This week I learned a great lesson. This lesson is about the Lesson number one. The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This lesson is the lesson that everything rides on. If we shank this lesson or do a crappy job, it is almost certain they aren't going to be baptized. Our whole doctrine and all our beliefs ride on this lesson. Well really only in one part of this lesson. We teach that God is our loving Heavenly Father but everyone knows that. Then we teach that there are prophets. The people don't really understand what is a prophet so we have to teach that really good. But then we teach how Christ founded his Church. Then what the whole lesson and what honestly is everything we teach rides on is the First Vision. If we don't teach this with the spirit or with the right attitude. If we are just going through the motions at this part of the lesson we might as well not teach it. It is almost like the sacrament prayer. You can just read it fast and it is okay. But you can also read it slow and emphasize certain words and you feel the spirit so much stronger. This is the way we have to teach this lesson. I'm done with all these number I don't care. I work with names. If I ever get a call hey what are your numbers I will correct them. We teach people not numbers. Jeffery R Holland said "These people are not a baptismal statistic. These are Children of our Heavenly Father that need to be shown the way." I love that. I will live by that my whole mission because that really is how it should be.  I love you mommy :) Hope you had a good week! 

Mom:  I'm driving home from the doctor right now so I'll hopefully get home before you get off line

Jackson:  Hopefully!! Speed home ;) haha be safe mommy :)

Mom:  It sounds like with a little adversity you are learning some lessons that will take you far in this life and the next. 
We have always tried to tell you that being a friend and example of Jesus Christ needs to come first and it will speak for itself and the gospel. 
Don't know if you're done for the day, but have a great week. Learn lots, work hard and love the people. Even your companion will teach you lots of things even if he might not be your favorite. 

Jackson:  I'm not done yet!!!

We had a grill out today and the other is my corn :) Well I can only send one because time is up sorry.... It didn't load the internet was super slow!!! Love you!!!

Mom:  Ok!  I missed the first 20 minutes because I was waiting for my prescription and my email wouldn't load. So what families or people did you teach this week?  Do you ever get dinners from the members or what have you been doing for food?  Do you need some recipes or anything like that?
Dad wants to know if you grew that corn?

Voice Recording:  Ok well, this week is the changes, so we'll see.  I'll have to write it in my letter because it's in the morning and I have to go to San Vicente to find out if I am leaving Zacatecoluca.  So, I'll just tell you about my week.  Um Tues we were like wow its a good good  day, and then we saw the numbers and we were like woah oh no.  Two other companionships were like woah and they were having numbers up the wall we were like yep we're screwed.  But whatever, we talked with the little girls today and the little boy.  The little girl that we are going to baptize, her name is Katie and then we talked to Manuel y Ricardo they're the boys.  We need to make it happen this month.  We have some rich friends and we had dinner with them today.  It was pretty good.  We talked about the sacrament and had family home evening with them.  The next day we found 7 new investigators and I was like oh ya! But we didn't get a single baptismal date.  I was like oh man this stinks. but I'm not going to be a trainer.  That's all that matters.  Heh heh  I'm not going to be a trainer. :(  but I'll tell you the story about that after.  Then all our dates fell through on Thurs. all our appointments just crashed and burned.  I was like I don't know why these people won't let me in because I am so happy with this gospel and like they're struggling and I can help them, but they just don't want to listen or they don't want to try it.  My companion lied to me.  He said he recommended me to be a trainer and I find out today that he didn't.  He was like I'm so happy for Elder Williams because he recommended him to be a trainer and he's like oh I'm so happy for Elder Williams because I only recommend one person and he's a trainer now. and I was like oh cool, cool.  I was pretty pissed but whatever you know, it doesn't really matter.  Then we had a zone conference on Friday.  It was good, it was really good.  Mainly we talked about the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson 1.  We have something that's like lesson 0.  We do it first.   It's to find their needs the fastest way possible.  Word or Wisdom, law of chastity, Sabbath Day, Reading the Scriptures and Prayer.  It's just to find that real fast in one lesson.  And then we teach lesson 3, The gospel of Jesus Christ; so Faith, Repentance, Baptism, the Gift of the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the end.  And then we talked about how everything we teach rides on lesson 1.  So, we do a bad job on lesson 1 but do amazing on the other lessons it doesn't matter because they don't know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and received that revelation.  So we practiced that and I felt a ton better with that lesson.  Then, Saturday, it was alright,eh. I had some troubles, I didn't want to do anything.  Well, not that I didn't want to do anything, I was just struggling, because my companion, I want to strangle him sometimes cuz he's just a jerk.  But, whatever, you know.   Today it was Sunday and oh, it was super rough.  I really was homesick, and I'm sorry guys.  I was really sorry. I was really bored, because in one lesson, he was like fighting with a guy and I was like uh :( , I'm not even going to say anything.  And then he's like hey, what's wrong? I was like - oh nothing, nothing, just nothing.  I just want to leave this area, because I don't know how I'm going to work in this area without him because he does all the little kid stuff.  I don't know how to teach them, but Whatever you know.  I'll find out today.  Well, that's all I got.  See Ya!  I Love Ya A Lot!