Monday, July 24, 2017

July 24, 2017

 Seriously?? The hair again 

Well I am NOT having a change at all!! Same comp same area! I am actually pretty happy about that. So this week we had been working hard with the people that we know and trying to always find new people verdad? So we talked to Neftali. He is the guy who is super poor. He came to Church and said that he will be there every Sunday!!! It was awesome. He said that he felt different and better. Thank you Espiritu Santo!!!!! Chepe is awesome as well. Always is at English classes and came to church for the 2nd time. Also this we are getting kicked out of the house and the MEMBER who is the owner hasn't even talked to us only the Bishop. So that's cool! Then I almost threw some hands with the ward mission leader. All he does is say call me when you want to work and always has a bad excuse why he can't. He even came to the correlation but we didn't do it because he left. We were like what??? Haha but the thing was that while we were in church we were talking to a member who helps us and all but before we got into the first class he told the member he was giving the class when he hasn't given the class in years.... but then the ward mission leader and the member argued a little bit but the mission leader said want to take this to the street. WOW. If I was there and heard what he said I would have dragged his old skinny butt out to the street by his tie to grant his wish. But ya we love the ward they feed us right? ;) haha This week really was great. Love you guys. The pictures are from a volcano where it breaths. A service and A sweet view of the Volcano.

Another week gone. Carson is heading out for trek on Wednesday so we are going to be scrambling to get everything together for him today and tomorrow. I guess if we camped it probably wouldn't be a big deal, but we don't. The biggest thing is the pants. But I guess we will figure it out.Last week is kind of a blur. Monday we didn't really do anything. I went to pick up Easton and Carson from the youth football camp, but I had the time wrong so I ended up going to Lexie Hardy's bridal shower and having dad pick them up. And they went to grandma Lou's to mow the lawn.
Tuesday Carson was supposed to have games at Ben Lomond but the other team didn't show up so that didn't happen. So he hung out with Sean. Dad and I went to Ogden and watched Landen play ball. They won the tournament they were playing in and instead of trophies they got rings. It was pretty funny. Wednesday Carson had YM  they started by helping a new family move some furniture into their house. We took Carson in and dad helped the 3 other men that were there plus Carson. It only took them about 1/2 hour so it wasn't too bad. No idea what we did on Thursday. And Friday we worked and headed for the cabin.
Taylor and Kayla went up earlier in the day so they had the Windows all open and the place cooled off for us when we got there.
We had pizza for dinner and Taylor, Carson and Kayla played games and I went to bed. It wasn't late but I was completely wiped out.
Saturday we went to the Lancaster reunion. It wasn't a very good turnout, kind of sad actually. I'm pretty sure non of Vernon's family was there. A lot of Delsa's family came, some of a couple of the others. Only our family and grandma came from ours. Most of Julia's family came I think. But yeah not a great turn out. I didn't recognize most of the people and we've only missed about 3 times in 26 years. (I went the year that we got married).
We took baseball stuff and got a kick ball but only got a few of the little kids to play for about 15 min.
It was good to visit with those that were there. One of Delsa's granddaughters had scanned a bunch of old pictures and that was pretty cool.
We brought the boat home so hopefully we can go out a few times before school starts.
Austin's farewell was yesterday. He did a good job. Dad recorded most of it. I'm sure he'll send it.
Anyway. How was your week?  Sounds like you are doing great with your new companion. The area sounds like a great place with maybe a few more things to do?  Or just country living kinds of things to do.
I've been thinking about missions and how and why they are a great thing. When we were singing the hymns in sacrament meeting yesterday the words got me all emotional. It said their leader calls be faithful. And that's what you are doing and fighting for the victory. It's pretty amazing actually.
Well, you'll probably be writing shortly so I'll sign off.

Love you

Mom:  So what's up today?

Jackson:  Just got back from a hot spot by the volcano.

Mom:   Did you get some cool pictures at the volcano?  Can you see like the red hot lava and stuff?

Jackson:  Ha no... It only is a place that shoots out gas... It is kinda like stinky springs...

Mom:  I was just thinking maybe it was like the active volcanoes in Hawaii.  We saw some of the craters and stuff, and we did go to one spot that was like that with the gases.  I can't remember what it was called, but we didn't stay there really long enough to check it out because the wind was blowing so hard that we were getting sandblasted every time someone took a step.
It's pretty cool that you get to stay in the area.  6 weeks really isn't enough time to do much is it?  It sounds like the people for the most part are good to you.  I'm sure it's like that everywhere.  Even here.  Dad went on splits with the missionaries yesterday and they told him he was supposed to make the appointments with the people for them in the ward.  Is that how you do it there?

Jackson:  We make the appointments and they show up to help us. But also they can take us to people that they know and stuff too.

Mom:  That's what we thought.  I guess Dad will have to set them straight.  They figured that he would make the appointments and do all the talking and they were just along for the ride.

Jackson:  No

Mom:  So- what is the experience that stood out the most to you this week?

Jackson:  How I am patient enough that I didn't drop the ward mission leader.

Mom:  That is a good lesson to learn I guess, but not exactly what I was thinking.  He is your Elder and you need to have respect- some times even when they haven't earned it.  You just need to figure out how he works and make it work the best you can for you instead of fighting against him.  You are just spoiled after having Alejandro as your ward mission leader for 6 months.   It's just like everything else in life-- sometimes you get those that work awesome and love their job and want to do their best no matter what and then there's everyone else that just kind of do things half-assed.  You just have to make it work the best you can.  (with a smile too!  of course ;)  )
You are probably out of time-- Have a great week!
Love you

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