Monday, July 24, 2017

July 10, 2017

Mom:  Scorpions are poisonous! What the heck are you doing?  I'm pretty sure OFF isn't going to do anything for you if it bites you 😳

Jackson:  We killed it are you kidding me??? We are going to kill an iguana next ;)


We spent the day snorkeling. We went to 'A' bay first and the water was murky so we only stayed about an hour. Then we went farther down the road to a beach the girls from the dolphin snorkel cruise told us about, Wailiea or beach 69 (because it's between power pole 69 and 70).  It was much better. We saw a ton of colorful fish. We were out for a while and it was getting a little rough. I was with dad and Carson and then I looked up and couldn't see either of them. Which isn't really surprising because without my glasses I can't really see much. Anyway, I was out kind of far and couldn't tell which side of the rocks our stuff was on and I kind of panicked a little. I went toward the shore and stopped on a rock that I could sit on and not get beat up against. I sat there for a little bit and dad and Carson came to find me. The surf was pretty rough so we  decided to get out and have lunch.  Dad and I relaxed on the beach and took a few pictures while Carson dug in the sand and created a wall with rocks. He had a little helper for a while it was pretty funny. 
When Carson got tired of building his wall we headed back to the condo to get cleaned up and go down and watch the parade and fireworks. Parades are all the same. LAME!!  We watched for a while and then we walked down the street and stopped in a couple shops and got a couple things. And then found a place by a big palm tree to sit and watch the fireworks over the bay. After we walked back and got an ice cream and headed for the condo. We got things cleaned up and ready for our trip to the green sand beach in he morning and went to bed.
July 3 Monday (going backwards)
Today was our big excursion day. We were pretty excited about snorkeling with dolphins. We had to check in at 730am so we were up early and ready to go. We got all checked in and filled out our permission forms. One of the questions or restrictions was have you had recent surgery ...  I put my initials on and when I turned in my form told her that I was good to go. (I tried out snorkeling on Saturday to make sure I could do it ok).  We all boarded the boat we were in a group of 11. One guy didn't get in the water because he couldn't swim. Which was kind of sad but we still saw quite a bit from the surface. We went north out of Keahou Bay looking for dolphins and went for a bit but found them by the fish farm. We got our snorkel gear on and bailed in the water. I'm not sure how long we were in the water, but over an hour. It was awesome!  We saw at least a couple different schools of dolphins, tons of fish, AND a manta ray. That was so cool. When we were deciding what to do while we were here the manta ray night snorkel was once we considered, but that freaked me out a little. Feeding things with spotlights at night--Hmmm-- screams start to a scary shark movie to me😳.  So we went with the dolphin snorkeling. Would definitely recommend it as a favorite thing to do. And the group we went with was awesome. Very knowledgeable and fun.We had some snacks after to get the salt taste out of our mouths and then went to another spot to snorkel for a bit. Dad saw an octopus. Carson and I were too far away. But another great spot. Then we headed back to the dock. About 1230 so a good day.When we got back to the condo we all showered and had lunch and then I was exhausted and took a nap. I guess I was super tired because I slept for like 3 hours. When I woke up we went to the park so Carson could throw for a bit and then went and got a few things for dinner. We had leftover steaks from Sunday so we got chips and salsa and had tacos. I actually made a steak quesadilla. It was yummy. I guess the only thing we haven't done is check out the different restaurants and food here. But it's been nice to just fix what we like and eat when we want instead of wasting a bunch of time waiting for someone else to make it for us.
Wed. July 5th
We got up about 6am and got ready to go to the green sand beach. It rained pretty good last night so maybe it won't be as hot while we hike today. It's about 1 1/2 hour drive and then a 5 mile hike (round trip). But there are only 2 green sand beaches -I think they said in the US--   But pretty rare so we figured it would be worth it. And we brought our stuff so we can snorkel at one of the beaches on our way back. We are leaving tomorrow so we want to get as much in today as we can. We don't fly out Til 9pm so we have all day tomorrow, but we have to check out of the condo at 10am so we won't have anywhere to shower and get cleaned up if we went snorkeling in the morning. So we have a few things we still want to see and get pictures of so we'll do that tomorrow.
The hike was really great. It cleared off so it was pretty hot but the waves were awesome crashing against the rocks and just listening to them was awesome too. We had been walking a little ways and seriously, I hadn't drank hardly anything and man I had to pee!!  You know I don't do peeing in the woods and there were NOT even very many rocks and ZERO trees. I went as long as I could and we were not even 1/4 of the way done so behind a rock it was. Good thing we were the first people out on the trail for the day or that could have been SUPER embarrassing!!  Anyway, we got to the beach and the stuff we read said we would have to scale the cliff to get to the beach and I wasn't really up for scaling anything with one arm. But luckily there were a set of stairs and sort of steps to get down to the beach. It was BEAUTIFUL!  There weren't any footprints in the sand when we got there either which made it even cooler. The surf was pretty rough so there was no way we were getting in. We hadn't planned on it anyway because we didn't want to walk back all wet and chaffing😂. But it was definitely worth the 5 mile walk. A few minutes after we got down to the beach, people started coming by the truckload. (There was a group that would give you a ride to the beach for $10/person-we still opted to walk).
When we first got there we figured it must not be that popular of a place because there wasn't anyone else there. But that assumption was false. By the time we got back to the car, the parking lot was pretty full and we had passed over 100 people headed out to the green sand. We were so glad we got up early and missed ALL the people.
When we got back to the car, we headed to find a spot to eat lunch and then go back to the historic park-place of refuge- that we went to on the 2nd day to snorkel. Carson fell asleep, so we just went to the beach for lunch and then Changed and snorkeled for a few hours. We definitely saved the best beach for last. Not intentionally, but it was great.  We had watched Finding Nemo the night before, and as we were heading out around the rocks, dad stopped and said, "There's a drop off here. "  I was a little bit freaked out and felt like Marlin telling Nemo to stay away from the drop off. It was awesome. We saw TONS of different colorful fish. I don't remember the names of them, but schools and schools of bright yellow ones, yellow tang -I think, rainbow fish, black and white striped ones black ones, ....... Just lots. The coolest part of the day was the big green sea turtle that swam right under us. Carson and dad were able to get it on the go pros. AWESOME!
We stayed out in the water Til Carson was tired and ready to go. It was an awesome day. We went back to the condo and showered and started packing and cleaning up. We decided on KFC for dinner. (I know that's totally breaking the vacation rule of eating chain restaurants-but we actually only ate out a few times- Domino's the first night we got there, subway for lunch the next day, a little bar/restaurant in Hilo -that didn't break the rules- and then KFC. The rest of the time, we made sandwiches and cooked at the condo. It worked out pretty good.
July 6. Last day😢
We finished up the laundry and vacuumed. And were ready to go a little before 10am. We went to the post office to get stamps to send our post cards- we sent a couple to you. Then over to the Kona Temple to take a few pictures. Dad wanted to get a tiki statue to take home-but not a cheap Walmart knockoff, so we went downtown to the farmers market-- we got some apple bananas, and a white pineapple that we ate for lunch. Sooooo good. We also went through the rest of the booths and hit the jackpot. There was a guy that was carving stuff in his booth. We got a couple tikis there and he carved the year and Kona in the bottom right there for us. After we had walked the historic downtown, took pictures and everything, we were getting pretty tired. It had been about 5 hours. So we went back to the car and went to find some lunch. We ate at a Hawaiian bbq. It was pretty good. Carson just got a cheeseburger and fries but the fries were really good. We got ice cream at the baskin Robbins and then went to Costco to get gas. We went out to one more beach to check it out and take a few pictures before we left.
We checked the car in and headed for the airport. What a great trip.
The flights both sucked. So uncomfortable😕. So when we finally go home at 1030am Friday morning I was the only one that had tried to sleep at all so everyone was super tired. I went to my Dr Appt and then we got some lunch and went home and took a nap. Then got a call from the missionaries wondering who was feeding them for the next 3 days. 😳. Dad thought he had Mon-Wed. Oops. So dad ran to the store and we hurried and put dinner together in an hour. It was good. We had rotisserie chicken and homemade mac n cheese. And dad got Saturday and Sunday covered too. He got officially released from ward clerk and called as the ward mission leader on Sunday so I guess it's all switched over now. I'm still all the same but added ward missionary to my list. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do really so I guess it's all good.
Carson and I slept pretty much all day Saturday. Dad got up and did some yard work. But I was still exhausted. Sunday we came home and had dinner and all took a nap too. I think this morning I'm ready to tackle life again. Super glad we planned our trip with a couple days to recover and get back to the right time zone 😊.
I hope you have had a great week and things are going well. Follow the promptings that come and keep an open mind and heart as you seek those that are searching for something more in their lives.

So this week was just another week you know!!! We were just trying to get all of our investigators to church but you know like that didn't happen haha just a normal mission life right??? Well this week was the 4th of July but we really didn't do anything in fact I'm a little sick but don't worry mommy there always is Pepto right? Well we have been teaching a dad who is about 35 and his name is Jose Portillo. He is amazing. He has 2 children 1 is a baby and the other is 8 years old. We taught him this week and we taught the Restoration. He is trying to take everything we say in and analyze it and he understands everything which is awesome. But we hadn't even talked about baptism or anything and he says "Hey! I have a question. If I go to church and then am baptized what is next? Like what do I have to do?" So we told him endure until the end right? We talked about callings and stuff like that which is super cool. Also this week I started to give English classes! Hahah only like 5 people showed up but Jose and his son were 2 of them!!!! Wow he is just a killer right??? Well that was my week to be honest and the pictures are of us hunting for scorpions and we killed one. The other is the Volcano of San Miguel and when there isn't a basket ball so you use a coconut. Love you guys have a great week!!!!

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