Monday, July 24, 2017

July 4, 2017

 What is up with the weird faces??  
Just killing a bat before dinner.  

How was your week?  Any cool new stuff?  Did you get your birthday package?  Were you able to do anything fun for pday?  How's the new companion?  Ward?  Any prospects?  Are you keeping in touch with Alejandro?  Let us know how things are going.  
Carson played ball with the JV AND VARSITY on Monday and then both games on Tuesday with the freshmen. He played well. On Tuesday he played 3rd and he pitched, I want to say one inning, but at least a part of one to end the game. And then he played 3rd and caught the end of the second game. He did pretty good. For jv he played right field and varsity he played 1st base. He's doing well and having fun. 
Vacation. 25th anniversary trip. 
Day 1 Wednesday. We left home about 1145am and stopped at chick fil a for lunch in Centerville. Grandma took us and is going to pick us up. I thought maybe we would just park in long term parking but it was $100 so I didn't really want to waste that much money on parking. 
So we got there and started making our way through security. Dad was freaking out about taking off his belt and his shoes etc like he always does and saying he felt violated. I couldn't go through the body scanner because I can't lift my right arm from the surgery so I had to wait and they used the wand and patted me down instead. Because that was way less invasive😕. It's sad that people can't be trusted and we have to go to such measures to keep us safe.   So we made it through security but mine and Carson's bags got stopped so we waited here for them to search our bags. Carson put in aloe Vera gel (which I didn't know about) and my tube of toothpaste was too big. So they wasted 1/2 hour searching our bags for that while some crazy person probably figured out how to get his bomb past all that security.  We only ended up waiting for about 40 minutes when we finally got through all that, so it's a good thing we were there the 2 hours early. 
Our flight from Salt  Lake to LAX was pretty rough. Luckily it wasn't too long. Kind of weird really because the weather was good. Not overcast or anything. We were about 5 minutes late flying in and then we sat on the runway for another 20+ minutes and our connecting flight started boarding before we were even hooked up to the jetway to get off. They kept saying that we would need to rush to make the connection. 😕. We only had an hour if we would have been on time. I was more than a little worried we weren't going to make it. Luckily there was a minor girl that was in the care of delta that was also making the connecting flight to Kona and we attached ourselves to her and followed the flight attendant to make the connecting flight. Which was still boarding when we got to the gate and then had a problem with the auxiliary power unit and that took about 20-30 minutes.  We only ended up 5 minutes late on landing in Kona so that was pretty good. 
The flight was about 6 hours from LA to Kona. And my arm was throbbing and my back was hurting and holy crap it was hot in there. Carson watched 3 movies and I watched 2. I think dad watched 2 also. I read for a while too because the headphones hurt my ears-- I can't wear the earbuds for whatever reason they just kill my ears. 
So we landed and got off the plane on the air stairs on the runway and not a jetway which was kind of cool. Just like when we were in Kona 18 years ago. The humidity was crazy as we got off the plane. But we got our bags and caught the shuttle bus to the rental car place. We were there for over an hour because they only had 2 people working. So we finally got out car and dad was driving like he'd never driven before and I can't drive with my arm all jacked up. And we were all hungry and tired because it was like 2 in the morning our time and we didn't sleep on the plane and just had snacks. So dad was yelling at me for criticizing his driving skills and - well you know. Anyway- we stopped at Walmart to get breakfast stuff and bathroom stuff since we didn't check a bag with all that stuff and got a pizza from dominos. After a couple tries to find our condo we got it figured out and got our stuff brought in, ate our pizza and went to bed about 4am. 
Day 2
Well, I got up about 630am Hawaii time. 10 our time. Carson and dad were still sound asleep but my arm was hurting and I needed a shower so I just got up and going. 
We decided to go to the volcano national park because our pass expires on the 30th. So we definitely got our money's worth on that national parks pass. (Yosemite, Yellowstone, Arches, Canyonlands, Bryce Canyon, Zions, Captiol Reef, Volcano national park Hawaii, and Pu'uhonau o Honaunau National Historic Site) not too shabby. 
The volcano park was pretty cool. We saw huge craters, the massive lava flows, walked through the lava tube, saw a sea arch which was super cool and could see the steam coming off the ocean where the lava is currently flowing into the ocean. You can walk out to it but it's a 10 milk hike over the lava rock and we didn't get there Til like 3pm and they said it's like a 5-6 hour hike. So we didn't do it. The wind was blowing super hard that day too. It seriously about blew me over a bunch of times. It would catch my foot when I would pick it up to step. Kind of crazy. We stopped in Hilo at a little place for dinner. It was pretty good. And then headed back to the condo. We got back there about 10pm. So everyone just crashed. I figured I would be able to sleep the second night but I still struggled. And got up about 6am again. 
Day 3 Friday 
Today Carson got up shortly after me and we got ready and walked down to the historic downtown (like 3 blocks) and got donuts for breakfast. They were enormous. But really good. We took a picture of them. We ate them for breakfast for 2 days.  Our condo is only a few blocks from the beach. It's pretty cool. 
We went to the black sand beach we saw turtles and walked through some of the tide pools and then went to Pu'uhonau o Honaunau National Historic Site. It was pretty interesting of how the Hawaiian people started and the kings and their strict laws between the Ali'i (Chiefs) and their people. Basically they thought they were gods and the people needed to lick the dirt off their feet or die. (It's amazing that any people ever survived to have a civilization now). The tiki statues and canoes and the grass huts were pretty awesome. They also built a  wall for protection the was 950' long, 12' tall and 18' wide. (Not really sure why so wide but it is pretty big). 
We had our picnic by the ocean and then walked through the tide pools again. And then headed back to change for the luau. They had entertainment, a Hawaiian band, and hula dancers and dinner. It was all actually pretty good. We were a little wary after Aaron said once you've been to the Polynesian Cultural Center Luau you will just be disappointed. But it was good. The fire dancer guy did a great job. I seriously don't know what would possess a person to even think about swallowing a big ball of fire, but I guess to each his own. 
We just walked to the luau from the condo because it was down in the historic district on the water it was about 3/4 mile. It was a nice walk along the ocean. When we got back we all crashed again. We'll be adjusted to the time change when it's time to go home. 
Day 4 Saturday 
We got up and ate our donuts for breakfast and got sun screened up, gathered the snorkel gear and beach towels and headed to the beach. Carson was scared to death to get in the water and I was a little worried I would fall on the rocks on the way out. But once we got in it was great. We wen my to the same beach that we snorkeled at when we came in 1999 Kahaluu beach. There were tons of people but it was still a great place. Dad and Carson both got bitten by the same fish. Apparently it was hungry. I heard another lady saying she had just gotten bit by a fish too. 
We went back to the condo and had lunch and then we went to Costco to get a set of snorkel gear because the one set that was at the condo leaked and the other set the lens fell out and is now on the bottom of the ocean somewhere. We found a couple swim shirts for dad and Carson there too so they were happy. 
Then we heard out to check out the white sand beach, Hapuna beach. It was a lot nicer to walk out on the sand instead of the rocks but it wasn't great for snorkeling. Carson had fun on the boogie board. I couldn't do one so I just hung out in the water. I was a little sunburned so I got out before everyone and got a shirt on. I had suncreen on the whole day, but I guess I needed to reapply more than I did. Oh well, it's not too bad. After we got done swimming and building sand castles that kept getting washed away by the surf, we headed to the petroglyphs at Waikoloa resort. We saw them when we were here before too, but everything has changed and grown so much since then it's crazy. They were really good petroglyphs compared to some we've seen in different places.  
We went back and had baked ziti for dinner with a salad and garlic bread. Still one of the best and easiest dinners ever. 
Day 5 Sunday
Today-  we were planning on going to church, but I didn't sleep very well at all. I woke up in the night with my arm just throbbing and I went to sleep on the couch and was dreaming that I had a snake around my neck and I was pulling it of slowly and it just kept coming and coming and I freaked out and threw it over my head. Well that woke me up and I had grabbed the neck strap on my sling and threw it off my neck, but had jerked my arm up in the process so that made it hurt even more. Not good. It's been hurting a little bit more today than it has been. I'm guessing the snake throwing off thing has something to do with that. 😕. Anyway, needless to say, I slept through the start of church so we all just got ready and headed for the Akaka falls state park. We stopped at a lava tube that is just off the highway and took some pictures. They have signs that have pictures of donkeys 😂. I guess they have wild donkeys that cross the road. We didn't see any, but so funny. We drove all the way to the end of the road to the original King Kamehameha statue and then out to the Waipio Valley overlook. It was gorgeous. Dad said its one of the views they use in movies a lot.  We stopped and had lunch at a park in Waimea and on to the falls. We saw the waterfall there and then went to rainbow falls, the boiling pots, PeePee falls (pay a pay a) and drove the scenic old Mamalahoa highway.  
And the sun just set and we are almost back to the condo. We are fixing steaks and baked potatoes for dinner. And going to bed before too long. We have to be at the dock to meet our dolphin snorkel cruise for the day at 730am. I'm a little nervous every and excited about it. They are supposed to teach us how to snorkel the right way and hopefully the surf is pretty calm tomorrow so my arm isn't getting beat around. I have some water proof pads and tape for my shoulder. It worked good when we snorkeled the other day. So hopefully it will work for the dolphin snorkeling adventure. 
We will try and catch you in the morning when you email, but if it's around 9. That's like 5am here😳. So don't be too disappointed if we miss you. At 730-1 we will be out on the boat and snorkeling so. We will keep watching for you to email if you don't email early again. 
I'll send some pictures too. 
Love You!

Well this week was a good week I mean we are working hard and everything but I don't know why but we really struggle to have success. It is really tough but we are working and finding the miracles everyday. It is amazing. If you look for the miracles you'll find them. It is the same with the crap. If you are focused on it you'll definitely find it because Satan is looking to throw a elephant turd on you if you let him. Hahah well this week we found a guy whose name is Luis. He was deported because he was an alcoholic. And a lot of things happened so they sent him here but you know he is the kindest man ever. And we found him when he wanted to change his life. He told us he needs God's help and we are the way he will find it. I was so happy to meet him and I know how great of a man he can be if he stops his addiction. I saw for a moment and my companion too what Christ sees him as and wow I never want to look at someone bad again. Because if Christ sees people that way I need to do it as well. Well that was my week!!!  Love you!!!!

 Jackson:  Well you guys are just chilling in Hawaii and probably wont see this but Have a freaking great time!!!

Mom:  We are havin a blast!! Wish you were here but life goes on and things happen without you. It's all part of being an adult. I remember when dad and I first got married and my whole family except for us went on a trip to Disneyland. I still think we got hosed. 😉

Jackson:  Me too ;) hahah no its cool I will just have to get home and work hard so I can go places with you guys because I ain't gettin married anytime soon!!!!

Mom:  We saw a ton of dolphins and a rare manta ray. It was freaking awesome!!  I love snorkeling even with a bum arm it's great.

Jackson:  That is super super cool I hope the bum arm doesn't ruin much.

Mom:  I guess since you've already had rabies shots bats are ok to play with?

Jackson:  Ya I mean it's all good ?? Jajaja

Mom:  I guess??  That's super disgusting.  Did you enjoy your birthday package??

Jackson:  Yes, a lot thank you for the g bards those are my favorite in the whole world.

Mom:  I have more to send in your hump day package but i didn't get it done before we left on our trip. The broken shoulder put me at least a week behind on things I needed to get done before we left.  So you'll be probably at least a month past your halfway point before it gets to you.  But it will have to work.

Jackson:  It's cool.  Just light off some fireworks one of these days for me... I miss THEM.

Mom:  We are planning on walking down to the shore tomorrow and watching the fireworks for there somewhere.  They are showing they have a big shoe down there somewhere.  And it gets dark at 8pm here so it's not even late at night.

Jackson:  It gets dark here at 630... But have fun on your vacation!!! and I love you but gotta go!! Keep chillen like villans!!!

Mom:   Dad and Carson both had go pros so we should have some cool pictures of the dolphins and manta ray to send for next week.  We are at the snorkel spot for the 2nd stop.
Keep working hard.  And looking for the good in everyone.  Great things will keep happening!
We love you and hope you had a great birthday and the 4th tomorrow.  Have an awesome week!
Love Mom, Dad and Carson

Voice Recording:
Well, so another week went by, we did a lot of service this week.  We made 2 giant holes for a bathroom.  Well, I'm a little tired because of that to be honest because wow, it was hard work.  Our mission leader came with us and everything, he said he was helping us and stuff but he was just - no you need to do it like this way and this way.  I was like dud, I'm making a hole, it's not that hard.  You don't have to do it a certain way, but that's just how it is right??..
This week we struggled to have a lot of lessons because we are always traveling. It's kind of difficult, but you know, we're going to find a way to get it done this week.
We found a -- like the highlight  of the week is that one day we were contacting someone that we had already contacted so we were seeing if we could recontact him.  And his son was sitting outside the house, his son is like 40 or 50 or something like that.  Like the guy's old.  So, we talked to his son, and he said, Oh well, you can come in and share with me. And we got in and the lesson was wow, powerful and the spirit was there for sure and he pretty much told us he was in the states and he's an alcoholic.  and they deported him for that and a lot of stuff happened and he said he's still an alcoholic but he's trying to fix it.  He was going to talk to us but then we decided to talk to him and we told him that it was the spirit telling him that he should fix some things.  He didn't come to church this Sunday, but I hope that he does next week.  It will be really good if he goes to church.
Let's see, we did an interview for the sisters.  Our district is just sisters to be honest.  It's funny that our district is just sisters and the zone leaders.
I bought a cake too, So we can eat it on Wed. because that's the only time we can get together besides Monday and we already ate lunch and we were full.  I bought a big cake, I shared with the whole zone.  I thought it was cool.
Yeah, wow, the week went by.  4th of July is tomorrow which is dope, but we can't have fireworks.  It's RIDICULOUS!    But we will have some fun.  I'm going to use my American flag tie and they're gonna kill me here, but it'll be dope.  But that's all I've got to say.  That's my jam this week, so.  I'm outta here.  Love you guys!  Salud!

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