Monday, July 24, 2017

July 17, 2017 1 Year!!

 What is up with the hair??

The pics are my shirt ripped... When we went to San Salvador at 3 am Salvador del Mundo is the statue. and I think that wall had a past.... and when we burnt the shirts...

Well how was your week??  Did you do the crazy burn the shirt thing?  As long as it was one that had good taco stains on it no big deal.
I have your package ready to send, I think, so either Monday or Tuesday I'll get it sent.
I started physical therapy on Tuesday and it kind of sucked.
Carson played ball that night. They lost but he played well. He hit well and pitched 3 innings. Jason griffin asked him if he wanted to play in the Tournament of champions on the weekend because they needed another player. He wanted to go so we did. They played Thursday Friday and Saturday. 5 games total. They played well over all but only won one game. Carson hit phenomenal the entire tournament. Jason said he hit 900 for the tournament, so not too shabby. It was fun for him to play with that team again. Then we went to the Bees vs Sacramento Rivercats game on Saturday night. We bought the tickets back in May so it wasn't planned to have such a busy weekend but it was good.
We had our home teaching dinner today too. It was Brandon Bailey's birthday today. The big 17. He will be getting ready to head out on his mission right after you get home next year.   Taylor and Kayla didn't come for dinner and we were missing the Greenes but it's always. Great time. Carson went with Sean after dinner for a while and the. We  went over later and watched a movie called the warrior. It was pretty good.

Well I better send this before you email this morning

Love you

So this week was just a great week. I have a freaking year in the mission!!!!!!!!!! We had a ton of fun and just worked so hard. We had 7 investigators in church and we are literally killing it. I straight love it. We also went to San Salvador this week for immigration for my comp. But really what I want to talk to you about. I found the poorest man here. I thought that I was living in the dump of the world in my house. I thought I had seen the lowest of the lows but no I found it this week. He was the nicest man I had ever met. He was willing to do anything for us. He about offered his dinner that was half of a small vegetable and other plants in soup... He has problems and he wants to come to Christ. He bawled during the prayer and wants to come to church. I have no idea why, but I love that man. Even with his small home I could stay there in the dirt floor for hours. I love him. Just remember that we are blessed in the states and that you cant take anything for granted... Love you

Mom:  How was your week?  did you do anything fun?

Jackson:  I would say so :)

Mom:  That's awesome that you have that many investigators.  I'm glad that you are seeing the humbleness of the people.
I have to go-- taking Carson for his Sports physical.  so if you're still on when I get to the Dr's office I'll keep emailing.  
If not, have a FANTASTIC week!!  I did get your package sent at lunch so hopefully it won't be too long coming.
Love you

Jackson:  Love you mommy :)

Voice Recording:  
Hey guys, well, it's another week.  It went by pretty fast this week, I'll be honest.  We are in the last week of the change, transfer, so it's like really, really ridiculous.  I don't know how it went by so fast.  
So this week we had some pretty fun stuff to do I guess?  Um, Monday I don't think we did anything to be honest.  Oh, we watched the Saratov Approach it was legit.  And then Tues. we just worked normal, worked hard, tried our best.  Finding people, having fun.  Wed. Are travels started at 2am.  We had to go to San Salvador to immigration for my companion because when you have 1 year and something, 13-14 months, you have to go to immigration to renew your residency because they only give it to us for 1 year.   And then we renew it every year, so I'll be going next change.  AGAIN.  But we went .  Anyway.  
The first bus out of here leaves at 430am and we were supposedly supposed to be there at 830am.  It's a 4  hour bus ride from here to there.  So that wouldn't have given us enough time because we would only have been able to take the the bus that goes from San Miguel to San Salvador at 5am so we would have been late because then we have to take another bus when we're in San Salvador to get to the immigration place.  So we asked a member, hey is it alright , we don't want to make you, but if you could do that, that would be awesome.  So he was like, well, I'm taking people to buy vegetables for their fruit stand in the market at 130am and so we're like all right.  We figured we we're going to stay with the Zone leaders for a little bit and then leave, but what happened was-- we didn't even hear the alarm that went off at 1am so we woke up at 2 the both of us.  We were like man Idon't know if the alarm went off- I don't know.  like it must still be like pretty early and it was like 208am and we both crapped our pants.  And that moment we got up we prayed, after we prayed, Johnny called us.  And he's like hey, I'm about to get there and we're like yeah we're just finishing getting ready.  And we hadn't even started.  We legit got ready in 5 minutes, it was the coolest thing ever.  And then we got there at like 3 something and we took the 1st bus out of here and wow, it went so fast cause it got there at like 6am.  We left  des Vio de Moncagua a little downhill thing that's what a des vio is, it's a hill.  So that's what happened.  It was crazy, we got there at 6am, we ate papusas, we left to go there and got there at 8am because we went to the bathroom and did a bunch of other stuff, so we got there at 8am.  We waited and waited and we didn't even get going til like 10 something, it was ridiculous.  But I saw my old companion, Elder Perez.  He was legit still, he is my favorite one still, I'll be honest.  Not the Perez from Belize, the last Perez that I had.  And then, we took pictures at Salvador del Mundo it was dope.
Then thurs was just a normal day.  We did a bathroom that was 3 meters deep right now and it still needs more.  
Then Friday, we had interchanges.  I was with Elder Womack, he's dying this change.  We found a new guy, and this guy was the poorest man I have ever seen in my life.  You walk in his house and it's like a normal dirt floor house, but he has nothing.  He has a ripped up hammock, he has a plastic chair that's almost broken, he's got trash everywhere, he picks up aluminum cans to make money.  We saw what his dinner was.  Someone gave him one thing of fruit, a type of vegetable, a pipya is what it's called, he was going to eat half of it with a bunch of plants that he found.  He has a dog to like keep him company.  He's like 70 years old, he says he has problems with vitamins in his brain so he has to take injections every so often, but this man was the poorest man I have ever seen in my life.  And honestly he was happy.  He was sad because he was sick, because of his brain, he says he forgets things sometimes.  But he was sick and he told us, I want to change, I want to be healed, I want to do what God wants.  I live on the pure will of God here.  If somebody wants to give me food, they give me food.  If they don't, I find plants to eat, and this guy was happy to live, he was just happy.  And we complain when we don't have hot water, complain when the power goes out.  He has one light in his house that somebody pays for because they are so generous.  He, Oh my, we complain when the food isn't good.  He doesn't complain when he doesn't have food.  Like this man has changed my perspective of life.  I've seen poor people here, but this was rock, rock bottom.  But we all learn everything.
Saturday, we committed a bunch of people to come to church, we had a good time, I thought it was dope.  And Sunday rolled around and we got 7 people to church!  It was awesome and 5 of them were new people.  And these 5 new people that went, they are progressing to be baptized, it was legit, it was awesome.  And so that's what happened and that was my week to be honest.  We visited a bunch of people and it was awesome.  
I Love you guys.  Hope you have a great week!

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