Tuesday, July 18, 2017

June 19, 2017 Happy Father's Day

Great sacrament meeting today!!  This returned missionary talked with the high council. She was awesome!!  I wish I would have recorded it for you. I swear you two are made for each other😂😂.  Except she's probably like 5 years older than you. She's been home 2 years.
She is sooooo funny!!
Well, what a week!  Started out headed to Canada with grandma. We didn't make it to see JoAnne before she died. Missed by 10 minutes. I think that was a blessing.
We stayed Tuesday and visited. Then came home on Wednesday. Got home at 11pm.
Thursday Carson played ball. He played in both games. He was the dh in the jv game. Got on 2 out of 3. And got on all 3 times in the fresh/soph game.  So he was pretty excited he go to play.
Friday dad went to Scott's father in laws funeral with grandma and then I met them for lunch after.
Grandma and I took dinner to Bracken Hardy's family - they just had a new baby boy. He is tiny- 6 lbs 14 oz. just 2oz bigger than you were.
Then we went to the cabin. We fixed steak and shrimp for dad's birthday and had French silk pie for dessert.
Saturday we slept in. When we got up we had breakfast and got our bikes loaded up and headed down to the paved road by the pickleville to park and start our ride. We road the bike path down to the state marina and then back. On the way back we were about a mile from the car and Carson decided to stop in front of me and I guess I wasn't paying attention and I crashed into him going 12-15mph my front tire hit and I went flying and landed on my shoulder. As I was flying I thought, "wow, my shoes didn't stay locked in."
Any way. -- we stopped at the garden city clinic and waited 2 hours for them to do nothing. And then went to Logan. They did X-rays and I broke the shoulder off the clavicle. But the just put me in a sling and said to see an orthopedic surgeon on Monday.
So I'm just waiting for someone to call me back and let me know when I can get an appt.
so it wasn't a stellar birthday/Father's Day weekend celebration.
But life will go on.
Hopefully you are enjoying your new area and companion. And things are going well.
So this week has been dope. I am just chilling like normal. I am in a new area called Moncagua. It is kinda in San Miguel. So it is hot... but it is raining so it isn't too hot now. I am with another Guatemalteco which is number 6 out of 8 companions hahah but I really like the new area and everything but I don't know much it is just really big and that it is the country. It is like Tremonton, Corinne, Honeyville and Bear River all over again.... Hahaha I really feel like I am at home. Well I loved the week and hope the rest of you had a good Fathers day!!!! I love you guys!

Mom:  My shoulder

Jackson:  You need to be more careful. A dog bite is nothing compared to a broken shoulder. Haha and how in the hell are you going to swim now?

Mom:  I guess I'm not ☹. The Dr said I can get in the water but not to get the stitches wet.

Jackson:  Wow legit that blows...

Voice Recording:
Well, this week we have changes.  It was kind of weird to have changes for once in my life.  But what happened was, they shut our area, so the both of us had changes.  So Elder Perez and I, we left.  We said goodbye to everyone which was fun.  It was sad, but fun, but I thought it was a good time to have a change, but you know, that's the mission.

Wed. I got told I was going to Oriente, which is, like San Miguel.  So, I was like, Oh No, I'm going to die of heat stroke.  But I got to San Miguel, got off the bus and saw a few old friends and I was happy to see them.  Then they told me I was going to Moncagua, which is a part that's like- so there's San Miguel which is the big city, well it's not really that big of a city, it's like Ogden/Logan type city; and then I live in like Corinne.  So I live in Chapelteque, the ward is in Moncagua, which is 1/2 hour away from where I live.  haha  And so we take buses EVERYWHERE.  We legit have so many buses to take to get to whatever place that we want to go.  Because, I mean it's all one road, but once you pull off the street there's another road, dirt street, dirt road that you can go in you go in to-----talking to his companion- "say  hello to my family?-- (I hear in the background- no, my English, no) My company is Elder Arias from Guatemala.  He doesn't speak any English so he doesn't know what to say."
So that's my area, and we visited a few members my first few days here, I'm still learning the area because, Phew, it's huge!  It's enormous, but it will be good.  The members are really nice here.  They give us food all the time.  Like we don't pay for dinner anymore.  Which is super sweet.  Because we need to spend all our money on the buses. Well, we put 2 baptismal dates with 2 people this week.  One of them came to church.  It was cool, he's really a good guy.  and then, the other one, she's alright, she's good but I don't know if she's got that big desire to go to church, but we'll see.
We only have the Zone leaders in our district and  the sisters, 2 pairs of sisters and 2 of them are the leaders of the whole mission of the sisters.  So we really don't do anything, it's awesome.  And my companion is the district leader, because he has 13 months- he only has a little bit more time than me, but it's cool.  But this change should be fun, and that was my week.

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