Monday, June 19, 2017

June 12, 2017

 Jackson & Elder Parker Wallentine from Brigham City, UT
 Mission Conference with Elder Renlund


Well this week was busy with baseball and wrestling and football. Carson had wrestling camp from 930-330 everyday and weightlifting at 8-9 everyday. Baseball games on Tuesday and Thursday. And baseball tournament in Idaho falls Friday and Saturday.
Wednesday when I picked him up from wrestling camp for lunch he had a meltdown and was crying that he was so tired and please don't me me go back. But I told him that sometimes in life we are exhausted but we've made commitments that have to be taken care of even when it's hard. He went but wasn't happy about it.
I think all in all he learned a lot and had fun. He said one of the kids he was partners with some of the week was just trying to beat him up and not really wrestling but he still had a pretty good attitude.
The Idaho falls tournament was a bust. The kids that wanted to be there played hard but there were a couple that didn't want to be there and they drug the whole team down. It was a pretty sour note to end on. But Carson had some great plays and great hits to end the season. I think he had 2 or 3 doubles, a couple singles, a walk, and intentional HBP (the catcher walked out to the pitcher when he got up to bat and the next pitch he got drilled in the hip)- seriously bad form.  Broke up 2 double plays sliding into 2nd; the one he took out the 2nd baseman perfectly. It was awesome.
We came home Saturday afternoon about 5 and we were all exhausted from the week so we decided to chill for a bit. We all fell asleep- I woke up at 10:42pm and went to the office and got paperwork situated and came back him and went back to bed. Dad woke up and got ready for bed. Carson just stayed asleep Til 7am Sunday morning. We all must have been pretty tired. Sunday we went to Macey's farewell. It was a great meeting and she gave a great talk. She will be an awesome missionary.
Dad went to the early morning stake priesthood training at 7am. And he said that president ferry was asking him questions and it was his first time being there AND we aren't even sustained yet. 😳. He said he learned a lot. I don't know. I'm pretty nervous about the whole thing.
So it's Monday morning and grandmas sister Joann isn't doing well so grandma is heading to see her. I didn't want her to go by herself so I'm going too. And Lily.
And it's cold again. We about froze to death at Carson's game on Friday it was raining like it was never going to get another chance and cold 😡.
So. How was your week?  Were you able to baptize Isabel and Marvin? Are you getting transferred?  I know you'll miss the people there but it will probably be nice for a change too.
I've been reading in helaman and it is amazing the things that Samuel prophesied that are so similar to things happening today. They say history repeats itself and it really seems to.
Anyway. Hopefully you write when I still have cell service. We are just passing malad summit so about 3 hours and we'll be in Montana. With spotty at best service.
Hopefully you got your packages. If you got both of them the one is for your birthday.
I talked to Steph yesterday and her mom is having hip surgery next Monday and asked if dad would give her a blessing on Sunday before she has the surgery.  It's pretty cool that you have set an example for the people around you even if they never become members or active they still can see the light that is there and know there is a power there.
Anyway. We love you and know you are working hard doing the things you are supposed to be doing at this time in your life and the lessons you learn will make you a better person, husband and father.

So this is my last week in Quezalte. I think...? So I had a good week we were working hard but the highlight of my week was that I got to shake hands and look directly into the eyes of Elder Dale G. Renlund. WOW IS HE POWERFUL...  It was crazy. I loved listening to him and learning how I can be a better missionary. But I loved his first message. It was Thanks. On part of the Quorum of the 12 the First Presidency and our Savior Jesus Christ thank you for your service. It was amazing. Also I saw Parker Wallentine!!! Hahah when you have to go to El Salvador to meet someone from Brigham City... Hahah well All I know is that I looked into the eyes of an apostle and he told me nice to meet you. It was awesome... Well that is honestly all I have to say this week. Love you!!!

Mom:  Oh my hell, that suit is awful!!  I can't believe you are wearing it. It definitely is breaking the dress code.
Who is Parker Wallentine?  Someone you went to school with?
Still don't know if you're being transferred yet?

Jackson: Yes I am leaving along with my comp... They are closing our area.... I don't know why....

Mom:  Really?? That's weird since you've had a ton of baptisms. Maybe they don't have enough missionaries to cover it. 

Jackson:  I think it is because President is sending a ton of people home.

Mom:  Just going home or breaking rules going home?

Jackson:  Both.  There is a lot of disobedience in my mission.

Mom:  Really- Mr. red suit 😉
Jackson:  No my red suit is nothing. Mom you think a bad missionary just doesn't work hard. Here is a whole new level of bad missionary.

Mom:  Not good. 😟

Jackson:  Why?

Mom:  Because that's not good. Missionaries should be help up to higher standards. To the rules that hey agreed to uphold before they left. Otherwise what is the point.

Jackson: I know. That's what I think. Why don't they just stay in their house and do what they want. But I don't  care I follow the rules.

Mom:  So what's up?  Are you getting all your goodbyes in today?  You're going to miss all the people there.

Jackson:  Today and tomorrow.  Tell grandma thanks for everything. Oh I got the package with the shoes.

Mom:  Great!  Do you like them?  Carson loves his pair. If you like them and think they'll last I'll send you another pair.

Jackson:  I would like brown shoes. and size 9 1/2...

Mom:  So the shoes we got are way too big??

Jackson:  Just a little. But they work don't worry. I want tight shoes but these are fine. don't worry.

Mom:  Sorry. If they don't work send them home because they fit Carson perfect. Try them out this week and if I can get a pair in brown I'll get them and send them.

Jackson:  Send me a pic before you buy them.

Mom:  They would look exactly like the ones you have. They are supposed to last with all the walking and water. Weather etc. I just don't know if they had brown. Do you like the shandals??  They were total cracking me up. (Shower sandals)

Jackson:  No don't buy those again look for some other ones.  They work and I like them.
Well I love you too Adios!

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